11 Newsletters Women Entrepreneurs Should Subscribe to Today

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From small business loans to co-working spaces to women-only networking events — there are copious resources that female entrepreneurs can use to take their business to the next level; however, not every business-owner has the time or the funds to attend a two-day conference or wants the commitment of taking a class. Newsletters are a simple (often free) resource that female entrepreneurs can take advantage of and easily integrate into their daily routines.

There are numerous newsletters created specifically for female entrepreneurs containing curated content that covers anything from finance tips to lifestyle advice to information on the aforementioned events and networking opportunities. Just open up your inbox and make sure you choose the newsletter that suits your pursuits.

Best Newsletters for Women Entrepreneurs

1. theSkimm

Created by two former NBC producers in 2012, theSkimm has become an extremely popular newsletter for women seeking to stay informed on the go. theSkimm breaks down the most important news stories of the day in an easily digestible format, with quick, witty writing.

But theSkimm has evolved to become more than a newsletter, and can be supplemented by the company’s podcast, book, or the various online materials which offer tips and tricks on how to live smarter and create more; all geared toward supporting the professional woman.

The free newsletter is ideal for entrepreneurs who find it important to stay up-to-date with current affairs, but struggle to find time to read or watch the news.

2. The Hustle

Another newsletter dedicated to delivering news to its over one million subscribers is The Hustle, but the key selling point with this newsletter is the specific focus on tech and business news.

If you’re looking to stay current on the state of the stock market or the latest startups out of Silicon Valley as opposed to the goings-on of the world as a whole, The Hustle may be a good option. The newsletter prides itself on its “bold, irreverent, and authentic voice” which “cuts through all the nonsense out there and tells users what they need to know and how it impacts them.”

3. StrictlyVC

If you want to get even more specific than business and tech news, StrictlyVC is a free daily newsletter that covers the venture capitalist scene, particularly in Silicon Valley.

StrictlyVC is also known for hosting events which bring together thought leaders in tech, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives in “intimate” settings for discussion, networking, and more. You can stay up to date with the whereabouts and whenabouts of those events by subscribing to the newsletter.

4. Entrepreneur

Business magazine Entrepreneur also has a news-focused, free newsletter which essentially consolidates the publication’s content in a quick, readable email.

If you fancy an abridged version of Entrepreneur’s offerings, which is as the name suggests directed specifically toward entrepreneurs, the newsletter summarizes helpful information on starting and growing a business — everything from success stories to marketing tips to how-tos on securing funding. It also includes a run-down of the business and entrepreneurship stories of the day you should know.

5. B. The Newsletter

Business.com's B. The Newsletter delivers relevant and timely information twice a week to help entrepreneurs build successful startups. This newsletter covers two key areas of focus: growth tactics and strategy and culture development.

Subscribers can expect a combination of useful and inspiring content, such as founder interviews, recommendations on emerging technology and books, office politics management, and more.

6. Growth Lab

Growth Lab’s goal is to help people live freer, fuller lives by helping them start a self-sufficient, online business. “We’re talking about building a low-risk and automated online business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to live a life you want,” reads the company’s website.

While there is much more to be learned, the Growth Lab newsletter — which has already attracted 10,000+ subscribers — is a great place to start for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a digital business.


As an official Small Business Association resource partner, SCORE is a reliable source of information on starting and building enterprises. The non-profit’s monthly newsletter is a unique opportunity to hear from the nation’s largest network of volunteers, business experts, and mentors who make up SCORE.

Emails round up “new and exclusive business resources” on a wide range of small business topics, such as e-books, infographics, blog posts, and information about upcoming webinars.

8. Idea of the Day

The Idea of the Day newsletter — created by well-respected attorney Barbara Weltman — should be at the top of the list for any entrepreneur seeking tips on tax, legal, and financial matters. These are the complicated parts of conducting business that can be a little tricky to tackle alone, so free professional guidance is always useful.

Alternatively, you can opt to sign up to receive an Idea of the Day (exactly what it sounds like) delivered to your inbox. There’s nothing like a good idea to spark inspiration.

9. Startup Digest

The Startup Digest newsletter is unique because there isn’t just one newsletter; there are dozens that you can choose from based off of what kind of information you’re seeking and where you live. You can personalize this newsletter, catering to whether you live in New York City, Seattle, Boston, or somewhere else in the world.

Additionally, if you have a specific topic you want to explore — for example, education, fintech, blockchain, sports tech, or mompreneurship, to name a few — you can subscribe to a weekly newsletter that provides “insider” information on that subject.

10. HubSpot

HubSpot is a provider of marketing, sales, and service software aimed at helping businesses grow — and it’s the provider of a very helpful newsletter for marketers.

Signing up for the newsletter will allow you to access innovative marketing content which can help increase traffic for your business and provide tips and tools for connecting with and managing leads.

11. Mattermark

Last but not least, the Mattermark newsletter is essential reading for founders and venture capitalists. It is described on its website as “a curated digest of timely, must-read posts” by investors and operators that dives into the latest, most relevant content about VCs, startups, and more.

Among many other topics covered, there are tips for entrepreneurs on how to pitch their business, hire, fire, manage a board, market their company or products, and raise capital.

There’s also information tailored specifically to investors — for example, managing LPs, increasing diversity, serving as a good board member, etc. Whether you’re an operator or an investor, you could certainly benefit from this in-depth resource.

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