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Featured Startup Stories

Hand holding phone with Pepper app on screen.

The Social Media Platform Foodies Have Been Waiting For

Jake Aronskind and Matthew Schkolnick recognized the potential for a virtual space that served as a platform for sharing cooking content. Their solution was Pepper, the food sharing app that was an instant success.

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Handprint illustration of people painting the earth.

Every Business Can Be Sustainable With Handprint

Handprint, a greentech startup founded by Mathias Boissonot, Ryan Merrill, and Simon Schillebeeckx, offers businesses an easy and effective way to increase their sustainability.

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SMOVE.CITY founder working in his office, next to an e-bike.

This Uber Eats Alumnus Is Taking on Sustainable Mobility in Europe

SMOVE.CITY aims to improve the way European cities plan for, manage, and grow sustainable mobility sectors such as bike-sharing.

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AquiPor team.

Sustainable Water Solutions for Greener Cities

The founder of AquiPor, Greg Johnson, is working toward an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete using greentech capabilities.

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Recent News

Startup Stagetime Secures $1.5 Million to Expand Professional Networking Platform

Startup company Stagetime recently announced that its business successfully raised $1.5 million in new funding for its performing arts networking platform.
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Man teaching guitar lessons via video.

Nommi Raises $20 Million to Launch Robotic Kitchen’s Bowl-Based Meals
Nommi, a robotics food tech startup, has raised $20 million to help support the launch of its first kitchen to the public and grow the business.
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Best Cities for Startups – Tel Aviv
Startup Genome rates Tel Aviv the No. 6 startup city in the world, calling out its particular strengths in artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity.
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VC Neo Raises $150 Million Second Fund to Provide Up to $1.5 Million in Funding for 80 Startups
VC company Neo, which also serves as a mentorship community, launched a new $150 million fund to continue supporting business founders and entrepreneurs.
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Steadily Announces $27.2 Million to Create More Affordable Insurance for Landlords
Steadily has announced the close of a new funding round to help scale up business for its affordable, landlords’ insurance platform.
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Point72 Closes Its Hyperscale Fund With $600 Million Raised in Funding
Point72, an asset management company, announced the closing of its inaugural private equity fund Point72 Hyperscale, which has raised $600 million in funding.
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Talon, a Hong Kong Esports Startup, Raises $5 Million
Esports startup Talon has raised $5 million in Series A funding. Animoca Brands, an entertainment business, led the Series A funding round.
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Startup A.D.A.M. Looks to Replace Titanium Bone Implants With Biodegradable Technology
A.D.A.M., a 3D printing business, is searching for support from crowdfunding investors to help its startup company grow and continue to refine its technology.
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Mental Health Momentum: Light Therapy Market to Near $1.3 Billion by 2028
The light therapy market is projected to grow to nearly $1.3 billion by 2028, according to a new report.
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Women in Business

The Ultimate Online Guide to Business Resources for Women

Explore our useful online guides for women in business, articles on money and finance, networking events, and productivity tips to help you become a successful businesswoman in the entrepreneurial and corporate world.

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Become a Certified Woman-Owned Business

For women, obtaining special certification for their business can help them discover professional opportunities and gain access to a variety of resources. Our guides can help female entrepreneurs become certified in each state.

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Featured Women in Business Articles

Resources for the Women-Owned Business Certification Application Process

Going about the certification process for a woman-owned business can be tricky. If you’re a female entrepreneur in search of answers, we’ve gathered a list of resources to help you get started.

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Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

The WBENC is a resource hub for female entrepreneurs as well as a certification organization. Read on to learn more about the WBENC, their programs, and their process for becoming a certified woman-owned business.

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Startup Culture

We'll give you a window into startup culture through guides relating to business skills, life skills, and entrepreneur interviews to learn from others that have already gone through building a startup themselves.

Featured Startup Culture Articles

Six entrepreneurs in a startup meet at a table

What is a Startup?

A startup is a young company born out of a desire to solve a problem, fulfill a demand, or bring a unique product or service to market. We’ll further explain what a startup is, how startups are typically funded, how they differ from other types of businesses, and more.

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Hand holding sticky note with light bulb drawn on it.

The 113 Best Startup Ideas to Make Money in 2021

Identifying the right idea for your startup is the first step to getting your company up and running. We’ve developed this list of the 113 best startup ideas to help you make money in 2021.

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How to Start a Business in Your State

We built guides for starting a business in each state. Use the buttons below to bring your idea to life!

Woman standing in front of her small business.

How to Start a Business

Thinking about launching a company but not sure where to begin? Our guide on how to start a business walks you through everything you need to know to make your entrepreneurial goals come true.

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How to Form an LLC

An LLC combines all the great tax benefits of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the personal asset protection of a corporation. Learn how to start your own LLC with our state-specific guides.

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How to Form a Nonprofit

Nonprofits are tax-exempt organizations that focus on furthering social causes rather than earning profits. In our guides, we show you how to form your own 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in your state.

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How to Form a Corporation

Perhaps the most recognized business structure, corporations have similar legal rights to individuals and are owned by shareholders. With our state formation guides, you can form your own corporation.

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How to File a DBA

Also known as a trade name or assumed name, a DBA is a name that your business can operate under that isn’t its legal entity name. Our state-by-state guides can show you how to file a DBA for most types of business structures.

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Hands on computer.

How to Start a Startup

A startup is a company created with rapid growth in mind that shakes up the industry and challenges the status quo. Learn how to launch a startup with our step-by-step guide.

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Business people working at an office.

How to Incorporate a Startup

In this guide, we break down the incorporation process step-by-step and help you navigate the resources and tools you may need to incorporate your startup.

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Woman searching for LLC names on laptop

How to Search for a Business Name

Before you register a business name, you will need to complete a business name search with your state to see if your name is available.

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LLC formation checklist checked off in red marker

Checklist for Starting an LLC

Use our quick LLC startup checklist to form an LLC yourself.

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Woman observing data on tablet

TRUiC Trends 2021

Stay ahead of the curve with TRUiC Trends. Use our interactive graphs to gain the insight you need to make great business decisions.

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Service Reviews

Whether you’re starting a business or expanding an existing one, there are high-quality and affordable third-party services that can help to simplify the process. 

We’ve researched and reviewed the best entrepreneurial services, including online business formation services, financial resources, business planning and branding tools, registered agent services, and more!

The Top 7 LLC Formation and Incorporation Services

Forming an LLC or corporation? We’ve reviewed and ranked the best business formation services that will handle the paperwork and save you time and money.

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6 Best DBA Filing Services of 2021

If you need to file a DBA (Doing Business As) online, these are the industry’s top options to help you through the overall process.

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The 7 Best Registered Agent Services in 2021

Most states require a registered agent to accept legal documents on behalf of your business. Check out the best registered agent services to help your company stay compliant with the law.

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The 5 Best Banks for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Ready to open up a business bank account? Read our guide to determine the bank that is best suited for your company.

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