6 Engaging Webnode Website Examples for Inspiration

Webnode website example on the screen of a laptop.

The Webnode website builder excels at providing simple, intuitive templates for sleek and functional websites. Creatives, photographers, and service-based businesses like restaurants or consultants can take advantage of Webnode’s straightforward design. This platform also offers ecommerce capabilities for businesses seeking to create an online store.

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Not sure what your site could look like if you build it using Webnode? Here are six excellent Webnode website examples to help inspire you.

101 Custom Prints (Custom Apparel Company)

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

This custom clothing screen printing service gets right to the point with a large call-to-action (CTA) button on its homepage. That “Get a Quote” button repeats multiple times across the site’s pages, giving visitors multiple chances to convert to customers. This site’s homepage also includes a list of services and prominent clients — both of which are available in expanded forms via the main navigation menu. 

This website features a simple, easy-to-navigate template and layout with a color scheme that’s as crisp and reliable as the white T-shirt on its homepage. It’s a great example of Webnode’s knack for offering websites that are quick to build — even for beginners — and easy to navigate for any visitor.

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The Daily Grind (Espresso Bar and Cafe)

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

This cafe in Livermore, Calif., packs much of its important information into a large footer that appears on all of its pages, including contact information, hours of operation, and even a map showing the cafe’s location. 

The site’s main navigation menu leads to an “About Us” page, which expands on the cafe’s amenities and convenient proximity to nearby attractions, as well as a page presenting the cafe’s menu, an image gallery, more contact information, and even an online store.

ICF San Diego (Religious Organization)

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

This San Diego-based church uses minimalist lines and colors along with a simple, beautiful, and monochromatic image to welcome visitors to its website. Those elements help to visually convey the church’s brand personality. A straightforward navigation menu leads to an “About Us” page, a page advertising upcoming events, and a page where visitors can make a donation to the organization.

8 Boxwood Lane Creative (Creative Services Boutique)

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

This creative boutique offers a range of services from marketing and special events to interior design and product styling. Accordingly, its Webnode website is a robust gallery of the firm’s past projects divided into separate portfolios like this one for its styling work. 

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

A simple, no-frills template allows the design-focused and vibrantly colorful photos of the company’s work to take center stage on its portfolio pages. Most of the pages include both scrollable photo galleries and animated slideshows — two of Webnode’s easy-to-use features.

Maritime Cyber Insurance (Specialty Insurance Provider)

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

Insurance broker and cyber security adviser Cromar created this website to educate potential clients about cyber security risks in the maritime industry. It’s a good example of a Webnode website used to educate visitors about a company’s complex service offerings. 

This website’s main navigation menu includes links to in-depth descriptions of cyber security issues potential clients may face, a blog with news items about maritime cyber risks as well as information about Cromar and its specific offerings. Frequent mentions of its industry awards, links to visit Cromar’s other corporate websites, and an invitation to join a LinkedIn group it runs all help to establish the company’s authority in its field and engage potential clients. The homepage even features an embedded YouTube video, showcasing Cromar’s expertise on cybersecurity issues.

Brooklyn’s Best Dance Studio (Dance School)

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

The Brooklyn’s Best Dance Studio website uses a simple template of large, eye-catching background images and straightforward, search engine-optimized marketing copy to drive interest in its classes. The site’s “About us” page includes pictures of children enjoying dance lessons and introduces the studio’s instructors. Notably, its “Contact” page includes an example of Webnode’s built-in, form-builder system.

Examples of websites made with Webnode.

Webnode’s form-builder feature allows the studio to almost fully automate its lead-generation process. Online visitors only have to supply their name and email address, and then simply check a couple of boxes to express interest. A message field allows them to supply a more detailed message, if desired, but this form can convert a website visitor into a potential client in seconds.

Note the “Powered by Webnode” and “Create your website for free!” ads in this website’s footer. This branding always appears on websites built using Webnode’s free plan or a lower-tier premium (paid) Webnode plan.

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Next Steps

These Webnode websites exemplify how a range of business types can use this platform to create effective, easy-to-use websites in minutes. Webnode’s straightforward, uncomplicated templates make it fast and easy to build a basic website. 

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