The 7 Best Business Plan Software Tools in 2021 for StartupsFind the Top Business Planning Software to Help You Secure Funding

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Do you need to write a business plan for your company, but don’t have the time to create a 40-page conventional document? Perhaps you’re looking for something slick and presentation-ready? Fortunately, business planning software can help you write a professional business plan that will help you secure funding, find investors, and lead you to success.

In this comparison of the best business plan software options, we’ll take a look at how each has their own pricing plans and features. To help you figure out which one is a good fit for your company, feel free to dive into our reviews or visit each website directly. Enjoy!

1. LivePlan - $9.95 for your first month

Our top overall pick for the best business plan software is LivePlan, which lays claim to over 400,000 companies served so far in their 15+ years. Customers love the convenience provided by their rich collection of cloud-based features, their educational support, and step-by-step approach.

  • Create 1-page Business Plan in 30 Minutes
  • 500+ Sample Business Plans Included
  • Convenient Dashboard Tracks Progress & Past Performance

They also get great feedback from their customers, with LivePlan reviews earning a 4.6 average out of 5 on GetApp. There’s really no significant downside to their service, so LivePlan is an easy company to recommend as our top option to write a business plan.

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2. Business Plan Pro - $99.95 to $159.95

Business Plan Pro is a product of Palo Alto Software, the same company that makes LivePlan. This option is ideal for entrepreneurs who don’t want a fully cloud-based product like LivePlan, or for customers who prefer a one-time charge to a monthly subscription:

  • Full Online & Offline Access
  • Export/Import from Excel & PowerPoint
  • Business Management Dashboard Tools

Business Plan Pro has strong customer feedback as well, evidenced by their average 3.7 score out of 5 on Amazon after 100+ reviews. One other item of note is that this product is Windows-only, so Mac users will have to find another option.

Business Plan Pro logo

3. Bizplan - $9.50 to $49/month

BizPlan is part of the family of business planning and management products. Whether you use their other programs or not, BizPlan is fully featured business plan software with some popular features:

  • Business Plans Available via Web Pages (Landing Pages) for Easy Sharing
  • Convenient User-Friendly Interface
  • Breaks Down Planning Process into Easily Manageable Steps

They’re still a relatively new option, but BizPlan already has over 30,000 satisfied customers. As their platform continues to grow, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them integrate even more valuable features. Keep a close eye on this one.

Bizplan logo

4. Enloop - Free to $39.95/month

If you’re looking to try before you buy, Enloop is a strong choice as one of the only business planning software tools with a free version. Their software includes all sorts of convenient features:

  • The Enloop Performance Score
  • Highly-Customizable Sample Plans
  • Autowrite Feature that Structures Business Plans

Even beyond the free version, Enloop Basic is just $9.95/month ($6/month when paid annually), so they’re one of the least expensive tools for writing a business plan.

Enloop logo

5. StratPad - Free to $49.99/month

The other popular option that has a free version is StratPad, which is used by 100,000+ businesses worldwide. StratPad is making major updates and adding new features all the time:

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Real-time Business Plan Sharing Tool
  • Pay as You Go, Cancel Anytime

StratPad is already an intriguing option, but when their new Connect service launches, we think they might work their way up this list. Connect will match your business plan to banks, bookkeepers, accountants and more, which is a unique and valuable service.

StratPad logo

6. PlanGuru - $99/month or $899/year

Do you require comprehensive business forecasting and analysis, beyond the business plan? If so, PlanGuru might be the answer for you. Their services include a number of premium features:

  • Budgeting/Forecasting Software
  • Analytics Service for Financial Performance & KPIs
  • Excel-based Advanced Report Builder

If all you need is a business plan, PlanGuru isn’t the product for you. However, their complete set of advanced business management features is highly-valuable to entrepreneurs who don’t already have their own means of accomplishing these tasks.

PlanGuru logo

7. iPlanner - $49 to $55/year

Easily the least expensive of all the major business planning software tools, iPlanner allows you to build a professional business plan for just a few dollars a month. They still have some quality features as well:

  • Unlimited Team Members & Collaboration
  • A La Carte Pricing Model vs Packages
  • Discounts for Serial Entrepreneurs & Business Coaches

If a simple framework is all you’re looking for, iPlanner can help you out. They don’t have many bells and whistles, but at these price points, they offer a good value.

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Pros & Cons to Using Business Plan Software


  1. By using business plan software you’ll be able to create a solid outline for your business. Although some of the options above are better than others, each will walk you through from start to finish.
  2. No matter how you look at it, business planning software is cost effective. As long as you actually use the tool, you’ll generate significantly more value than you’re spending in monthly subscription fees.
  3. If you spend the time to create a solid business plan, you’re much more likely to hold yourself accountable. Think of planning software like an accountability buddy for entrepreneurship.
  4. Your business plan tool will help set realistic financial goals, and most can also keep your bottom line in check by integrating your accounting software.
  5. Business planning software enables you to collaborate with partners, mentors and investors.


  1. Some of the business plan tools don’t offer support and can have slightly buggy features. That said, if you’re serious about writing a solid business plan, go with a tool that’s constantly updated and well made.
  2. Although some business plan tools have a collaboration feature, none of them can review the plan when you’re done. All business planning tools lack a human touch.

Which is the Best Business Plan Software?

You know the unique requirements of your business better than we do. These are all quality services that offer business planning software tools for entrepreneurs like you. Feel free to read over our full reviews if you’d like to know more about any of them or even visit the websites directly.

In general, we do prefer LivePlan because they have a huge library of business plan templates, and we love their convenient dashboard. They're the planning software that is most likely to help you via customer support, continue updating their tool and figure our ways to make your business experience better. Enjoy!