The 2 Best Online Legal Services for Business

Do you require online legal services and documents, but hiring a business attorney isn’t in your budget? There are several options for legal services online, but how do you know which providers are trustworthy and reliable?

In this comparison of the best online legal services for business, we’ll briefly touch on the top two options in the industry and a few minutes from now you’ll have a good idea of which provider is right for you. Enjoy!


#1 Rocket Lawyer - $39.95 to $49.95/month

Rocket Lawyer is our pick as the best legal services online and the one we use. They have a one-week trial period that lets you test out any aspect of their service, with the exception of direct consultations with lawyers which are only available to full subscribers.

  • On Call attorney service gets answers to your legal questions from business lawyers within 24 hours.
  • Extended customer support hours on weekdays from 9am to 9pm ET.
  • Document Defense connects you with a qualified attorney to proofread and enforce your documents.

Add on top of that the significant discounts that Rocket Lawyer offers subscribers on legal fees (if necessary), and they’re our top online legal service.

Rocket Lawyer logo

#2 LegalZoom - $31.25 to $36/month

LegalZoom has the longest trial period of any online legal services provider, as they offer a money-back guarantee at any time within 60 days of purchase. They also have some cool features that the competition doesn’t include.

  • One copyright registration per month.
  • Extended customer support hours weekdays 8am-10pm ET, weekends 10am-7pm ET.
  • Access to accountants and other business tax professionals.

Like Rocket Lawyer, LegalZoom also offers consultations with business attorneys. The main reason we have LegalZoom in 2nd is that they charge at least $39 per 10+ page document review, which Rocket Lawyer includes at no extra cost. Other than that, they’re competitive in nearly every way.

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Pros & Cons of Online Legal Services


  1. For entrepreneurs that can’t afford a conventional law firm, these subscription-based online legal services deliver huge value.
  2. Convenience is the big factor here, especially when it comes to getting quick answers to specific questions and legal document preparation.
  3. Each service also provides secure cloud-based digital document storage so they’re safe and all in one place.
  4. With some providers you can form relationships with specific attorneys who work with people through these platforms full-time. Think of these providers as on-demand legal services that you can access around the clock.


  1. There are times when you shouldn’t use online legal services. Some situations call for the expertise of a business lawyer. These providers are never a true substitute for conventional legal assistance.
  2. Should anything happen and you get sued, these providers have waived all responsibility. You’re fully responsible for correctly and legally using these services. Especially regarding the document libraries, it’s on you to make certain all the info is correct.

Which Should You Choose?

Both of these online legal services have their own set of advantages, and which one is best for your company likely comes down to your specific needs.

In general, our favorite is Rocket Lawyer because they offer comprehensive online legal services with great customer service. Out of every service we have found, they have offer the most comprehensive features compared to pricing. Plus, you can try it free.