How to Name a Startup

Ready to launch your startup, but having trouble coming up with catchy business names? The name you choose for your startup impacts your company’s branding, marketing, and overall chances of success. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. We developed this free Startup Name Generator to make selecting a cool, unique startup name simple — just enter a couple of keywords and your industry!

All the startup name ideas provided by this tool are also checked to make sure the ".COM" domains are available, making it a great domain name generator as well.

How the Startup Company Name Generator Works:

  1. Enter 2 or more keywords associated with your startup company
  2. Select your startup’s industry
  3. Get hundreds of great results

Note: Our Startup Name Generator guarantees you privacy when searching startup names. Your private information is kept safe with us since our goal is to always provide you with the necessary tools to start your personal or business website. Once you’ve searched for a startup name, we ensure that it will be protected for a full month until you're certain and ready to purchase the domain name of your choice.

Brainstorming Startup Names

One of the difficulties of deciding on a startup name is getting over the hurdles of overthinking and writer's block. Brainstorming is a great tool for getting your creative juices flowing. Techniques such as freewriting, mind mapping, word association, and more are helpful methods of generating catchy and unique startup name ideas. 

After Naming Your Startup

Register Your Startup Name

Unless you’re a sole proprietor, you need to register your startup name with your state. This process varies depending on the state you’re located in as well as your business needs. These are the four most common steps you’ll need to take to register or change your startup name: 

  • Reserve your business name
  • Form an LLC or corporation
  • File for a DBA
  • Amend your formation documents to accommodate your startup’s name, if you’re changing the name of an existing business

Design a Startup Logo

A well-crafted logo is essential for accurately representing your startup’s brand. Your startup’s logo is used on everything from press releases to marketing materials, making this one of the most important branding decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur. 

Check out TRUiC's Free Logo Maker to help create your logo in just a few clicks!

Create a Website for Your Startup

Every startup needs a website to connect with their audience and represent their brand. Your startup’s website serves as a gateway to important information and marketing opportunities for your business. Therefore, your website should be SEO optimized, user-friendly, and include a mobile version.

Need Startup Ideas?

Whether you’re still looking for that perfect startup idea or want to take another look at your options, we’ve got you covered. Check out our extensive lists of startup ideas in a variety of interests and make your entrepreneurial goals happen!

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