GoDaddy Website Builder Review 2024

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GoDaddy Website Builder Review.

Getting your business website off the ground can feel like a never-ending to-do list. From deciding whether or not you can build a website yourself, to staying within budget to create the best website possible for your business; the options stack up fast. With the right website builder, you can make the sleek, professional, and customized business website of your dreams. But wading through all the options out there to find the right fit for you can be overwhelming.

In our GoDaddy website builder review, we'll break down the pros, cons, pricing, features, and more.

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GoDaddy is truly one of the best website builders around, not just because it’s affordable, but because of how simple it makes everything. It took us a matter of minutes to get a fully functional and professional website up and running. Seriously, just about anyone can get a website started with GoDaddy, regardless of tech skills. There’s always a free option, as well as a free trial to see what an upgraded version would feel like before deciding to go for it.

Overall, GoDaddy is a solid choice for freelancers and entrepreneurs ready to grow their brand and build a professional website that can easily gain clientele. This website builder is intuitive and user-friendly; there are always options to add email campaigns and other ways to grow your reach. Also, the customer support is trustworthy and on the ball.

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GoDaddy Pros and Cons


  • GoDaddy's website builder is super easy to use. No matter what your relationship to technology is, you can have a working website up in just a few minutes.
  • GoDaddy makes sure everything you create is responsive on a mobile device. You can even edit your own website on the go with GoDaddy's mobile editor.
  • Many GoDaddy plans offer powerful marketing tools and social media strategies. And, depending on your plan. GoDaddy allows you to connect several social media platforms to your site, making reaching new customers a breeze.
  • GoDaddy has useful customization tools, such as adding a way for customers to sign up for an email list, schedule appointments, and even several payment options for goods or services you provide.


  • Even with GoDaddy’s drag-and-drop editing features, there is a lack of complete design control.
  • If you’re looking to get an online store up and running, GoDaddy doesn’t do as well as other website builders at passing along deals for shipping costs, and its ecommerce capacity can feel limited.

GoDaddy Pricing & Features

GoDaddy has four different tiers for its website plans: Free, Basic, Premium, and Ecommerce. Each of these includes the GoDaddy website builder support, and GoDaddy hosting for your business website. However, you must pay for your own custom domain. Below is a breakdown of each of these plans. The pricing is based on the cost of an annual subscription, GoDaddy offers higher pricing for month-to-month plans.

Free Plan = $0/mo.

The GoDaddy free plan does come with some nifty features. You have access to its templates as well as some limited marketing and analytics tools. However, as a business owner, you may want to avoid this plan as it is extremely limited and comes with distracting ads. Plus, you won’t be able to have a custom domain name. You do have access to GoDaddy’s customer support, but it’s a bit limited compared to its paid plans.

When to use: The GoDaddy free package is a great way to get the ball rolling before you pay for a site. But those pesky ads are at the top of every page on your website and you can’t access advanced features, like search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. Plus, your domain name is stuck at— not a cute look.

Basic = $9.99/mo.

The GoDaddy entry level Basic plan not only lets you use your own domain, but also comes with mobile editing, email marketing campaigns, and allows you to connect one social media platform to your website. Better access to the GoDaddy support team is thrown into the bargain and there’s even a way to set up one-time appointments for your customers.

When to use: This low-maintenance website will look professional and get rid of those pesky ad banners. This makes you and your business look put together and accessible. It still comes with some limitations, so this is best for anyone getting started or with a smaller brand.

Premium Plan = $14.99/mo.

The GoDaddy premium package comes with all the same features as the Basic package but also throws in some advanced SEO tools, and lets you connect to more social media platforms. Not only that, but it increases the number of email marketing campaigns and social media posts you can make from your GoDaddy dashboard.

When to use: When you’re ready to expand your brand with online marketing, this package is here for you. Not only that, but those SEO tools will help get your name out there, reaching new customers.

E-Commerce Plan = $20.99/mo.

The GoDaddy e-commerce plan comes with everything included at the lower tiers but adds a few more features for selling online. With this package, you can list products, sell on social media marketplaces, offer discounts to customers, and have multiple shipping or pick-up methods. Not only that but there’s abandoned cart recovery and several payment methods.

When to use: It’s time to get that online store up and running! The GoDaddy website builder makes it easy to set up your shop as well as reach new customers by selling on social media.


Just like GoDaddy, we recommend the Premium package, especially if your business is going through a growth spurt. It comes with everything you will need to reach a larger base and the consistency of online appointments is a great way to build your clientele and quickly get money in the bank.

Of course, if you’re looking to open an online store, the GoDaddy Ecommerce package is the right fit for you. At an incredibly reasonable price point, this plan comes with so many ways to grow your store’s brand and presence.

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How Does GoDaddy Compare?

Knowing that GoDaddy offers great website building services is wonderful, but how does it measure up to some well-known competition? Comparing GoDaddy side-by-side with another website builder will help you see if it has what you need.

We chose to compare Weebly, another popular, beginner friendly website builder with similar price points to GoDaddy.

Competitor - Weebly

Weebly is another drag-and-drop editor that allows you to quickly have a website up and running. It has partnered with point-of-sale system operator SquareⓇ to become a website builder suited to the needs of many types of business owners, from ecommerce to artists.

Pricing: Just like GoDaddy's website builder, Weebly offers a Free plan, also with ads and limitations. The Weebly plans start out for less than the GoDaddy plans, but these plans cater more towards ecommerce and they have limitations elsewhere. Plus, you can’t remove ads for Square running on your website unless you sign up for the Weebly Professional plan or higher.

Features: Weebly comes right out the gate with ecommerce features at any plan, even its Free one. GoDaddy has a separate plan just for ecommerce, but it comes with more than most Weebly plans. GoDaddy’s Ecommerce plan contains more features, like abandoned cart recovery and multiple payment methods. Plus, Weebly only allows you to connect Instagram to your website, GoDaddy allows you to connect multiple social media platforms.

Customer support: GoDaddy simply takes the cake here. No matter your plan, the friendly GoDaddy team is a simple phone call away. With Weebly, support is based on which package you’re paying for. You must be on a Weebly Professional plan or higher to receive phone support. And those with a Weebly Performance plan can skip the line and get priority support— great if you have that plan, not great if you can’t afford it and are waiting in line for help.

Number of users: GoDaddy has over 20 million customers and over 7,000 employees worldwide. Weebly has 30 million websites users have created, although its number of users may be slightly less than that as some users could have multiple sites. Either way, both are incredibly popular.

Should You Use GoDaddy?

With its excellent support team and approachable pricing, GoDaddy is a great choice for any entrepreneur or small business owner looking to get their brand off the ground. Besides, it’s quick and easy to get a website up and running with GoDaddy, taking almost no time at all. If you still want more info on other website builders, check out our Best Website Builder Review.

Best Website Builder: GoDaddy

After all we've discussed, we highly recommend GoDaddy. It is simple, easy to use, and wildly affordable. You can have your website up and running in a matter of minutes with incredibly handy features.

GoDaddy website

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up?

Incredibly easy! GoDaddy makes it simple to sign up by answering a few questions about your business and then offering quick tutorials for any feature of its drag-and-drop website editor. It offers a very user-friendly experience.

Is there a free version?

Yes, there is! Although it's not recommended for use as a business website because it has some limitations like ad banners and you can't connect your own personal domain. But, it does make for a great test drive of what the GoDaddy site builder can do for you.

What extra features or perks are included?

GoDaddy offers 24/7 customer support, no matter what plan you have— even the free plan. And all plans come with mobile-friendly business tools and components, so you can edit and update your site no matter your plan or location.

How much do GoDaddy's paid plans cost?

GoDaddy's paid Website Builder plans have different pricing tiers. The Basic plan starts at $9.99 per month with an annual term, offering a 23% savings. The Premium plan is priced at $14.99 per month with an annual term, providing a 34% savings. Lastly, the Commerce plan costs $20.99 per month with an annual term, which equates to a 22% savings. It's important to note that these prices are for the annual subscription and the monthly rates will increase upon renewal in November 2024.

Does GoDaddy offer a free custom domain?

GoDaddy offers a free custom domain registration for one year with their Website Builder plans. This free domain is a part of the package for the Basic, Premium, and Commerce plans. After the first year, standard domain renewal rates apply.

How do you add Google Adsense to GoDaddy websites?

To add Google AdSense to a GoDaddy website, you first need to sign up for a Google AdSense account and get approval from Google. Once approved, you can generate the AdSense code from your Google AdSense account. Then, log in to your GoDaddy Website Builder, navigate to the page where you want to display ads, and add an HTML section. In this section, paste the AdSense code you generated. After saving your changes, the ads should start appearing on your website, subject to Google's processing time.

What is GoDaddy Payments?

GoDaddy Payments is a service that allows businesses to accept online payments through their websites. It supports various transaction methods, including online and in-person credit/debit card payments.

What is the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing Website Builder?

This tool enables users to not only create their websites but also access marketing and e-commerce functionalities. This tool is aimed at assisting businesses in showcasing their offerings, attracting visitors, and boosting customer interaction.

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