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Are you ready to form a limited liability company (LLC) and looking for online business formation services to simplify the filing process? We partnered with Northwest Registered Agent so our readers could receive the best LLC services for a fraction of the cost.

In this Northwest Registered Agent review, we’ll walk through the pros, cons, pricing, features, customer reviews, and more. By the time you finish reading our review, you’ll know if Northwest is the best LLC service for your small business in 2024.

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Northwest LLC Pros & Cons

Pros of Northwest Registered Agent

  • If quality customer service a priority for you, you’ll love Northwest Registered Agent. Every customer can get support from a team of Corporate Guides, who assist you throughout the entire LLC formation process. You can even request a Corporate Guide you’ve worked with in the past.
  • Free registered agent service for the first year. This can be a cost-saving advantage for startups or businesses looking to transition to a new registered agent.
  • The vast majority of Northwest Registered Agent reviews online are very positive.
  • Registered Agent places a strong emphasis on client privacy. They have a reputation for not selling customer data, ensuring that your business details remain confidential.
  • Northwest offers the best registered agent service for small business owners, with mail forwarding and locally-scanned documents.

Cons of Northwest Registered Agent

  • The process for refunds and cancellations might be somewhat complex and necessitates a phone call
  • Northwest doesn’t include an Employer Identification Number (EIN) in their plan. However, we recommend learning how to get an EIN for free.

Should You Use Northwest?

Northwest is an excellent choice due to their knowledgeable customer support and affordability. If you’re ready to get started with Northwest Registered Agent LLC services, click the link below.

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Northwest Registered Agent Pricing

Northwest Registered Agent offers one incorporation package for $29 plus state fee.

$29 LLC Formation Service

Normally, Northwest Registered Agent’s incorporation services start at $225. However, we partnered with them to secure an exclusive discount for our readers. You can now get Northwest’s full LLC formation service starting at only $29 – an incredible discount!

Northwest’s Incorporation Service includes:

  • Corporate Guides® (experts) who will take care of the LLC filing
  • Free registered agent service for a year
  • Free operating agreement
  • Online account to access important business documents
  • Annual report reminders
  • Free phone service for 60 days
  • Business Address 
  • Privacy by Default®

You can also add on a variety of other features such as:

  • Virtual office services
  • Federal Tax ID
  • Mail Forwarding service

Northwest Registered Agent Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent reviews online are mostly positive. Their satisfied customers appreciate the company’s friendly and helpful customer support representatives, as well as Northwest’s general ease-of-use.

While most reviews are favorable, there are occasionally negative critiques. These tend to focus on longer than expected processing times for certain services or some filing errors. However, Northwest is quite responsive to negative feedback. They actively monitor review sites and quickly reach out to dissatisfied customers to resolve issues. The company takes feedback seriously to constantly improve their services.

Here are some verified Northwest Registered Agent reviews from Trustpilot by customers who used the service to help launch their businesses:

“My experience pertains to setting up a virtual office for a new business. Northwest Registered Agent have been tremendous to deal with. Their communications have been excellent, on point, warm and helpful. The portal toolset for business owners is easy to navigate and intuitive.”

“Ok I got tired of getting business mail to my home business. I run an acupuncture studio out of my house. I’m comfortable with my clients knowing where I live because a lot of them have being going to me for a long time. But I don’t want anyone to be able to find me because I’m living here by myself. So I started using NW for their address service, which gave me more privacy. (I googled “registered agent privacy” and they were one of the top listings that wasn’t a paid ad.) Now all my mail goes to the business address and I can see scanned copies in my portal. I think it’s well worth the $125 I spent.”

“I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 only because there was a filing error, but my agent handled it so diligently and had the problem solved the same day. Super awesome customer service, no hidden agendas, and no hidden fees. Even though they had some errors at first, honestly the way they handled it and owned up to their mistakes is what​ will keep me as a customer.”

Northwest Registered Agent Alternatives

Northwest Registered Agent is a good choice to form your LLC thanks to their premium registered agent services and great customer support, but it’s still always smart to be aware of what the competition has to offer. 

With that in mind, let’s start by comparing Northwest Registered Agent to LegalZoom, one of the industry leaders in LLC formation services.


Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation service costs $29. LegalZoom’s most affordable package is priced at $0 (plus state fees), but unlike Northwest, this “free” plan doesn’t include as many helpful features for new business owners.


Both companies offer pretty similar features; however, after considering all the add-ons, LegalZoom ends up being a lot more expensive. Northwest Registered Agent offers a plethora of useful features in its affordable package, such as a business address, operating agreements, and more.

Turnaround Time

LegalZoom bases its turnarounds on which formation package you choose. In most states, the Basic ($0) package has a 30-day turnaround, Pro ($249) has a 15-day turnaround, and Premium ($299) has a 7-10 day turnaround. With Northwest Registered Agent, turnaround times only depend on which state you choose to form in, as well as whether you want expedited processing (where available).

Customer Support

Northwest built its entire reputation on excellent customer service. LegalZoom has a more standard customer service department, but they do usually answer the phone pretty quickly in my experience.

Businesses Formed So Far

LegalZoom is one of the industry giants, as they’ve formed over a million LLCs, which is admittedly pretty amazing. Northwest Registered Agent hasn’t formed nearly that many businesses, but they are a mid-sized company with plenty of experience.



Pricing Starts at $29

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Pricing Starts at $0

In Business Since 1999

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The Bottom Line

Selecting an LLC formation service is a key decision for any entrepreneur. Northwest Registered Agent offers a competitive balance between cost, customer service, and valuable features. Their commitment to client privacy and their personalized approach with Corporate Guides® differentiates them from many other services in the market.

While they might not have the same volume of clients as larger competitors like LegalZoom, the focus of Northwest seems to be on quality service. Their positive customer feedback, combined with their proactive approach to addressing any issues, speaks volumes about their service quality.

It’s worth noting that there are areas for improvement, such as occasional filing errors and not including an EIN in their basic offering. But considering the overall package, these drawbacks are relatively minor.

In summary, for entrepreneurs looking for a reliable, value-driven LLC formation service with a personal touch, Northwest Registered Agent is a solid choice. Their emphasis on customer experience and transparent offerings makes them a recommended option for business formation needs.

If you would like to explore some alternatives, we recommend checking out our full review of the best LLC services.

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Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Northwest Registered Agent is a legitimate company that offers registered agents, as well as business formation service. They have been in the industry for many years and are known for their focus on privacy and a responsive customer service team.

Where is Northwest Registered Agent located?

Northwest Registered Agent has multiple locations, but its headquarters is in Spokane, Washington​. They also have office locations across all 50 states as mentioned on their website, which suggests they have a wide geographic presence to better serve their clients across the U.S.

Additionally, there are specific physical addresses listed on their LinkedIn profile for offices in San Francisco, California, and Tampa, Florida, indicating a broader physical presence beyond their Spokane headquarters.

How much does Northwest Registered Agent cost?

Northwest Registered Agent’s services start at $29 plus state fees.

Does Northwest offer legal services?

Utah clients looking for more comprehensive online legal assistance can access Northwest Registered Agent’s “Law on Call” service. This service provides an avenue for individuals and businesses to gain legal insights and support. While Northwest Registered Agent offers this convenient service, for those seeking a broader range of online legal services, LegalZoom is often recommended.

What services does Northwest Registered Agent offer?

Northwest Registered Agent offers a variety of services, including business formation, annual report service, S-corp election, virtual office service, registered agents during normal business hours, and more.

How do I cancel Northwest Registered Agent and what’s their refund policy?

Directly from Northwest Registered Agent’s website: “If we screw something up, we will give your money back.” You can contact Northwest Registered Agent at 509-768-2249.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. Northwest Registered Agent does a good job of being upfront about all expenses related to your company formation.

Is my information safe?

Northwest Registered Agent takes your security seriously, as they write all their own code and don’t allow any third-party apps on their website.

Can I just form a business myself?

Yes. You can form your own LLC, draft an Operating Agreement, and be your own registered agent. However, Northwest and other reputable formation services provide peace of mind that everything was done correctly, and save you time.

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