Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review

Do you want to form a limited liability company (LLC), but aren't sure where you’re supposed to begin? No worries!

So many official state resource websites are convoluted and poorly laid out, and they can often seem like more of a hindrance than a help. Fortunately, there are business formation services you can use.

In this Northwest Registered Agent LLC review, we’ll walk through the pros and cons, pricing, features, customer reviews, and much more.

Northwest Pros & Cons


  1. Their prices are nearly impossible to beat. With a base rate of just $49 (plus state fee), Northwest Registered Agent is one of the most affordable options available to form your LLC.
  2. Even with those low prices, they include a full year of their premium registered agent service with every LLC formation.
  3. If customer service is as big of a priority for you as it is for me, you’ll love Northwest Registered Agent. Every customer can get support from a team of Corporate Guides, who assist you throughout the entire process. You can even request someone you've worked with in the past.
  4. The vast majority of reviews they have online are very positive.


  1. Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t have quite the level of brand power and name recognition as an industry leader like LegalZoom.
  2. There’s a $50 gap between their Deluxe ($149) and Premium ($199) packages, but the only feature Premium adds is same-day processing. Considering Northwest Registered Agent has pretty quick turnarounds to begin with, this seems unnecessary to me.

Should You Use Northwest?

4.3/5 Stars

In my opinion, Northwest is worthy of a 4.3/5 score. Pound for pound, they offer some of the best packages in the industry. If you’re ready to get started with Northwest, click their link below. Otherwise, check out your other options.

Northwest Pricing & Features

Northwest Registered Agent gives their clients three options when forming an LLC — although it should be noted that each of these packages can be upgraded with their a la carte options.

Take a look at how they advertise these packages on their own website, then we’ll get into the details.

Basic - $49 (plus state fee)

What It Includes: First up, we have the Basic package. As you might assume, this option includes the essentials of LLC formation, including a name availability search in your state, as well as the drafting and filing of your company’s formation documents.

In addition, Northwest Registered Agent also includes a full year of their registered agent service. So, they’ll locally scan every document they receive and notify you to review them at your convenience.

Who It’s Right For: In my opinion, this package is right if you are forming an LLC on a budget and just want the basic features.

Deluxe - $149 (plus state fee)

What It Includes: This package starts with everything from the Basic package, then adds an LLC Operating Agreement which describes how your company is organized and run. You also get a federal tax ID number (or EIN) which enables your business to hire employees, open business bank accounts, etc.

Who It’s Right For: The Deluxe package caters to entrepreneurs who value their time and don't mind paying extra to have an EIN and Operating Agreement taken care of for them. However, if you're willing to put in the time, you can acquire both for free.

Premium - $199 (plus state fee)

What It Includes: The Premium package is the same as the Deluxe, but adds same-day order processing.

Who It’s Right For: If you’re in a hurry and can justify spending an extra $60, this is worth consideration. However, it should be noted that same-day order processing does not affect the turnaround times of your state of formation.

Recommended Package

The Deluxe package will likely be the best one for the majority of our readers. While I can see why someone might want the Basic or Premium packages, the Deluxe includes everything you will need to start an LLC. Learn more.

Northwest Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsWhile they don’t have a massive volume of customer feedback like some of their competitors, the reviews online are mostly positive.

Their satisfied customers appreciate the company’s friendly and helpful customer support representatives, as well as Northwest’s general ease-of-use.

  • Google: 4.1/5 (17 reviews)
  • BirdEye: 4.3/5 (16 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4.0/5 (9 reviews)
  • BBB: A+ (8 reviews)

How Does Northwest Compare?

ComparisonNorthwest Registered Agent is a strong choice to form your LLC thanks to their low prices and great customer support, but it’s still always smart to be aware of what the competition has to offer. With that in mind, let’s see how they compare to LegalZoom, one of the industry leaders.

Pricing: Northwest Registered Agent’s base-rate LLC formation package costs $49. LegalZoom’s most affordable package is priced at $79.

Features: Both companies offer pretty similar packages at these price points. The one major difference is that Northwest includes a full year of registered agent service with all of their formation packages, while LegalZoom doesn’t include it with any of theirs.

Turnaround Time: LegalZoom bases their turnarounds on which formation package you choose. In most states, the Economy ($79) package has a 30-day turnaround, Standard ($329) has a 15-day turnaround, and Express Gold ($349) has a 7-10 day turnaround. With Northwest Registered Agent, turnaround times only depend on which state you choose to form in, as well as whether you want expedited processing (where available).

Customer Support: Northwest built their entire reputation on premium customer support. LegalZoom has a more standard customer service department, but they do usually answer the phone pretty quickly in my experience.

Businesses Formed So Far: LegalZoom is one of the industry giants, as they’ve formed over a million LLCs, which is admittedly pretty amazing. Northwest Registered Agent hasn’t formed nearly that many businesses, but they are a mid-sized company with plenty of experience.



Pricing Starts at $49

In Business Since 1998

Perfect for: Budget-conscious entrepreneurs who want LLC formation service


Pricing Starts at $79

In Business Since 1999

Perfect for: Entrepreneurs who place a high value on brand power & customer volume

Frequently Asked Questions

Directly from their website: “If we screw something up, we will give your money back.”

Nope. Northwest Registered Agent does a good job of being upfront about all expenses related to your formation.

Northwest Registered Agent takes your security seriously, as they write all their own code and don’t allow any third-party apps on their website.

Yes. You can form your own LLC, draft an Operating Agreement, and be your own registered agent. However, Northwest and other reputable formation services provide peace of mind that everything was done correctly, and save you time.

Should You Use Northwest?

4.3/5 Stars

In my opinion, Northwest is worthy of a 4.3/5 score. If you’re ready to get started with Northwest, click their link below.