13 Women in Business Podcasts to Boost Productivity

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Female entrepreneurs often draw inspiration from the immediate needs of their users, clients, and others’ experiences; the latter being a priceless resource. Podcasts provide a wealth of valuable information right at your fingertips if you’re willing to listen to their sound advice.

Business podcasts help you learn and build different strategies that can take your business to great heights; you can avoid making the same mistakes and develop new perspectives that can motivate you to continue on your entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve carefully selected a list of podcasts that can help you get started with your business idea, manage any roadblocks you’ve faced in your current business, or help direct your next move. Whether it’s reconnecting with your purpose or a larger cause, listening to others’ recommendations and learning from their mistakes can be key to achieving success.

Best Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

1. Girlboss Radio


In this podcast, American businesswoman Sophia Amoruso talks about social media, marketing, and other business-related topics to help others succeed. Her guests are other female entrepreneurs with real-life experiences and helpful advice.

Amoruso's intent is to help women navigate through the daily struggles entrepreneurs face, so they can confidently build a stronger brand.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is useful for women entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their brand through social media. She focuses on marketing and other entrepreneurs’ stories to provide different perspectives on how to succeed.

If you’re facing roadblocks in your business, it can help you address them so you can find profitable solutions.

2. ZenFounder


Clinical psychologist Dr. Sherry Walling’s podcast addresses how to practice mindfulness in the workplace as a business owner. She touches on issues that entrepreneurs face and provides advice on how to handle these types of challenges.

Walling and her guests discuss specific anecdotes to help others understand entrepreneurial concerns, obstacles, and how to manage them.

Who It’s Right For

This is a good podcast for entrepreneurs who seek to develop a calm work environment, implement mindfulness, and achieve better outcomes in business.

It’s intended for those who are feeling stressed, would like to limit or prevent obstacles in their business, and could use a change of perspective. The conversations will teach you how to face whatever comes your way, while helping you remain positive.

3. She Did It Her Way


Entrepreneur Amanda Boleyn follows her passions and encourages others to do the same. In her podcast, she focuses on strengthening a female entrepreneur’s mindset and productivity.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast provides plenty of information if you’re looking to build and strengthen your business. You will find motivation, inspiration, strategies, and goal-achieving methodologies.

4. Being Boss


“Business besties” Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon discuss business and lifestyle topics that will inspire how to change your life and mindset to achieve your goals. They provide social media ‘How To’ guides that address topics such as Instagram, influencers, podcasting, marketing, and how to monetize one’s business.

Who It’s Right For

Being Boss is aimed at new and established creative entrepreneurs who are interested in learning strategies to take their business to the next level. They teach tactics to help others create a life that is in line with their passions.

5. Goal Digger


Creative entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher provides women in business with tools, information, and recommendations on how to succeed. Her goal is to explore different topics and areas of interest while trying to stay ahead of current trends.

Kutcher strives to create a dialogue with other female entrepreneurs within the community to assist others with similar and unforeseen business needs.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is meant for women entrepreneurs who are interested in information on SEO, productivity, motivation, increasing finances, and resources to succeed in business.

Kutcher emphasizes using your unique story to teach others and create change. She even has a few episodes where she encourages and provides women with useful tips on how to start their own podcasts.

6. Pivot


Jen Blake is an optimistic entrepreneur who provides a different perspective to her listeners by interviewing guests who narrate their journey to success. They reflect on their personal stories to show the twists and turns that life took to get them where they are now.

Pivot is an engaging podcast that provides insight and motivation for those who are interested in becoming business owners, but are uncertain about their current path.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is great for people who are ready to change their professional lives and are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. You will be provided with information and reassurance pertaining to starting your own business. You’ll also gain helpful tips that will encourage you to move forward with your decisions.

7. The Strategy Hour


Abigail and Emylee are two energetic entrepreneurs with years of experience in startups. They are passionate about sales, providing helpful business strategies, and developing products. Their dynamic personalities make it easy to learn how to take your business to the next level.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is meant for current or future business owners who are interested in learning methods that will increase sales and help them succeed. If you are a creative person, you’ll be exposed to ideas that will help you play up your strengths and grow your business.

8. WorkParty


Jaclyn Johnson, the CEO of Create & Cultivate, addresses current female entrepreneur topics such as branding, finding affiliates in social media, and growing your network. Her edgy conversations are not only relevant, but necessary for today’s women to succeed as business owners.

Who It’s Right For

WorkParty is great for women who would like to build their brand or find ways to increase monetization of products or content.

Although this podcast is geared toward female entrepreneurs and side hustlers, there are many business lessons to be learned by all other entrepreneurs interested in listening. In addition, this podcast teaches business owners how to reach out to others for support and networking.

9. The Influencer Podcast


Brand strategist Julie Solomon shares her expertise to help influencers create better experiences for users through social media. She teaches listeners the basics of Instagram, what works, and how to improve results to draw in authentic followers.

Solomon's experience in marketing through working with Instagram will provide you with valuable information and results that you can take all the way to the bank.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is good for those interested in strengthening their brand through marketing and social media.

Solomon provides helpful tips for entrepreneurs trying to monetize or increase profits through Instagram. You will learn the different strategies that will set your account apart so that you can stand out from the rest.

10. The YouTube Power Hour


Erika Vieira is an experienced YouTube content creator who shares her expertise with her listeners. She inspires courage in others to help them create their own YouTube channels.

Vieira is able to pinpoint what works versus what doesn’t to help business owners correct their strategies and improve their outcomes.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is for entrepreneurs interested in starting a YouTube channel with the intent of monetizing it.

You will learn how to set your channel apart from others, improve your marketing skills, and leverage other tools. If you need motivation, a new perspective, and strategy, this is a helpful resource.

11. Problem Solvers


In this podcast, editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, Jason Feifer discusses entrepreneur stories that cover failures they have faced and how they overcame them. The interviews identify real-life business problems, how they were addressed, and the end result.

This podcast is abundant in helpful tips and provides insight into the business world so you can learn from others’ mistakes. In addition, Feifer and his guests offer useful advice that will help you achieve your goals.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is meant for all entrepreneurs. The stories are relatable and intended for those who would like to gain more business knowledge. Episodes include strategies to effectively manage a business, clients, and employees.

12. How Success Happens


How Success Happens focuses on the different personality traits that make up a leader. The interviews consist of successful entrepreneurs or celebrities who share their stories.

Some of the topics covered include innovators, entrepreneurs who turned failing companies into winners, creating a successful mindset, and finding motivation.

Who It’s Right For

This podcast is a good fit for entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique business perspective.

The conversations are filled with business financial strategies, investor perspectives, and insider knowledge on how to get ahead in business. You will also learn the type of mindset needed to succeed.

13. Startup Savants


Startup Savants is a podcast produced by media company The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC). The podcast features inspiring interviews with founders who are disrupting a wide range of industries. Startup Savants delivers entrepreneurial insights and stories as well as expert industry advice. 

Who It's Right For

Startup Savants is a great fit for aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as startup enthusiasts who want to gain an inside perspective into the startup sphere.

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