Popular Resources for Women in Business

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As a woman entrepreneur, you are always on the go and finding down time can be a bit of a luxury. However, there are some quick educational and entertaining resources that will help you with your business while you remain on the go.

We filtered through some of the best online media streams that range from podcasts to YouTube channels to everything else that will spark your interest and increase your business savvy straight from your mobile phone.

Popular Resources

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12 Women in Business Podcasts to Boost Productivity

We’ve selected female entrepreneur podcasts that can help you get started with your business idea.

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Blogs for female entrepreneurs

7 Blogs for Female Entrepreneurs to Start Following Today

Finding the right blogs for you as you grow in your business can help in a number of ways.

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Online magazines for women entrepreneurs

8 Online Magazines for Women Entrepreneurs

These digital magazines speak to women and set them up for success.

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theSkimm: Stay in the Know, While on the Go

The idea for what would ultimately become an empire of advice and information can be traced back to very humble beginnings.

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Free webinars for women in business

5 Free Webinars for Women in Business

The following webinars put women face-to-face with professionals who know what they’re talking about.

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11 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Women in Business

11 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Women in Business

YouTube channels serving women in business can provide practical information on how to start and grow a business and overcome workplace struggles.

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12 Newsletters Women Entrepreneurs Should Subscribe to Today

Newsletters are a simple (often free) resource that female entrepreneurs can take advantage of and easily integrate into their daily routines.

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Women in Bizz — A Compelling Feature of the Bumble Bizz App

Bumble’s Women in Bizz feature allows women to find and explore communities of like-minded professionals.

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Woman entrepreneur working and holding her child.

Best Resources for Mompreneurs

The following resources are reliable and reputable options for mompreneurs who need a little support in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

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