25 Best Startup Websites to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Person working on a computer.

Inspiration can be a fickle thing, but one place that’s easily accessible in order to get those creative juices flowing is the internet. With a wealth of knowledgeable websites instantly at your fingertips, it can be the perfect place to gain insight on a new business venture or go to ask for advice when you’re in a bind. 

A strong website can take a startup from good to great, so it’s important to put your best foot forward (digitally speaking). Whether you’re looking to begin designing your website or just want to see how other startups make their digital experience work for them, here are some of the best startup websites that will inspire any entrepreneur. 

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Best Startup Websites

Creating a website for your startup is just the first step. The real challenge is driving traffic to your site and converting those visitors into loyal customers. From the moment your target audience lands on your homepage, your main goal is to grab their attention and keep it. 

How exactly does one create a strong enough web presence to capture consumer interest? It’s more than just domain names and a seamless ecommerce experience, although those are important. However, understanding the role good design, user experience (UX), and content marketing play in drawing people in is essential in building a great website. 

The following websites contain examples of these factors – both individually and as a whole – that help make the overall experience worthwhile.

1. Capchase

Capchase is a startup that offers SaaS (software as a service) revenue-based financing and payment solutions so their customers can focus more on scaling their overall growth. The company was founded in 2020 and, according to its website, has already made $1.8 billion available in financing to other startup founders. 

Capchase website

The Capchase website utilizes a cool color scheme to kick things off. Scrolling through their website is smooth and easy, and all of the relevant content information can be found on the homepage. Additional links are also easily found to take interested consumers to the relevant pages.

While they don’t utilize too many animations, they don’t need to. This brand is one that’s all about getting straight to the point. They don’t beat around the bush; they get right to the root of helping startup founders get the funds they need, and they make their website innovations work for them in a way that’s subtle yet still engaging.

2. Kinship

Kinship is a beauty brand that revolves around cruelty-free products that are good for the planet. Their “earthly and ethical” sustainable skincare products are not only good for you but for the Earth, too. Their website boasts that they’ve been able to save six tons of plastic waste from being dumped into the ocean with their post-consumer recycled brand materials. 

Kinship website

Where Capchase’s website utilized a cool color scheme, Kinship takes it a step further with a warm-toned, slightly iridescent look to its brand. Since their brand likely relies quite a bit on ecommerce, a discounted product offer is what first greets new consumers, making it a great way for them to interact with the startup. 

While the UX design is relatively simple, Kinship makes things simple with easy-to-find links to their products and an easily navigable shopping experience. The typography on this particular website helps the brand stand out by giving things a smooth, aesthetically pleasing experience.

3. Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing startup that helps brands stay consistent across all of their messaging, whether it’s social media or your style guide. Jasper differs from other AI writing software like ChatGPT by offering four unique voices for your business to choose from: formal, bold, cheeky, and, yes, even pirate. By integrating Jasper into your startup, you’ll be able to achieve maximum efficiency and brand consistency. 

Jasper website

Jasper leans into their bold, futuristic branding by implementing an eye-catching magenta into their website design. The typography is large and centerstage, making it impossible to ignore. No matter where you go on this website, Jasper always has something new and exciting waiting around the corner. 

As you scroll, you’ll see that Jasper’s UX design is unique and fun. You never know what to expect, and you get the feeling that you’re flipping through a book rather than scrolling down a webpage, which is on-brand for this new writing startup.

4. Uizard

By the time you read through this entire article, you may want to come back to Uizard. This AI brand allows anyone to create digital products with ease, including websites, apps, and any desktop software you have a vision for. Their website says that if you can use Google Slides or PowerPoint, you can use Uizard, meaning that their product is a simple one to figure out.

Uizard website

Uizard is another straight-to-the-point brand that doesn’t rely on bold website design choices. Instead, they’re letting their product do the talking. Their blocky, simple typography lets you know that they still value the aesthetic of their brand but want to show consumers just how simple and casual things are when it comes to using Uizard. 

Their UX design consists of real-time tutorials of their product, which is a brilliant way to draw consumers in and show them just how quickly things can come together. This website does a great job at distilling otherwise complicated information and laying it out in a way that’s easy for its audience to understand.

5. Ro – Modern Fertility

Ro aims to bring high-quality, affordable healthcare to its customers, specifically through sexual wellness, fertility, and weight loss products. They want to bring the doctor’s office to you, and their wide offering of services can be accessed via telehealth appointments or mail service. With a personalized approach to your health, Ro is a friendly, reliable brand that wants to help you navigate the murky world of healthcare. 

Ro Modern Fertility website

Because Ro is taking a more complicated topic to bring stress-free to the masses, they’ve adopted a knowledgeable, friendly tone. This means they rely more on their content marketing and the overall tone of their website versus its design; however, you can see that they still utilize typography to convey that professional, educated feel. 

The UX and website design are straightforward, and they lay out their products in a way that’s easy for users to find. They know that everyone who comes to their site will have different needs, and they make sure that anyone can navigate to find the solution to their unique healthcare plight.

6. Vori Health

Vori Health is another healthcare startup that specializes in back, neck, and orthopedic care. They work with most insurances in order to help their customers get quick, necessary healthcare at the touch of a button. In addition to clinical care, Vori’s website boasts access to physical therapy, prescriptions, and lifestyle coaching. 

Vori Health website

At first glance, it’s clear to see that Vori’s target audience is an older demographic. In order to best cater to them, they’ve created a website that uses cool, calm colors and typography that’s easy to read and understand. 

The UX design is also simple, leaving much of the business’s main links and calls to action on the homepage. Their overall tone is friendly and helpful, making it easy for consumers to navigate and find what they need.

7. Verishop

Verishop is a one-stop shop for shoppers to find amazing products from independent brands and influencers. Their authentic, unique approach makes consumers feel like they’re on the frontlines of changing trends, making it possible and easy to engage with brands and products they love. There’s a desktop and mobile version of this startup, and both are equally important in contributing to its success. 

Verishop website

Verishop is a brand that knows what it wants and how to get products immediately into the hands of its consumers. Its cutting-edge aesthetic helps users find what they need while making them feel stylish and smart. 

While the brand’s website doesn’t boast exciting animations or bold typography, the brand also relies on its mobile app to help reach consumers. Because the mobile app is the primary spot of customer interaction, the app’s layout is simple and chic, making it easy for consumers to interact with the brands and influencers they love the most.

8. Circles

Circles is a startup that offers on-demand emotional support at the touch of a button. Their aim is to make users feel less alone during life’s inevitable hurdles. They offer instant emotional support via their mobile app by creating digital support groups that talk about anything from grief to divorce to infertility. 

Circles website

Because Circles is a startup that’s so heavily focused on its mobile app experience, its website doesn’t require much. However, their website makes it immediately clear that this is a startup that primarily uses their mobile app versus their webpage, so users know what they need to do in order to access their product. 

Their app is pleasant to look at and intuitive for its users, prompting customers to plug in what they’re dealing with and leaving everything else up to the business. The app design is soothing and calm; it doesn't rely on intense colors or typography but warm and inviting elements instead.

9. Stirlingshire

Stirlingshire Investments is a startup created to “redefine the norms within the financial landscape.” They’re committed to more ethical, transparent business practices when it comes to advisor-client relationships and Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) affairs. They want to revolutionize the full-service broker-dealer model, so other financial firms are forced to follow their lead. 

Stirlingshire website

Because of their relation to the financial industry, Stirlingshire has opted for a professional, elegant approach to their website design. Their typography is no-nonsense and aristocratic, showing that this is a startup that knows its stuff. 

While the UX design is more simple, they’ve added fun illustrations to make their brand more accessible to consumers. The combination of these elements makes this startup seem trustworthy and knowledgeable when it comes to helping you with your financial needs.

10. Credello

Credello is a startup that offers personalized finance solutions at your fingertips. It’s a personal finance tool that “simplifies financial decisions through personalized, on-demand recommendations” in order to make the most knowledgeable financial decision available to you. Whether it’s debt solutions or mortgage refinancing, Credello is there to help you move forward with confidence. 

Credello website

Credello utilizes its web design colors in a unique way. The navy and mint green give the website a mellow feel while still establishing the brand as a thought leader in the industry, especially with its “Credello in the news” section. 

The use of illustrations also helps the brand feel more accessible and easy to understand. Finances can be intimidating to many consumers, and adding this sweet touch to its website takes some of the fear out of finance. The message conveyed is that no matter what you need, Credello is there to help with clear, actionable steps.

11. Chipper

Chipper is a free financial app that allows users to send international transfers specifically to Africans from around the world or within Africa. With Chipper, users are able to invest, pay bills, or even send and receive cash (similar to Venmo/Cash App). 

Chipper website

Chipper, ironically, strays away from one meaning of the word when it comes to its website design. Instead of utilizing bright, cheery colors, the brand has opted for more mellow, soothing tones with a splash of brightness. 

Their content is brief and to the point, making it easy for users to understand exactly what the startup’s product offerings are. While there isn’t much in the way of UX design for this particular website, the desktop page points users to a mobile app that’s aesthetically pleasing to look at and intuitive for users.

12. Capway

Capway is another financial startup that aims to create easier financial access and opportunities for everyone. They lean into this new digital world by combining social content with technology to “better present finance in a way that relates to the next generation.” By removing barriers and closing gaps, this is one startup that’s blazing a trail in the banking world. 

Capway website

Capway simultaneously strikes a friendly yet knowledgeable tone with their content. The use of their blue and green color scheme invites users to interact with their brand in a non-intimidating way. 

The desktop UX design is pretty simple, but the mobile app implements that same warm color scheme on a grander scale, giving users the impression that they’re smart and capable of handling their finances while still enjoying the social aspect of their lives.

13. Savology

Savology is a digital financial planning and wellness company. They aim to make “financial planning and wellness more accessible, more actionable, and more effective than ever before.” Whether you’re trying to help your own client roster become more financially stable or offer financial wellness to your own employees, Savology can help. 

Savology website

Savology strikes a friendly and inviting tone with their content marketing, and they do a great job of translating that tone to their overall website design and color scheme. The warm greens and blues invite you to sit down and get comfy, making you feel like you’re connecting with a helpful older sibling who wants to show you the ropes. 

While there’s not much fancy UX design in the way of transitions or swipes, page load speed is still high quality, and the illustrations that are included on the website match the brand’s overall tone, lending the startup a strong amount of consistency. 

14. PetDX

PetDX is a startup that helps dog owners detect any potential cancers in their fur babies’ earlier, thanks to their state-of-the-art multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test for dogs. Their liquid biopsy test is as simple as taking your pup to get their blood drawn and could very well save their life.

PetDX website

PetDx leans into its modern, cutting-edge technology vibe with the hot pink, magenta, and slate gray in its color wheel. They also use engaging illustrations in order to help consumers understand the otherwise jargon-filled world of medical equipment and processes. 

However, one of the unique things about PetDx is that they use their own proprietary photography to lend their brand a professional, well-established feel. Proprietary photography is a great way to draw new customers into your brand and to help employ other entrepreneurs as well.

15. Axelar

According to their website, Axelar is for Web 3 what Stripe is for mobile or desktop apps: “It works on the back end, connecting various networks into one-click experiences for all users.” They strive to interconnect all crypto blockchains in a way that’s universal, customizable, and secure. 

Axelar website

Axelar is another brand that also leans into the cutting-edge tone of the brand; its content is edgy yet accessible, and the typography and color scheme border on eclectic. They offer plenty of fun, quirky illustrations to help emphasize their overall tone. 

When it comes to UX design, the Axelar website includes a fun, interactive chatbot that helps users decide how to get started. This is a great way to get first-time customers to interact with their brand when it comes to seeing what they’re all about.

16. Noname Security

Noname Security proactively protects businesses from “API security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and design flaws.” Say goodbye to insecure API systems. Whether it’s to protect against a cyberattack in real time or prevent one from happening, Noname has the tools and expertise to do it all. 

Noname website

Noname leans into the sleek, mysterious aspect of their brand with their all-black web design, lending them the effect of outsmarting cyberattackers from the get-go. Their use of the more vibrant, highlighter colors establishes them as a trustworthy source (a “light in the dark” if you will). 

Their content is very straightforward and easy to read, making it easy for consumers to find what they need and navigate their webpages. Their most crucial links (“Contact Us” and “Get a Demo”) are easily identifiable and fast for visitors to get to.

17. Clear Street

Clear Street offers financial infrastructure to today’s institutions. With a “technology-first approach to capital markets,” this startup aims to modernize the financial tools needed to break into fast-paced markets, including financing, clearing and custody, and more. 

Clear Street website

Clear Street leans well into its knowledgeable tone, making sure consumers know exactly what they’re getting by working with their brand. Their content is clear: they saw a problem, and then they solved it. Their typography and overall web design stay in the same vein by keeping things uncluttered and cool. 

Their content is also interactive. Users can learn more about what Clear Street does by clicking on the text in their illustrated tables, uncovering more knowledge from this smart, confident brand. Their overall sleek website design draws consumers in by positioning this brand as a thought leader, leaving them eager to know and learn more about it.

18. Jeenie

Jeenie offers on-demand language interpreting services across a myriad of industries, including healthcare, government, education, and more. Jeenie wants to help consumers navigate an otherwise difficult situation in order to make it more equitable. Not only does Jeenie aim to help customers navigate spoken language barriers, but they also offer ASL interpretation, too. 

Jeenie website

Jeenie leans into their humanitarian tone by using a sharp yet friendly color scheme. Their use of color and typography shows just how inviting and equitable their brand strives to be, taking an otherwise daunting topic and making it easy for users to access and understand. 

This continues throughout the website in their small UX design touches—their small moving illustrations further establish them as a fun and understanding brand that’s here to help and, ultimately, make something that seems big actually seem within reach for its users.

19. Daffy

Daffy is the “donor-advised fund for you.” Not only does their app allow users to discover new charities to support via their friends and colleagues, opening doors to new organizations that they may have otherwise not thought to keep in mind, but it also allows users to reap several tax benefits such as lower income tax, tax-free growth, and keeping track of all donation receipts come tax season. 

Daffy website

While Daffy is another humanitarian-type brand, they differ from Jeenie by leaning more into their softer colors and illustrations. A soothing mint green draws customers in by making things feel easy and inviting; the color makes you feel good, just like donating does. 

It’s clear the brand is all about doing good, and their childlike illustrations not only leave you feeling valued and accomplished – they help you feel like this is an approachable brand that wants to help you be the best version of you that you can be.

20. Qerko

Qerko is the “world’s most convenient way to pay at a restaurant.” This cutting-edge restaurant app allows patrons to pay right from their table with the press of a button. Qerko streamlines the payment process for both patrons and restaurateurs alike, making it easier than ever to leave a five-star review once the meal is through. 

Qerko website

Since Qerko relies heavily on their mobile app, their website content consists of information on how to access said app and how it works. Still, they make their web design, color scheme, and typography work for them with a clean, sleek look. 

Their UX design also helps lend a fun aspect to their webpage by having necessary information pop up after a user hovers or halts over the appropriate information section when first scrolling the page, and at every turn, there’s a link to point users in the direction of the mobile app.

21. Airgram

Airgram is an AI software that helps record meeting minutes and conversations to better assist folks during both internal and client-facing meetings. It integrates with most digital meeting software like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and now, WebX, making it essential for any business to try. 

Airgram website

Airgram utilizes a very fun color scheme in order to show off its modern, state-of-the-art product. The most important content is easy to find, and users can easily navigate to learn more in the top search bar. 

They also utilize a fun take on their UX design with a smooth, seamless transition as you scroll, and they offer a real-time demo of sorts so users can see just how their product works, engaging with them in a transparent manner.

22. Fireblocks

Fireblocks aims to enable “every business to easily and securely support digital assets and cryptocurrencies.” Through custody technology, management, NFT mining, and digital assets, Fireblocks offers everything users need on one seamless platform. 

Fireblocks website

Fireblocks keeps things sweet and simple with its webpage design, implementing a cool, aesthetically pleasing blue gradient color scheme and tight, sharp typography to draw its users in. Their content appears in order of importance and shows users more information as they scroll down on the homepage. 

Because Fireblocks is a brand that doesn’t have to rely on flashy web design in order to draw users in, they make it work for them by implementing minimal illustrations or graphics on their website. This is a brand that knows their audience and who they are.

23. MystenLabs

MystenLabs is a team of “veteran innovators, storytellers and developers on a mission to bring true digital ownership to the masses.” Their product aims to let users build crypto infrastructures without boundaries in order to bring digital asset ownership to billions of people. 

MystenLabs website

MystenLabs is a big, bold brand, and they make this work for them by spelling out their company’s values and goals (in big, bold letters, no less) at the top of the homepage. The illustrations they use also lend a bold air, leaving users with a sense that this is a company that’s going to push boundaries. 

The UX design is quick and smooth, making this an easy website for first-time users to navigate. The use of hot pink type on the homepage also helps the brand stand out while offering users something fresh and exciting to look at while they peruse the site.

24. Realworld

Realworld is on a mission to “simplify adulthood.” They help those in their early twenties navigate adulthood when it comes to things like 401(k) paperwork, health insurance, creating a budget, and more in an attempt to make it more understandable so that everyone can make the best, most informed choice for them. 

Realworld website

Realworld has an endearing, older sibling feeling, and the calming colors help users feel like they’re getting real-time advice from someone who’s been in their shoes. This meet-you-where-you’re-at tone is carried throughout the site, including in the friendly typography and graphics. 

They make their information easy to access and figure out and offer users interactive demos of their product. This draws users in by being transparent but also by showing potential new customers that their product isn’t some big, scary thing to use—it’s as easy as that insurance paperwork is about to be.

25. Attentive

Attentive helps brands stay consistent in their messaging by personalizing one-on-one conversations with their consumers. Whether it’s an email campaign, a text message alert service, or a social media campaign, Attentive is there to help (mostly retail) brands see a significant increase in ROI and brand-to-consumer (B2C) interactions. 

Attentive website

Attentive does a great job at laying out its content and making it visually appealing. Not only are things nice and calming to look at – users are immediately hit with a demo of sorts on the front page of the website, making it easy to visualize how a potential brand could utilize their business’s services. 

Attentive does a great job at utilizing its UX design not only as users scroll but in their chatbot as well. They essentially use their own product to their advantage by allowing you to interact with their brand in the same way you’ll use their services to interact with your consumers.

What Makes a Great Startup Website?

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to create a fun, interactive website that turns curious visitors into loyal customers. Once you’ve located the best website builder for your business, be sure to implement the following in order to make your startup website stand out from the crowd. 

Curb Appeal

One of the first things consumers will notice is the way your website looks. Think about some of your favorite examples. Which ones grabbed your attention immediately? What about them captivated you? Was it their use of color, typography, or a fun illustration? Whatever it was, it kept you on the page. When building your own startup website, think about how you can wow your audience from the beginning. 

User Experience

The next thing that most consumers will notice, aside from your website’s design, is how easy or difficult it is to navigate. UX design is crucial in creating a winning website, as it could be the reason a potential new customer navigates away from it. Are additional webpages easy to identify and get to? Is there a delay with page loading? Put yourself in a first-time customer’s shoes and try to see how intuitive your website is from their perspective. (Don’t forget about your mobile users’ UX experience, too.) 

Content Is King

Good content is all about drawing your audience in. Crafting compelling copy is important, but so is optimizing your website’s content to effectively market your product to consumers. Creating a user-friendly website that utilizes SEO and content marketing means that users can find you with the click of a button and will be instantly captivated by punchy, engaging content. 

Interacting with Innovation

While stating a strong UVP or set of values and goals on the homepage of your website is important and will definitely draw consumers in when it comes to interacting with your business, it’s also important to think of ways to add unique touches to your startup’s website. 

One great way to do this is with your CTAs. Or, if your startup is more customer service-based, consider adding a chatbot to help consumers get their needs taken care of or a fun animation before or after someone completes an order. (Tip: Having a strong UX designer will help make this part of website building easy and exciting.)

Centering the Consumer

At the end of the day, a great website is all about making the consumer the center of your business. Thoughtful UX design and content marketing will make them feel like they’re your top priority and keep them coming back for more. The more time and energy you put into making sure your website has these features, the stronger your startup will be for it.