The 7 Best Annual Report Filing Services

In many states limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and nonprofits are required to file an annual report to maintain good standing with the state. While it is possible to file this document yourself, using an annual report filing service can expedite the process and ensure the filing is prepared correctly. 

There are several platforms that offer this service so we’ve outlined the best annual report filing services to help you determine which is the right one for your business.

Our #1 Pick: LegalZoom

Keep your business in good standing without breaking the bank with LegalZoom.

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Top Annual Report Filing Services for Startups


Four point nine out of five star rating.


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Best Filing Service Overall

  • Multiple plan options 
  • Expedited services available 
  • Digital and physical filing copies free 


Four point eight out of five star rating.


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Best for Privacy Protection

  • Prioritized data privacy protection
  • Includes state report monitoring 
  • Guaranteed on-time filing


Four point six out of five star rating.


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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Customizable plan with multiple upgrades 

Harbor Compliance

Four point five out of five star rating.


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  • Multi-state and multi-year discounts
  • Experts in compliance 


Four point four out of five star rating.


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  • Lowest cost services available 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 

Most businesses are required to file an ongoing report with their state to maintain good standing. This is commonly called an annual or biennial report. The specific requirements and deadlines for this filing varies by state but failure to meet ongoing reporting requirements for your business can have serious consequences. 

Fortunately, there are several annual report filing services available to help not only expedite the process of filing your reports but to ensure they are done correctly to maintain your business’s good standing. These are the top seven annual report services for startups. 

7 Best Annual Report Filing Services of 2024

  1. LegalZoom
  2. Northwest Registered Agent
  3. MyCorporation
  4. Harbor Compliance
  5. MyCompanyWorks
  6. Bizee (Formerly Incfile)
  7. CorpNet

Keep Your Company Compliant With LegalZoom

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1. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is a trusted name in business services from formation to legal support. The company offers two annual report filing packages: Standard and Rush. 

With the Standard package, LegalZoom will create and file your annual report for you. For businesses in a hurry, LegalZoom’s Rush package includes annual report creation and filing as well as expedited processing and express shipping (between 2-3 business days). 

Additionally, LegalZoom offers a money-back guarantee, which means their fee is refunded to you within the first 60 days if you’re unhappy with their services. 


  • Expedited service available 
  • LegalZoom is a trusted brand
  • There is no additional charge for hard copies of the filing 
  • All services are backed by LZ Guarantee 


  • Rush package is more expensive than some competitor pricing 


  • Standard: $99 plus state filing fees 
  • Rush: $119 plus state filing fees

Best Annual Report Service: LegalZoom

LegalZoom offers reliable services at a competitive price plus expedited services. Try LegalZoom today and keep your company compliant.

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Learn more by reading our full review of LegalZoom’s annual report filing service.

2. Northwest Registered Agent ($100 + State Fees) 

Northwest Registered Agent offers affordable, reliable formation services for corporations and LLCs. In addition to this, they offer a litany of business services including annual report filing. 

Northwest offers only one annual report filing services package for $100 plus state fees. The company guarantees on-time filing and professional, accurate preparation of documents to ensure your business maintains good standing. 

One of the key benefits of choosing Northwest over competitors is their dedication to customer privacy. Northwest ensures customer’s personal information stays private as well as keeps state information current, monitors state records, and updates records consistently. 


  • Northwest prioritizes user’s data privacy 
  • Guaranteed on-time filing 
  • Annual reports are professionally prepared 
  • Includes state records monitoring 


  • There is only one plan to choose from 
  • No expedited filing upgrade available 


Northwest Registered Agent offers one annual report filing service at $100 plus state fees.

Northwest—Privacy-First Compliance

Northwest puts your data privacy first and ensures your business maintains its good standing.

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3. MyCorporation ($99 + State Fees) 

MyCorporation boasts a myriad of business services such as business formation, tax management, and compliance. Their annual report filing services are priced similarly to competitors and include an on-time filing guarantee as well as filing accuracy upon completion. Additionally, with upgrades available for each package such as expedited services, you can customize your package to meet your business needs.  


  • Base package is similarly priced to competitors 
  • Report filing services available for domestic and foreign companies 
  • Accuracy and on-time filing guarantee 
  • Electronic delivery is free 


  • There is only one plan to choose from
  • Upgrades for shipping and rush filing are higher cost than competitors


MyCorporation offers one annual report filing package priced at $99 plus state filing fees. There are a few upgrades that can be added onto the package including priority shipping and handling ($39) and rush filing ($100). Otherwise, customers receive electronic shipping of documents for no extra charge. 

MyCorporation—Flexible Filing Options

MyCorporation offers flexible filing for foreign and domestic companies as well as several plan upgrades to customize your plan.

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4. Harbor Compliance ($175 + State Fees) 

Harbor Compliance is known for their multi-state compliance services. Businesses benefit from streamlined annual report filing services through a single company profile which Harbor Compliance uses to generate all reports. The company’s compliance software is a key benefit of the service, tracking annual report due dates, calculating fees, and automatically completing reports on time. 


  • Company is experts in compliance 
  • Company profile makes user experience seamless 
  • Compliance software tracks reporting due dates and calculates fees 
  • Multi-year and multi-state discounts available 


  • Higher cost than most competitors 
  • Only one package available to choose from 


Harbor Compliance has higher pricing than most competitors. For one year of annual report filing services, the company charges $175 per state plus state filing fees. However, you can receive up to 40% off their services by selecting multi-state and multi-year services. 

5. MyCompanyWorks ($59 + State Fees) 

MyCompanyWorks offers extremely competitive pricing for their annual report filing services at just $59 plus state filing fees. Despite having the lowest priced services, MyCompanyWorks still offers similar services to its competitors including a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

However, MyCompanyWorks doesn’t offer expedited services. Businesses must complete their order more than 10 days before their annual report filing deadline. Electronic delivery is included free with filing services, hard copies of documents can be delivered for additional shipping costs. 


  • Low prices compared to competitors 
  • The company will research filing requirements for you 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Services are available in all 50 states 


  • Expedited services aren’t available 
  • Delivery of hard copies incur an additional charge 


MyCompanyWorks offers only one annual report filing service at $59 plus state filing fees. 

6. Bizee ($99 + State Fees)

Formerly Incfile, Bizee is a business services platform known for their affordable business formation services. Their annual report filing services incur a $99 processing fee plus state filing fees. Bizee offers annual report filing for LLCs, c corporations (c corps), s corporations (s corps), and nonprofits. 

One benefit of Bizee’s annual report filing services is that they do not require subscriptions or recurring fees. This means that businesses aren’t locked into a multi-year contract just to use their services. Plus, Bizee boasts exceptional customer service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


  • No subscriptions or recurring fees required 
  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • Pricing is similar to most competitors 
  • Report filing services available for most business structures 


  • Only one plan to choose from 
  • No expedited service upgrades available 


Bizee offers only one annual report filing service at $99 plus state filing fees. 

7. CorpNet ($117 + State Fees)

CorpNet is an incorporation service offering a myriad of other services for businesses such as maintenance and compliance services. Their annual report filing service boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee and basic creation and filing services. 

Processing times for CorpNet’s annual report filing services are two to four weeks, however, they do offer the option to pay an expedited service fee for one to two week processing. 


  • Experts in maintenance and compliance services 
  • Users are able to upgrade to expedited services 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 


  • Shipping and handling fee is costly 
  • Expedited service costs extra 


Technically, CorpNet charges $99 plus state filing fees for their annual report filing services. However, there is a required $18 shipping and handling fee as well. 

Pros & Cons of Annual Report Filing Services


  • Less Administrative Burden: If you choose to file your own annual reports, you’ll need to keep track of the due dates, and keep records of your filings. 
  • Lower Stress: If you have questions or concerns, you won’t have a dedicated resource to help if you file your annual report alone. These services can make the annual report process essentially stress-free.
  • Saves Valuable Time: You can save time with these providers, as they just need some basic info about your company to complete your reports. 


  • It’s an Additional Cost: Annual reports are simple and can be filed rather easily for most small businesses. You can avoid paying the $59+ service fee these companies charge by doing it yourself.

Which Service Should You Use?

While all of the annual report filing services listed above can get the job done, our top choice for annual report filing services is LegalZoom or Northwest Registered Agent. Both are trusted service providers in the business formation space, offering a myriad of competitively-priced services to launch and manage a business. 

Additionally, if you used an LLC formation service or an incorporation service, it may benefit you to consult with the platform you used to form your business to determine if they also offer this service. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an annual report? 

An annual report is a comprehensive document that provides an overview of a company’s financial performance and activities over the past year. It typically includes financial statements, management discussion, and other relevant information. This filing is a requirement for LLCs, corporations, and nonprofit organizations in most states in the United States. 

Where do companies file annual reports? 

Public companies file annual reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Private companies may need to file annual reports with state agencies, depending on the state’s requirements.

How do I create an annual report for my business? 

To create an annual report, gather financial statements, management discussion, and other relevant information. Use a template or design software to format the report. Include an introduction, financial highlights, company overview, and future outlook. You can also choose to use an annual report filing service to ensure this filing is done accurately and efficiently.  

What happens if my annual report is not filed? 

Failing to file an annual report can result in penalties, fines, and even the loss of good standing with the state. In some cases, the company may be subject to administrative dissolution.

Does an S Corp need to file an annual report? 

Yes, an S Corporation typically needs to file an annual report with the state where it is incorporated. The specific requirements and deadlines vary by state.