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Mastering financial planning, management, and strategy is essential for founders seeking investment and sustainable growth.

Startup Finance provides the key knowledge entrepreneurs need to budget, fundraise, and effectively manage their money. Explore our tools and resources below to get started.

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Best banks for startups review image.

7 Best Banks for Startups in 2024

We reviewed the best banks for startups, from traditional banks to online fintech platforms.

Financial Planning & Budgeting

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Startup Costs Entrepreneurs Should Know

To get your startup off on the right track, we developed this guide on the startup costs entrepreneurs can expect and how to calculate them.

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What Is Bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping involves using personal savings, revenue generated from early sales, and low-cost methods to launch and sustain a startup.

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How to Create a Startup Budget

Creating a startup budget is key for entrepreneurs. We share how to estimate expenses, revenue, use accounting tools, and develop a financial roadmap.

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How to Build a Startup Cash Flow Forecast

A company’s cash flow is integral to the growth of your business. We’ve got you covered with our guide on how to build a startup cash flow forecast.

Financial Management & Growth

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Best Net 30 Vendors for Startups 2024

Explore the top net 30 vendors to optimize cash flow and build business credit.

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Person using business credit card with ribbon that says "Top 7 Business Credit Cards."

Best Business Credit Cards for Startups

Ready to enhance your company’s financial flexibility? Here are the best credit cards for startups and new businesses in 2024.

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Person with cash getting ready to open a business bank account for their startup.

How to Open a Business Bank Account

A business bank account is a necessity for new startups. Read our guide on how to open an account, from choosing a bank to submitting your application.

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Best Accounting Software for Startups

In this review, we quickly introduce you to the best accounting software for startups in 2024 to help you find the right tool for your business.

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Funding & Investment

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Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startups

Crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways to obtain funding when starting a startup. We've gathered a list of the best crowdfunding sites for startups.

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What Is Series A Funding?

We break down everything founders need to know about Series A funding - from requirements and examples to how it differs from seed and Series B financing.

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Best Angel Investor Groups

Angel investors are a great way to obtain startup funding. These are the best angel investor groups for startups based on industry and stage.

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How to Get Venture Capital Funding

In this guide, we discuss how startups can start walking down the path of venture capital funding and explain the best ways to secure VC financing.

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