7 Online Magazines for Women Entrepreneurs

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7 Online Magazines for Female Entrepreneurs

Women continue to rise in entrepreneurism, pave the way as leaders, and change business and social culture. As such, our media outlets need to reflect and inspire this uprising. Now there are more online magazines for women by women, which are more than just collections of articles, but also communities. These media outlets are important because they inspire, empower, and provide support.

While many of these magazines have a foundation built on helping businesswomen and entrepreneurs, many of them also include articles and communities that encompass all of women’s interests for both their professional and personal lives.

Whether you’re looking for purely business platforms or something more holistic, these digital women in business magazines speak to female entrepreneurs and set them up for success. More importantly, they remind us all that we are not alone.

1. HER Magazine

HER Magazine is a celebration of women’s contributions to business and society. The magazine also offers guidance to “inspire, encourage, and elevate women” on all levels. Its mission is to help its readers reach success, in whatever success means to each reader.

The magazine features articles about the following:

  • Women who are changing culture
  • How to grow your business
  • Policy affecting women
  • Career trends
  • Tips for different aspects of your business.

It is as much a source of inspiration as it is a hub of resources.

2. ForbesWomen

As indicated by its name, ForbesWomen is Forbes for women. Featuring women is not new to Forbes. In fact, the 1917 debut issue’s notable headline stated, “Unique Department: Women in Business.” Now, instead of just featuring certain stories about women, Forbes has created a way to speak directly to them.

ForbesWomen is a quarterly magazine dedicated to serving executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. It’s for women, (mostly) by women, and about women. The magazine features articles covering topics involving:

  • Women leading the way
  • Cultural and social issues
  • Business trends and culture
  • Tech news
  • Personal finance
  • Style

3. Women Entrepreneur

Women Entrepreneur features articles for women, as well as mentorship opportunities and online courses. Topics include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Personal and professional growth strategies
  • Inspiration
  • Marketing
  • Technology and social media
  • Finance
  • Starting a business

There are also different editions for different countries and regions around the world. Similar to other online business magazines for women, Women Entrepreneur is much more than a magazine — it is a resource and community for women, because the more we lift each other up, the more we improve our society.

4. YFS Magazine

YFS Magazine is a digital magazine for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurship culture. It is one of the largest independent small business media sites and is geared toward seed, startup, and growth companies. Its mission is to “fuel the business decisions of young industry leaders.”

Articles include topics such as:

  • Planning and starting businesses
  • Growth strategies
  • Leadership
  • Profiles on entrepreneurs
  • Lifestyle and travel tips

This is a great magazine for women — especially young and/or new entrepreneurs — because it reflects all aspects of women’s lives, both professionally and personally.

5. The Everygirl

The Everygirl is for every girl and every girl’s needs. Beyond career and finance advice, this online magazine also features:

  • Lifestyle articles
  • Cultural insights
  • Fashion and beauty topics
  • Travel and wellness tips

It even offers courses to help you land your dream job or build your own business. It’s easy to see why this magazine is a great resource for women. The Everygirl provides you with the option to choose articles based on your mood for the day; business or casual.

6. She Owns It

She Owns It is a digital magazine to empower each woman to write her own story, because “behind every successful woman is her story.” It is a source of inspiration, knowledge, and power. The media site also includes a curated list of conferences and events for women, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

Blogs on the site cover various topics that women will find helpful in all aspects of improving their personal and professional lives. This is a great community for women starting their businesses or running small businesses.

7. Women on Business

Women on Business is an award-winning media site for news and information women need to be successful in business. This online magazine aims to grow women’s presence and success in the business world by providing female networks.

With an international team of contributors, Women on Business offers information and resources helpful to women across all industries. Whether you need basic business tools, or marketing and sales tips, there is a plethora of support for women entrepreneurs as well as female executives. There is even a Women on Business School section, which offers courses to help women succeed in their businesses.

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