Squarespace Website Builder Review Is It Worth It? (Pros, Cons, & More)

Squarespace Review

Need a polished business website, but not thrilled about the costs of web development?

Fortunately, there are tons of user-friendly web-building tools that can help you build a business website for less, and one of the most popular options is Squarespace. They offer some of the most elegant themes of any website builder out there, and we think they’re definitely worth your consideration.

In this Squarespace website builder review we’ll go through their pros and cons, pricing and features, customer reviews and more. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know if Squarespace is a good fit or if you should research other options. Enjoy!

Some Pros & Cons of Squarespace


  1. All of their themes come mobile-ready, so your site will look fantastic no matter what device folks are using to access it.
  2. Their super-simple pricing model takes the guesswork out of choosing a package that suits your needs.
  3. You can start designing your business website without even providing your credit card information. Just click “Get Started” on their homepage to get it rolling!
  4. They provide a dozen examples of active websites that use each theme, which is a great way to get inspiration early in the design process.
  5. Squarespace has less of a learning curve than other more complex platforms like WordPress, making them a great option for entrepreneurs without much technical knowledge.


  1. While they have plenty of satisfied customer testimonials across the web, they also have a significant amount of negative reviews. (More on this later.)
  2. Squarespace has experienced massive growth over the past several years, and their customer support hasn’t quite been able to keep up. While they advertise 24/7 support, their customer service team may not always be as prompt as this implies.

Squarespace Alternative

Weebly is one of the most popular website builders on the market because they offer highly customizable themes and flexible package options. Read Review

Pricing & Features

Squarespace offers web-building services for online stores as well as standard content-focused websites, so your ideal package will depend on which type of site you’re looking to build. Between their options for websites and online stores, they offer four packages in total: Personal, Business, Basic and Advanced.

Squarespace Pricing & Features

Personal Website = $12/mo.

Squarespace’s Personal package enables you to create a simple, elegant website that they claim is best-suited for personal use. You’ll have unlimited pages and bandwidth, SSL security and mobile-optimization.

When to Use: The Personal package is a great option for solopreneurs and other folks who only need a very basic website for self-promotion purposes. As the name indicates, it’s really not designed for full-on businesses.

Business Website = $18/mo.

Although the Business package is listed under the “Website” category, it includes fully-integrated eCommerce capabilities. It also comes with $100 of google AdWords Credit, unlimited product creation, promotional pop-ups, premium blocks and integrations, and everything from the Personal package.

When to Use: I’d recommend this option for just about any small business. The eCommerce capabilities will allow you to monetize your business website in a way that you simply couldn’t with the Personal package.

Squarespace Pricing Online Stores

Basic Online Store = $26/mo.

Moving on to their more sophisticated eCommerce packages, which are listed under the “Online Store” category, the Basic package offers everything you should need to start an online business.

In addition to everything from the Business website package, it includes commerce metrics, inventory, discount capabilities and shipping labels. Plus, they get rid of their 3% transaction fee, so you’ll get 100% of the money from your online sales -- which is pretty rare.

When to Use: The Basic package is great for businesses that do the majority of their sales online. You’ll get all the functionality you could need to create a thriving online business, and that 0% transaction fee is pretty stellar.

Advanced Online Store = $40/mo.

The Advanced package is the most thorough option available. It includes every feature from the Basic package, plus three extras: abandoned cart autorecovery, real-time carrier shipping and automatic discounts.

When to Use: Given that this package only includes three additional features, I’d only recommend it to businesses that would really benefit from the all of them. $40/mo is definitely an investment, so it’s only worth considering if you expect to experience high order volume.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsFrankly, Squarespace’s customer reviews are as mixed as it gets. Take a look at their rating breakdown on the various review platforms below:

Customer reviews as of 9-28-2017:
  • TrustPilot: 2.1/10, 196 reviews
  • G2crowd: 8.8/10, 415 reviews
  • Fitsmallbusiness.com: 4/5, 45 reviews
  • Capterra: 4.5/5, 96 reviews
  • BestCompany: 8.1/10, 10 reviews
  • Getapp: 4.6/5, 87 votes

So, the majority of their ratings are positive, but their 2/10 star average on TrustPilot definitely raises some eyebrows -- especially since it’s based on nearly 200 reviews.

The main complaint I noticed was that their platform isn’t as automated and user-friendly as it seems. They offer a ton of room for customization, which can make the process of putting a cohesive website together pretty time consuming.

That said, there are tons of glowing reviews out there, too. Many Squarespace users have said their templates offer the perfect level complexity, even for folks who are new to the web-building world.

How does Squarespace compare?

Squarespace ComparisonSquarespace is great and all, but there are tons of other high-quality website builders on the market. To give you an idea of how they compare to some other top players in the industry, let’s size them up against StudioPress.

Pricing: If you’re a solopreneur just looking for the basics, Squarespace is the way to go. StudioPress’ rates for month-to-month service start at $27/mo, while Squarespace’s start at only $16/mo.

Features: StudioPress definitely offers all the basics in their web-building plans, and the fact that they’re so closely affiliated with WordPress is a major perk for WordPress users. On the other hand, Squarespace offers some pretty attractive extra features, like the $100 Google Adwords credit in their Business package and 0% transaction fee in the Basic package. In the end, it comes down to what your business is looking for in a web-building service.

Customer Support: Both Squarespace and StudioPress advertise 24/7 customer service, but the quality of that service can be hit-and-miss. What we can say for sure is that Squarespace has gotten more negative feedback about their customer support than StudioPress has, so if this is your #1 priority StudioPress might be your best bet.

Number of Users: Squarespace is the champion in this category. They won’t release their official number of users to the public, but they’ve told us that it’s in the millions, while StudioPress has only served 200,000+ users.

Here's a Quick Breakdown


Pricing Starts at $16/month

More than 1 million users

Perfect for: Anyone looking for easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface with finest features


Pricing Starts at $27/month

200,000+ users so far

Perfect for: Anyone looking for the best SEO, responsive design & airtight security features

Frequently Asked Questions

Very. As we mentioned, you can begin building a website before even signing up or entering any financial information.

They offer discounts for long-term commitments, and again, their 0% transaction fee is a pretty awesome perk.

Yep! You’ll automatically start out with their 14-day trial by clicking the “Get Started” button on their homepage.

Should You Use Squarespace?

4.7/5 Stars

Based on everything we’ve discussed, I’d give Squarespace a 4.7/5. Their themes are sleek, modern and easy to use, and their eCommerce capabilities are top notch. If you’d like to learn more about Squarespace or check out some alternatives, use either of the links below. Cheers!