Tailor Brands LLC Review 2024

Is It the Best LLC Service for Your Startup?

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Tailor Brands helps startups and small businesses form LLCs, build websites, and establish an online presence – all while ensuring they look good while doing it.

Unlike some other more basic services, Tailor Brands offers AI-powered tools to help entrepreneurs quickly establish a brand and make themselves known online. The company’s premium Elite Plan is our favorite for businesses that are willing to invest to rapidly establish their brand across search engines and social media. 

In this Tailor Brands LLC review, we’ll walk through the pros, cons, pricing, features, customer reviews, and more. By the time you finish reading our review, you'll know if Tailor Brands is the best LLC service for your startup.

Recommended: Form an LLC with Tailor Brands

Pros and Cons of Tailor Brands

Pros of Tailor Brands

  • A one-stop shop for LLC formation, website building, and branding. 
  • Can get set up in a few clicks and in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Includes business-building tools that are unique to Tailor Brands, including graphic design tools and logo creation.
  • One of the best premium packages out there for business building and establishing an online presence.

Cons of Tailor Brands

  • There are more budget-friendly options out there – like Northwest Registered Agent – if you just need LLC formation services.
  • Doesn’t include free registered agent services for a year like some other formation services.

Should You Use Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands provides the best premium, one-stop shop package for entrepreneurs.

Visit Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Pricing and Features

Although Tailor Brands offers three LLC formation packages, we want to highlight their premium, Elite package since it is the one we recommend. This package is what really sets Tailor Brands apart, featuring AI-powered business-building tools to build your brand and establish an online presence. Tools like the logo maker (one of the best available), website builder, digital business cards, social media marketing graphics, and more make the Elite Plan an exceptional offering. 

The most basic package, the Lite Plan ($35/year), simply provides standard LLC formation – something you can get from other companies like Northwest in packages that include more features, like a free year of registered agent service. 

The next package, the Essential Plan ($149/year), offers LLC formation, annual compliance, expedited processing, and an operating agreement. It includes more for a much higher cost but is still not as feature-filled as some similarly-priced or less expensive mid-tier plans from competitors. 

We think that if you are going to go with Tailor Brands, you should choose the Elite Plan


Elite Plan ($199/year) – Tailor Brands' top-tier package is an all-in-one plan that includes everything you need to form an LLC, build a website, and establish a brand. With AI-powered business-building tools like graphic design for social media and an industry-leading logo maker, this package is ideal if you are ready to make an impact with your business online. Get started with Tailor Brands today.

Tailor Brands Reviews

Looking at reviews from Trustpilot, it seems like Tailor Brands is a favorite among entrepreneurs who want to excel at branding. People choose Tailor Brands because they want to create high-quality logos and ensure that their website and brand are in sync. And most of the people who use Tailor Brands have good things to say about their experience. 

Here are some verified reviews from Trustpilot by people who used Tailor Brands to help launch their businesses:

“I wanted to use Tailor Brands for my logos and marketing tools. I accidentally added a subscription that I didn't need so I asked to downgrade. The customer service team were lovely and sorted it straight away. I am in love with my new logos and if I ever need the upgrade service I will definitely make the most out of it!”

“I have created a logo and paid for it (the basic plan). After awhile, I realized it is not the logo I wished to continue with and I seemed out to the help of the support ventre with Tailor Brands. They are exceptional, fast responding and very customer oriented. They resolved my issue in a timely manner and free of charge. I really recommend their services!”

“So I had a little issue with a[n] aspect of the website I am trying to build and I emailed Tailor Brands customer support center and right away someone was there to help me. My question did have to go through a couple of people before it was resolved, but I appreciated that because I wanted to be thorough and get this issue resolved completely. My issue was a bit difficult, but everyone was very patient with me.. no matter how many times I asked the same question. I did get my issue resolved in a timely manner and I am completely satisfied with my experience. I really appreciate everything Tailor Brands did for me. Thank you so much to everyone that helped me with my issue!”

Reviewers point out that Tailor Brands does a great job of addressing customer issues. They are happy with the logos, websites, and other things they create using Tailor Brands. And when something goes wrong, they note how good the company is about assisting them in fixing it and leaving them satisfied.

When customers are unhappy, like when they find that their subscription auto-renewed against their wishes, Tailor Brands does an excellent job of responding to the criticism and striving to correct the issue. 

How Does Tailor Brands Compare?

There are plenty of competitors out there that offer LLC formation services. One of the more popular is LegalZoom. We find that LegalZoom compares to Tailor Brands in the following ways:

Pricing: LegalZoom is more expensive than Tailor Brands at every tier. For that extra cost, it does offer some features Tailor Brands doesn’t, like customized certificates and other documentation. However, we think Tailor Brands' features are more useful for the average small business owner and are less expensive. 

Features: LegalZoom’s features are more focused on extra documentation and organization, and some packages include assistance with legal questions and issues. Tailor Brands' features are more focused on branding. For the average small business owner, branding is arguably going to be more important. 

Turnaround Time: Both LegalZoom and Tailor Brands take an average of 30 days to process LLC formation. The time can vary depending on the state. Both offer expedited processing for more expensive plans. 

Customer Support: LegalZoom has decent customer support, but there are many complaints about accessing that support and how long it takes to get support. Tailor Brands has higher customer support scores and seems to be more responsive. 

Tailor Brands

Pricing starts at: $35 + state fees

In Business Since 2014

Perfect for: If you want to form an LLC and build your brand all in one place


Pricing starts at: $79 + state fees

In Business Since 1999

Perfect for: If you want a company with a proven track record and basic features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just form a business myself?

Yes, all the services offered by Tailor Brands are tasks you can do yourself. The benefit of working with an incorporation and compliance service like Tailor Brands is they take care of the paperwork side of things so you can focus on starting and running your business.

If you do want to file independently, we’ve put together step-by-step guides for forming LLCs and corporations to help you along the way.

What is Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands is an LLC formation and business website building service with a focus on branding. It’s known for having one of the best logo makers available online, and its premium package includes powerful AI-driven tools for graphic design and marketing. 

How much does Tailor Brands cost?

Tailor Brands has three plans: Lite ($35/year), Essential ($149/year), and Elite ($199/year). 

Are there any hidden fees?

None of Tailor Brands’ fees are “hidden,” but there is one cost that you might not be aware of before you buy. None of Tailor Brands’ packages include registered agent service, which can cost $100 or more per year. Other LLC formation services will often include a free year of registered agent service. 

Does Tailor Brands offer ongoing support?

It offers ongoing support for all subscribers. If you are paying for a package, you can access the company’s 24/7 customer support — from the cheapest to the most expensive. 

What's their refund policy?

Tailor Brands does not refund fees unless under extreme circumstances, as indicated in its Terms of Service. 

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