Tailor Brands vs. Northwest Registered Agent 2024

Which Is the Best LLC Service?

Smiling businessman with four point eight star Northwest and four star Tailor Brands.

The best LLC service is the one that delivers the things you need most for your business. If your goal is to quickly establish a brand and an online presence, Tailor Brands is the way to go. But if you want a simple, affordable LLC formation service without any frills, Northwest Registered Agent is a better choice.

We like both Tailor Brands and Northwest — just for different reasons. Tailor Brands has the best premium, all-in-one package, but Northwest is the clear winner for budget-friendly basic LLC formation. 

Recommended LLC Service: Northwest ($29 + state fees)

Northwest vs. Tailor Brands: Key Differences


The Tailor Brands Elite Plan ($199 + state fees) is our favorite premium package. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great investment if you are ready to build your brand and get noticed online in addition to forming a limited liability company.

Northwest is highly affordable for those looking for basic LLC formation services. Its price ($29 + state fees) is hard to beat, especially for all that it offers.


Both services are feature-rich for the price. Tailor Brands includes AI-powered business-building tools that you won’t find many places. Northwest will help you form your LLC and give you a year of free registered agent service.

User Experience

Tailor Brands has excellent customer service reviews, offering 24/7 options including chat, email, and callbacks. It takes some practice to fully utilize its powerful design tools, but that’s to be expected. 

Northwest Registered Agent has one of the best checkout experiences you will find. It’s quick, simple, and convenient.

Best LLC Service: Northwest

Northwest is an excellent choice due to their knowledgeable customer support and affordability. If you’re ready to get started with Northwest Registered Agent LLC services, click the link below.

Visit Northwest

Tailor Brands and Northwest: Similarities

Personalized Customer Service

Both Tailor Brands and Northwest deliver personalized customer service. You can get in touch with a real person who is knowledgeable and helpful. It doesn’t take a lot to get your questions answered so you can move on with doing business. 

Useful Information and Advice

Tailor Brands is a great resource for branding advice and assistance. It focuses on making your brand stand out. Northwest features Corporate Guides that help you find your way through the business landscape without spending extra for that help. 

Compliance Support

Both companies include compliance support as part of their packages. They help you ensure that you never miss a filing date for important state-specific documentation. 

Need more details about each service? Check out our full reviews of Northwest and Tailor Brands.

Northwest vs. Tailor Brands: Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Want a simple and straightforward LLC formation service
  • Need a registered agent and want to get a year of service for free
  • Don’t need a website building service
  • Don’t need a logo or branding services

Here are some verified Northwest Registered Agent reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this business formation service to help launch their company:

“Amazing experience. Ben is awesome, friendly, and patient. He stayed on the phone with me as I filed for an LLC creation and even offered some tips.”

"Easy to contact, an actual person picks up. Emails I’ve sent have been responded to within the same day. Plenty of free information if you’d like to perform tasks yourself to save money. In their surveys they don’t ask between 7 genders what you are like competitors. Light years better than ZenBusiness or LegalZoom.”

“A very excellent registered agent and company formation service. I have used others and Northwest has been the best. It's only slightly more expensive than your average provider and entirely worth it. The account area is nice and support is responsive/knowledgeable. The resources on the website are useful. And the registered agent service includes basic mail forwarding (with limitations, which for my business are fine and save me from needing a PO box). I love 'em.”

Tailor Brands is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to build a brand
  • Need to create a logo
  • Want to build a website 
  • Prefer an all-in-one service

Here are some verified Tailor Brands reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

"The process for creating a free logo was seamless and easy, with lots and lots of choices created from my input. I found just the right logo for my brand (clients have already commented about how much they love it). It was then super easy to order business cards and other products, which were all very reasonably priced, using my new logo. I even had the option to create a free electronic business card and generate a QR code. I could not be happier."

"It's the second time I use Tailor brands to create logo. I'm happy to recommend your this site and logo creator. Easy to use"

"It has a design tool that is more useful in site design than other sites (I've tried it all). And it's easy to publish! And the team is always helping. Thank you, Tailor Brands Team!”

Tailor Brands vs. Northwest Registered Agent: Pricing

Tailor Brands LLC Packages

Be aware that LLC pricing and options could change at any time.

Although Tailor Brands offers three packages, we recommend the Elite Plan because it’s where the company really shines. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, we think you should consider Northwest. 

Recommended: All-in-One Elite ($199 + State Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Annual compliance
  • Expedited processing
  • Operating agreement
  • Free domain for a year
  • Free logo designer
  • Website builder
  • Digital business cards
  • Social media post maker
  • Business cards tool

Lite ($0 + State Fees) includes:

  • Free LLC formation service
  • Standard application processing

Essential ($149 + State Fees) includes:

  • LLC formation
  • Expedited processing
  • Annual compliance
  • Operating agreement

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Packages

$29 LLC Formation Package includes:

  • Lifetime customer support from Corporate Guides (experts)
  • Premium registered agent services
  • Online account to access important business documents
  • Free phone service for 60 days
  • Business Address 
  • Mail Forwarding 
  • Privacy by Default
  • Operating agreement

Tailor Brands vs. Northwest: The Bottom Line

Overall, if you are more in the market for a budget-friendly, simple LLC formation service, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent

However, we recommend Tailor Brands if you are ready to invest in your brand and your online presence. It's all-in-one, premium Elite package has everything you need to get started on that journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Northwest Registered Agent trustworthy?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent is a trustworthy registered agent service and basic LLC formation service for small businesses. They are known for their top-notch customer service and reliable compliance support.

Is Tailor Brands legit?

Tailor Brands is indeed a legitimate service for small business owners seeking comprehensive services that go beyond mere LLC formation. With its suite of AI-driven marketing tools and other business-building tools, Tailor Brands offers a robust platform for those looking to establish and grow their online presence.

What is an alternative to Tailor Brands and Northwest?

LegalZoom is a notable alternative to both Tailor Brands and Northwest, offering a range of legal services and legal documents for businesses and individuals. LegalZoom provides a wide array of solutions, from business formation to intellectual property protection, making it a versatile option for those seeking legal assistance in addition to or instead of the specific services offered by Tailor Brands and Northwest.