Cameron Diaz Is Making Wine Clean

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There is no shortage of delicious, award-winning wines coming from brands in California, and launching a wine startup that aims to break the mold might seem like a pipe dream. However, Avaline Wine, the clean wine startup founded by actress Cameron Diaz, has proven that there is plenty of room for improvement in the golden state’s wine industry. 

With the wellness industry booming, more consumers than ever are questioning the things they are putting in their bodies. Rather than trusting manufacturers to craft products with their best interest in mind, consumers are looking for brands that are transparent, quality-oriented, and aligned with their health goals. This demand doesn’t extend only to supplements, organic produce, and whole grains — consumers are now questioning what’s in their wine, and Avaline has the answer.

Clean Wine for Everyone

“It was a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon in the backyard with friends. As the wine started to flow, so did our conversation about it.” Power and Diaz explain on the Avaline website, “We knew the contents of everything that went onto and into our bodies—why not wine?” The biggest roadblock in transparency for wine consumers is by law; winemakers aren’t required to provide much information about what goes into their wine. This means consumers are left with little to no information about the additives, fillers, and growing processes (including where the grapes are grown) that are swirling in their glass. In fact, the FDA allows over 70 additives for wine treatment and processing in the US, none of which are required to be listed on the label. 

With this in mind, Diaz and Power set out to create a wine brand that provided groundbreaking transparency and gave agency back to wine consumers. The end result is Avaline, a line of clean, natural (and Instagrammable) wines at accessible price points; Natural wine prices typically range from $25 to $40 per bottle, but Avaline’s lineup is around $20 per bottle.

The Avaline difference is a fully traceable, clean wine lineup that seeks to improve the consumer’s understanding of what is in their glass — no more leaving wine drinkers in the dark. This transparency begins with the company’s organic grapes, certified where the grapes are grown in Catalonia and Bureau Veritas Certification. Additionally, Avaline promises no artificial ingredients, no added sugars or colors, and a radically transparent ingredient list.

‘Just Clean, Delicious Wine’

The immediate success of Avaline was largely due to their exceptional social media and influencer marketing strategies which helped propel their white and rose wines into the bestselling ultra-premium category for white blends within two months of launching. This, coupled with exceptional reviews on sites like, has solidified the brand as a winemaker to watch in the growing demand for clean, transparent, and trustworthy wines. 

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