Tailor Brands vs. LegalZoom 2024


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Tailor Brands and LegalZoom both offer LLC formation services, but their packages are designed for different types of entrepreneurs. While Tailor Brands offers powerful branding tools in addition to LLC formation, LegalZoom focuses on legal services for business owners. 

If you want to quickly build a brand and establish an online presence, we recommend Tailor Brands. If you think you are going to need ongoing legal services, LegalZoom might be the better option. 

It’s also worth mentioning that if you just need basic LLC formation services, we recommend exploring more options.

Recommended LLC Service: LegalZoom ($0 + State Fees)

Tailor Brands vs. LegalZoom: What Sets the LLC Services Apart


Both of these companies are more on the expensive side. However, for basic LLC services, LegalZoom ($0 + state fees) is less expensive. The Elite Plan ($199 + state fees) is what really sets Tailor Brands apart and the package we recommend for small businesses building an online presence.


The Tailor Brands Elite Plan includes all the features you need to form a limited liability company, build a website, and establish a brand. LegalZoom’s packages are less feature-rich, but again, are more geared towards those who also want to use the company’s legal services.


LegalZoom has more brand authority in the LLC space. It’s been around for some time and has plenty of satisfied customers. However, Tailor Brands, while being a younger company, has plenty of experience with branding and building an online presence. 

Legal Services

LegalZoom is known for its legal services. It offers ongoing legal services after you form your LLC. 

Best LLC Service: LegalZoom

LegalZoom is ideal if you want to start an LLC with the most well-known brand and gain access to personalized attorney services.

Visit LegalZoom

Similarities Between Tailor Brands and LegalZoom

Personalized Business Assistance

Both of these companies promise a personalized experience. Their onboarding process takes your unique business needs into account and offers you customer support designed around your business. 

Useful Information and Advice

Tailor Brands is a great resource for information on logo creation and branding. LegalZoom is an excellent resource for legal information. If you need help in each company’s area of expertise, you are in good hands. 

Compliance Support

Both of these companies are ready to help you stay compliant with state filing requirements. Their compliance support services will notify you when you need to file to stay current. 

Need more details about each service? Check out our full reviews of LegalZoom and Tailor Brands.

Tailor Brands vs. LegalZoom: Customer Reviews

LegalZoom is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Need legal services in addition to LLC formation
  • Don’t mind paying a premium for LLC formation
  • Like to use a well-established company
  • Are less focused on branding and an online presence

Here are some verified LegalZoom reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

“Professional communication, listen to your questions and concerns and very knowledgeable”

"LegalZoom has been seamless for me. Every step of the way I have had assistance and had my questions answered. They have reached out to me before I've even had to, to make sure I am getting the direction I need. Highly recommend.”

“Had to file a new statement of info for California. Called LegalZoom and an agent helped me get this done with ease and professionalism!”

Tailor Brands is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to build a brand
  • Need an eye-catching logo
  • Want an all-in-one service
  • Need a website 

Here are some verified Tailor Brands reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

"I love the logo they created for me so far they're making it very easy to create this I needed this"

"I've just started my new business and needed a new logo. I came across Tailor Brands and what a life saver. I was able to create me logo, submit my application for my LLC, and create a digital business card that I could download to my phone and my IG account. You literally have everything you need right here. Way to go guys on a great site!"

"Tailor Brands has been very helpful in designing a business logo and website. They are quick to respond to questions and always guide me in the right direction."

LegalZoom vs. Tailor Brands: Pricing

Tailor Brands LLC Packages

Be aware that LLC service costs could change at any time.

Tailor Brands offers three different plans. We prefer the Tailor Brands Elite package because it’s the one that really demonstrates the potential of the LLC formation service. We’ll highlight this all-in-one package first.

Recommended: All-in-One Elite ($199 + State Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Annual compliance
  • Expedited processing
  • Operating agreement
  • Free domain for a year
  • Logo maker
  • Website builder
  • Digital business card
  • Social media post maker
  • Business cards tool

Lite ($0 + State Filing Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Standard application processing

Essential ($149 + State Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Expedited processing
  • Annual compliance
  • Operating agreement

LegalZoom LLC Packages

Basic ($0 + state fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Articles of Organization
  • 30-day order processing guarantee (this does not include state processing times).

Pro ($249 + state filing fees) includes:

  • Operating agreement
  • EIN
  • Faster processing times than Basic package

Premium ($299 + state filing fees) includes:

  • All features in Basic and Pro
  • Attorney consultations
  • Legal forms
  • Faster shipping and processing

More Info:

Rush processing times vary from state to state, and some states will expedite processing to one hour for high fees. Before purchasing the Premium package, it would be a good idea to ask LegalZoom what rush state processing means in your state.

If you come across the terms “processing” time vs. “filing” time on the different LLC formation websites, know that they mean two different things. Processing time refers to the number of days it takes to process all documents relating to your business by the company you choose and filing time is up to the government office responsible for filing the documents.

Tailor Brands vs. LegalZoom: The Bottom Line

We think Tailor Brands offers the best package for entrepreneurs who want LLC formation, website building, and branding tools. The company’s Elite Plan is ideal if you are ready to invest in a high-quality logo, website, and social media presence. 

LegalZoom is a great option if you are not interested in branding and need basic LLC formation and ongoing legal services.

If you’re looking for the lowest price and best bundled package that includes all the necessities to start your business quickly, our favorite, Northwest Registered Agent, comes out on top. In addition to LLC formation, Northwest provides a free year of registered agent service.

You can also check out our review of the best LLC services to explore other affordable business formation options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Tailor Brands or LegalZoom?

If you require various legal services and have specific legal concerns, LegalZoom is the better choice due to its focus on legal assistance for businesses. However, if your priority is branding and design, choose Tailor Brands, as it focuses on providing robust graphic design tools and branding solutions.

How trusted is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom is a highly established LLC formation and legal services provider. The company offers a range of legal resources and has built a strong reputation over the years, making it a trusted choice for entrepreneurs.

Can I form an LLC on my own?

Yes, you can form an LLC on your own. The LLC formation process involves understanding your state's requirements for setting up this type of business structure, filing necessary documents, and adhering to legal and financial obligations.

You can learn how to start an LLC by visiting our comprehensive guide.

Do either LLC services offer assistance with annual reports?

Both Tailor Brands and LegalZoom offer assistance with annual reports as part of their compliance support services, helping businesses stay up-to-date with state filing requirements. LegalZoom's annual report service starts at $99, while Tailor Brands starts at $199.

Can I get a business bank account through Tailor Brands or LegalZoom?

No, neither Tailor Brands nor LegalZoom directly offers business bank account services. However, they provide the necessary documentation you'll need to open a business bank account after forming your LLC.

Which service includes an operating agreement template?

LegalZoom includes an operating agreement template with its Pro and Premium packages. Tailor Brands includes an operating agreement with its Essential plan and Elite package.

What are the best qualities of each service?

Tailor Brands' best qualities are its creative tools for logo creation, websites, and branding assets. LegalZoom's strengths are the comprehensive legal assistance it provides.