Tailor Brands vs. Bizee (Formerly Incfile) 2024


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Tailor Brands and Bizee (formerly Incfile) are both respected companies offering LLC formation services. But there are some big differences that are worth noting. Tailor Brands gives you powerful tools to brand and market your business, while Bizee is more focused on basic LLC formation for the budget-conscious. 

Both companies can be a good choice for the right entrepreneur. Check out our comparison below to see which is the one for you.

Recommended LLC Service: Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands vs. Bizee: What Sets The LLC Services Apart


Tailor Brands is more expensive than some competitors, and its best package – one we recommend – is certainly not cheap. But you get a lot for the money and we believe that the top-tier Elite Plan ($199 + State Fees) is one of the best you’ll find for a premium, all-in-one solution.

Bizee’s upper-tier packages are also expensive, but you won’t find a cheaper option than its most basic Silver package. For $0 + State Fees, you can get basic LLC formation from Bizee; however, as you add-on more features, it’s not as affordable as it seems.

If you want basic LLC formation service and are on a budget, we recommend exploring more low-cost, feature-rich options.


Tailor Brands’ Elite Plan offers a plethora of features that will help you succeed in the digital world. If you want to build a brand and establish an online presence, its logo maker, graphic design, and other AI-powered business-building tools are an excellent choice. 

Bizee is definitely more geared towards LLC formation only and offers limited features to accomplish that goal.

Customer Experience

Both companies deliver a good customer experience. There are plenty of reviews for both stating that you can form your LLC easily and get help from knowledgeable service members. However, it can take time to get help from Bizee. Overall, Tailor Brands seems to offer slightly better customer service.

Best LLC Service: Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands provides the best premium, one-stop shop package for entrepreneurs to both form an LLC and build their brand.

Visit Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands vs. Bizee: Similarities

Personalized Business Assistance

Both companies strive to help businesses get the right help and make the right choices based on their unique needs. Tailor is great at helping you understand what logo and branding options are ideal for your industry. Bizee gives you a year of registered agent service for free so you don’t have to worry about finding an agent.

Useful Information and Advice

Tailor Brands is an awesome resource for branding information and advice. It is the perfect resource for businesses that want to build a brand but don’t know how. Bizee is more focused on LLC formation and provides the info you need to understand your business formation options and state requirements.

Online Dashboard to Access Business Documents

Both companies provide a user-friendly online dashboard where you can find all the important information about your account. That includes access to various business documents that are kept well-organized so you can find what you need from anywhere with an internet connection.

Need more details about each service? Check out our full reviews of Bizee and Tailor Brands.

Tailor Brands vs. Bizee: Customer Reviews

Bizee is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Need the most affordable LLC formation service available
  • Want a free year of registered agent service
  • Don’t need branding services
  • Want fast order processing

Here are some verified Bizee reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

“The site was easy to navigate, and was pretty intuitive in its use. I'm not a web whiz, yet I was able to get along. At one point, near the end, I wanted to change something on my order. I called Support and spoke with someone just minutes later. My coach was knowledgeable, friendly, soft-spoken, very helpful, and he didn't leave me until I was ready to do the very last step, for which I didn't need any help. Thank you.”

"The service was quick and effective. I had good response to my questions. I was a bit disappointed on the tax consultation as it seemed more as a sales pitch. I also am very disappointed in the number of unsolicited calls and emails trying to get me to buy other services like logo, website setup, etc. If I need help here the site is clear how I can get it. All the calls and emails is unacceptable.”

“I went to Incfile to get my LLC started and to ensure all documentation needed was filed to the state of MI. From start to finish everything was done in a matter of days. Excellent service and worth every penny to not have to sweat the details while trying to start a small business.”

Tailor Brands is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to create stunning logos
  • Are ready to establish an online presence
  • Desire a premium, all-in-one package
  • Need a website for their business

Here are some verified Tailor Brands reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

"I just recently signed up onto Tailor brands, at first I was skeptical with how much I was really going to get out of it but I was SO wrong. Not only is everyone on the team super helpful but the site itself is beyond amazing, I don't even know how I thought I was going to set up my business before them. I would HIGHLY recommend."

"I thought that I had placed my order for my LLC, but never got an e mailed receipt. Nor was my CC charged. So I contacted Tailor Brands to find out what had happened.

They looked up my account, but, my cc company blocked the charge in case it was spam. The agent quickly found the problem for me and helped me clear it up.

The agent was very courteous and easy to work with."

"Jokes aside, This has been an essential tool for inspiration and execution of ideas. If you've ever even thought about starting your own business this is a no brainer. Everything being consolidated in one website is most useful for starting things up. Still working the site but so far so good. 6 easy steps to realizing your dreams ladies and gents."

Tailor Brands vs. Bizee: LLC Pricing and Turnaround Time

Tailor Brands LLC Packages

Be aware that LLC pricing and options could change at any time.

Tailor Brands offers three different packages, but we want to note that the one we recommend most is the Elite package. While there’s nothing wrong with the other packages, we think that the top-tier package is where Tailor Brands really excels. 

Recommended: All-in-One Elite ($199 + State Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Annual compliance
  • Expedited processing
  • Operating agreement
  • Free domain for a year
  • Logo maker
  • Website builder
  • Digital business card
  • Social media post maker
  • Business cards tool

Lite ($35 + State Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Standard application processing

Essential ($149 + State Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Expedited processing
  • Annual compliance
  • Operating agreement

Bizee LLC Packages

Silver ($0 + State Fees)

  • Next-day processing
  • Free registered agent for one year ($119/year after the first year)
  • Access to a platform with company alerts
  • 1-hour tax consultation

Gold ($149 + State Fees) includes:

  • EIN and Operating Agreement
  • Contract template library
  • 20 personalized stock certificates on top of the normal Corporate Kit essentials

Platinum ($299 + State Fees) includes:

  • Expedited shipping to return your filings
  • Free business website and domain name
  • 20 personalized stock certificates on top of the normal Corporate Kit essentials

More Info:

If you come across the terms “processing” time vs. “filing” time on the different LLC formation websites, know that they mean two different things. Processing time refers to the number of days it takes to process all documents relating to your business by the company you choose and filing time is up to the government office responsible for filing the documents.

Tailor Brands vs. Bizee: The Bottom Line

We think Tailor Brands has the best premium, all-in-one package you will find – especially if you are trying to build a brand and establish an online presence. The tools and features offered by Tailor are powerful and effective. If you want to invest in branding, this is the way to go.

Bizee is a solid choice for those on a budget that just want to form an LLC. Even so, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent more because we think that it offers the ideal combination of price and value.