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Every successful company starts with a strategy, often refined through trials, errors, and moments of insight.  Our Startup Strategy Stories hub showcases the journeys of thriving businesses, offering both inspiration and tangible lessons for budding entrepreneurs. 

Whether you're in the ideation phase or scaling up, these tales of success can provide direction and perspective.

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How Spotify Helped Take Streaming Mainstream

We explore the origin story of music streaming company Spotify, as well as its business model and marketing strategies.

Celebrity Startups

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Ty Burrell: Actor, Restaurateur, Problem-Solver

This is the origin story behind Ty Burrell’s transition from actor to successful Utah restaurateur.

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How Susan Sarandon Became a Ping Pong Mogul

Launched in 2009, Susan Sarandon's startup company SPiN is a global franchise of table tennis or ‘ping pong’ bars and clubs.

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Not ‘Just’ Water

Learning about islands of plastic waste floating throughout the sea propelled Jaden Smith into launching eco-friendly water startup, Just Water.

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Cameron Diaz Is Making Wine Clean

Avaline Wine, founded by actress Cameron Diaz, has proven that there's plenty of room for improvement in the golden state’s wine industry.

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More Strategy Stories

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The Etsy Strategy Story
We explore Etsy's beginnings, history, and growth, as well as the strategies and tactics that have made it the ecommerce powerhouse it is today.

Apple store window.

Apple – From Fledgling Firm to Tech Giant
Apple wasn’t always a household name. This is the story of how it started and the strategies that have contributed to its success.

Person going through a rack of clothing.

The Strategy Story of Fashion Marketplace Vinted
Should secondhand clothing be your first choice? Vinted thinks so. Here’s how it became Europe’s largest online secondhand clothing marketplace.

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Industry Disruptor Mensa Brands
We take an in-depth look at how the Mensa Brands started, its strategies for success, and what the future holds for them.

Person using a computer to message.

Free, Secure Texting Worldwide – The Story of WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a free service owned by Meta that’s become one of the most popular messaging apps around. What’s been the key to its success?