Pros and Cons of Using a Business Website Builder

Website Builder Pros

  • No matter which provider you choose, business website builders are significantly less expensive than hiring a professional designer to build your site. Most of the time the outsourcing process requires more time and money because you’re working with smaller operations.
  • Built-in apps, widgets, and dashboards can make managing your website a lot less demanding and more productive.
  • Most of these providers have extensive customer service solutions. Some of them are available 24/7 to help you with any problems that might come your way.
  • Website builders can make the process of selling physical or digital products online much easier, with tons of advanced feature options.
  • There are tons of freelancers and agencies that specialize in web design on these platforms. So, for example, if you run into trouble with a core SquareSpace theme, you could work with an independent SquareSpace-specific design agency for much more personalized support.

Website Builder Cons

  • The templates these platforms offer can be somewhat restrictive. Some allow to you customize the theme coding, but many others don't.
  • The number of design, app and widget options can be intimidating to some folks. Deciding on a color scheme is hard enough, much more trying to decide which of the dozens of “contact form” widgets are the best choice.
  • The ideal platform for bloggers is still WordPress, and while most website builders make it possible to add a blog to your store or site, finding one to match your style and monetization goals can be rough.