Pros and Cons of Press Release Distribution Services


  • They help you distribute your press releases to numerous channels, including major news organizations.
  • Some offer writing services so you can get them to create — as well as distribute — your press releases.
  • Most offer packages priced for everyone from small businesses to major corporations.
  • These distribution services increase the chances a reporter will write about your business, which could lead to greater awareness of your brand within your target market(s).
  • Their distribution services can help support your SEO efforts.


  • Many companies won’t help you write your press releases, leaving you to figure out how to write them yourself or hire someone else to do so.
  • While some of the basic distribution packages have affordable pricing, they may not accomplish much because they lack broad distribution.
  • You may pay for distribution and see very little return on your investment (ROI) because getting your release in front of reporters doesn't guarantee they'll write about your business.
  • It’s possible to spend way more than you should — based on an overall ROI — if you aren’t careful.
  • It can prove challenging to gauge just how much one company’s distribution abilities differ from another.

What Is the Best Press Release Distribution Service?

Based on our research, Sitetrail offers the best press release distribution service for most small businesses. While other services may suit big companies or businesses with specialized needs, Sitetrail generally hits all the right marks. It’s affordable, effective, and easy to use.

Sitetrail will not only distribute your press release but will also write it for you. Many press release distribution companies focus solely on distribution, so Sitetrail’s writing service makes the company stand out.

For just $99, you can try Sitetrail and see how press releases can help you market your business.

Link to Sitetrail