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PlanGuru Review: Are They Right For You?

PlanGuru ReviewHowdy, and welcome to Startup Savant’s PlanGuru Review where we’ll break down their platform and features to help figure out whether they’re the software for you. Because professional planning is such a pivotal and influential process, taking the time to really investigate your options is a brilliant move! Bravo, now, let’s jump right in.


Our Favorite PlanGuru Features

The first thing we’ll mention in this PlanGuru review is that they’re primarily focused on budgeting, forecasting and performance tracking which helps if you aren’t interested in other sets of data. Secondly, they’ve been in the game for nearly 14 years at the time this PlanGuru review is being written.

We’re also fans of their support resources. It’s nice to know that if/when you need them, there’s regular interactive webinars, a steady stream of blog articles on their site, a learning center, and responsive help desk.

A Couple Small Considerations


A Quick Look Inside PlanGuru

Not too shabby, right? Obviously PlanGuru is a professional operation with tons to offer. Now let’s take a gander inside so you can get a feel for their software, what the dashboard looks like and their style of data presentation.

PlanGuru Review

Clean. Not jumbled together. Not too much data overload. An open white background with soft colors. What’s not to like? You also have the option of printing out your analytics in PDF format which look like this:

PlanGuru Reviews

Vast legions of startups prefer this collegiate or corporate style, while others lean towards the sleeker more modern style of LivePlan. It’s preferential really. All things being equal in the aesthetics department, let’s move on to how they’ve structured their services.


PlanGuru Pricing & Package Structure

Just ease into their wall of features and remember you can give any or all of their plans a try without having to invest. Their basic plan is probably the most popular, but we could be wrong. It just seems to be the perfect suite. For larger startups their Enhanced plan is better. See for yourself:

PlanGuru Pricing

PlanGuru Basic allows you to budget and forecast for 10 years and use all 20 forecasting methods under a 3 financial statement structure which is nice. While Enhanced on the other hand offers powerful additional services like business consolidations, engagement tools, valuation, network server installation…

Pricing Notes

If you’re new to all this, then yeah, their service structure can be a bit intimidating. You might not know what half of this stuff is! That’s fine. What’s important are the costs and whether you like the feel of their software when you look at the first screenshot above.


Realities of Business Planning Software

LivePlan Review and Promo CodeNone of it assures your startup will perform better, but you and your team are likely going to see huge improvements when it comes to efficiency and collaboration…which itself has tons of positive impacts. You’ll see, and again, you can dabble at no risk.

If for whatever reason this PlanGuru Review has convinced you that you need a second option, have a look at our #1 pick LivePlan. They have their own approach, a different style, and bring just as much bacon to the table in terms of value. Thanks for reading our PlanGuru Review, now go crush it!

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