24 Top Sports Venture Capital Firms 2024

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The sports industry continues to progress with innovative technologies and new categories being created, like esports. The top sports VC firms in the world are all competing to fund the next app or software that will change how fans and athletes interact with the sports they love. 

We’ll teach you about the top sports venture capital firms and what they are looking for in potential investments. We will also list some of the most notable businesses that have received funding from them.

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Best Sports VC Firms

Sports have been enjoyed by generations of people all over the world and continue to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Along with this popularity comes a large amount of money that is invested into the industry. 

Below are the best sports VC firms in the world, along with detailed information that will help any entrepreneur understand how these firms work.

Disclaimer: With so many venture capital firms around the world, we aren’t able to cover them all. Furthermore, the following VC firms are not officially ranked and are listed in no particular order.

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1. SeventySix Capital

  • Location: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
  • Stage: Seed, Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Challenger, Lucra Sports, Ludis Analytics

SeventySix Capital wants game-changing startups in sports betting, esports, and sports tech. Perhaps unique to most VC firms, the company lists being nice as one of the attributes it looks for in entrepreneurs, including smartness and passion. 

The firm has been investing in sports-related companies for over two decades and has facilitated the building and selling of the leading sports companies in the world.

2. Mindspring Capital

  • Location: Newport Beach, California
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Credenza, Creative Wagering, Slate

Mindspring Capital is led by one of the founding members of the UEFA Champions League and Tom Perkins who was one of the original VC  investors in the Silicon Valley area. Their team has a wealth of experience not just in sports but also in law, technology, and entertainment.

The firm focuses on companies that are engaged in the business of sports at all levels, such as data and analytics, fantasy sports, content and media, as well as new technologies like wearables and drones.

3. RSE Ventures

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Stage: Late-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Nifty League, Relevant Sports

Although RSE Ventures focuses primarily on sports, the firm also invests in media and marketing, food and lifestyle, and technology. One of the firm's major successes involves the ideation and building of the International Champions Cup. The cup now has over 140 million viewers worldwide.

The company has invested resources into other sports companies like drone racing to achieve better marketing campaigns, strategies, and execution. Several of the firm's investments have also seen successful exits.

4. ADvantage VC

  • Location: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: GreenPark Sports, Rooter, Track160

ADvantage VC is another sports firm with three main investment areas: fan engagement, connected athletes, and derivative sports. The firm believes the modern sports fan needs new technologies to foster engagement.

This includes everything from how sports fans consume media to the distribution of sports coverage and even innovative technology that leads to better in-stadium experiences. ADvantage also wants to shape the athletes of today using new tech by investing in better ways to track performance or keep athletes connected to each other.

5. Courtside Ventures

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Tradeblock, Draftea

Courtside Ventures challenges the traditional perspectives of sports, digital media, fitness, and gaming by investing in companies that have a fresh take on the industry. The firm is less focused on the specific stage of a company and believes in supporting any entrepreneurs that are solving real pain points in the sports industry.

The founding partners all have a long history in the sports industry and have spent time building their own companies and working with some of the biggest names in sports. This experience helps them better assess and invest in new companies.

6. Bruin Capital

  • Location: White Plains, New York
  • Stage: Private Equity
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Deltatre, TGI Sport, Two Circles

Bruin Capital was founded in 2015 and is attempting to cash in on the new opportunities created with the advancement of fan engagement. They've instead into several areas involved with sports, including marketing, media, and branded lifestyles.

The mission of the firm is to help entrepreneurs transform their potential into significant and long-term value. They look for startup founders who are fast-moving, aggressive, bold, and carry no limitations.

7. Rabil Ventures

Even though Rabil Ventures invests in several different markets, such as real estate, tech, and financial services, one of their main focuses is sports. The company was started by brothers Paul and Mike Rabil with the vision of helping entrepreneurs see their businesses through from start to finish.

The team at Rabil Ventures is experienced in all stages of business, which gives them an edge when it comes to investing in and helping companies achieve success. They're also willing to invest time and resources into companies that may not yet be ready for venture capital.

8. TitletownTech

  • Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Stage: Seed, Early Stage Companies
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Overtime, SeedLinked, Leaf

In the heart of the midwest, Titletown Tech is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and was started by the Packers organization. The goal of the firm is to invest in startups that are working on new technologies across a variety of industries.

One example is their investment in CSA Group, which is a software platform designed to help schools manage sports programs and activities Titletown Tech is actually a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft that invests in a number of sectors, including digital health, agriculture, manufacturing, and sports.

9. Sapphire Sport

  • Location: Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, California)
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Overtime, GreenPark Sports, Buzzer

Sapphire Sport combines tech and culture to create a new category in the investment industry. Sapphire focuses on companies that are redefining how people interact with sports and fitness. Their goal is to be the leading early-stage investor in this new category.

The firm was started by a team of ex-athletes, entrepreneurs, and investors who all have a passion for sports and fitness. This gives them a unique perspective when it comes to understanding market trends and customer behavior.

10. Elysian Park Ventures

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Stage:  Seed, Early Stage, Late Stage, Private Equity
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Religion of Sports, Fanaply, Street FC

Elysian Park Ventures is the investment arm of the Los Angeles Dodgers Ownership Group. They focus on investing in technology, sports, and entertainment. The firm was started in 2015 and has already made several notable investments.

One of their more recent investments was in Religion of Sports, which is a media company that produces content about the intersection of sports and culture. Elysian is interested in companies that intersect sports with culture, health, commerce, and technology.

11. Athletic Ventures

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Stage: Seed, Early Stage, Series A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Fusion Sport, Bare

No other investment firm is as intimately familiar with the sports industry as Athletic Ventures. The firm is based in Australia, and was founded by former professional athletes.

The team at Athletic Ventures has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sports industry, which they use to invest in companies that are changing the landscape of sports. The firm looks to invest in the high-growth technology and consumer sectors.

12. Dream Capital

  • Location: India (Mumbai)
  • Stage: Seed, Early Stage, Late Stage, Private Equity
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: FanCode

Dream Sports is a large company with several different investment arms. One of those is their sports division which is based in Mumbai, India. The firm is focused on enabling multi-stage startups in sports tech, gaming, and fitness tech.

The firm looks to invest in companies that are "disrupting the status quo and redefining the fan experience." Their portfolio includes several companies that are doing just that. Other subsidiaries of the company include Dream Set Go and the Dream Sports Foundation.

13. Apex Capital

  • Location: Cascais, Portugal
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: VersusGame, Spalk

Apex is a sports-related investment firm that looks for innovative and disruptive concepts in sports, media, and entertainment. The firm also appreciates companies that integrate social and environmental impact for communities around the world.

Apex also partners with athletes, celebrities, and influencers to help promote and invest in companies. Some notable names include NBA star Carmelo Anthony, Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps, and NFL defensive end J.J. Watt.

14. Aser Ventures

  • Location: United Kingdom (London)
  • Stage: Late-Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Sports Data Labs, Whistle, Eleven Sports

Aser Ventures is well-known in the sports venture capital industry. The firm has a long history of investing in some of the most successful sports companies. The platform has over $300 million in strategic assets since 2015 and over $1.5 billion in estimated enterprise value.

Using years of management expertise, Aser is able to help companies achieve their potential and create shareholder value. It has a global reach with a large network to help assist its investments.

15. Seventure Partners

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture, Private Equity
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Standing Ovation, SportEasy

Although Seventure Partners has investments that range in sectors from life sciences to digital technologies, they hold powerful positions in several of the leading sports startups. The firm is one of the European leaders in venture capital.

To align with Seventure's values, companies must have integrity, provide full transparency, and act with professionalism. The company helps to provide a valuable bridge between business angels and classic financial institutions.

16. Liberty City Ventures

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: OneFootball

Liberty City is a venture capital firm, but they are also an incubator and an accelerator. The firm focuses on investments in digital media, marketing technology, and ecommerce. So far, the company has over $1.5 billion of assets under management.

The incubator program helps entrepreneurs with idea validation, customer acquisition, product development, and fundraising. The firm has already incubated two unicorns in the blockchain sector and is looking to do the same in the sports industry.

17. Venturerock

  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Stage: Convertible Note, Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Aurarii, Inclusr, Trimix

What makes Venturerock different from other VC firms is they are a digital venture capital platform. They work with a variety of sectors including AI, IoT, blockchain, and other novel technology infrastructures. By combining technology and the firm's extensive expertise, they have been able to develop a new investment protocol.

This new protocol helps entrepreneurs focus on growing and execution rather than worrying about fundraising. By digitizing the investment supply chain, they are able to provide KPI reporting and legal agreements to unlock free-flow capital.

18. Drive by DraftKings

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Just Women’s Sports, Tappp

Drive by DraftKings is a venture capital firm focused on sports technology and entertainment. The firm believes that funding innovative sports tech will push the new frontier of new markets and categories.

The team of Drive is unique in that most of the leading figures are women including the CEO and partner. You'll find some of the most well-known athletes in the world partnered with Drive including Larry Fitzgerald and James Blake.

19. KB Partners

  • Location: Highland Park, Illinois
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Stadium Live Studios, SIQ Basketball

KB Partners focuses on companies at the intersection of sports and technology. All the founders in the firm have gone through the trials and tribulations of growing their own companies and use that experience to help entrepreneurs scale quickly.

Operating out of the Chicago suburbs, KB Partners operates by its core values of honesty, integrity, professionalism, productive partnerships, and a winning mentality. The company is usually the first to invest in the startups they believe in.

20. ION Crossover Partners

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Stage: Late-Stage Venture, Post-Ipo, Private Equity
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: WSC Sports

The two growth funds that ION Crossover Partners manage help them invest in businesses with untapped growth potential. Entrepreneurs gain access to ION's strategic toolkit which includes an IPO preparation program and global business development resources.

ION operates off eight different values that drive all investment decisions. Companies that have a non-nonsense attitude and are results-oriented will fit well in ION's portfolio. They must also have integrity, mutual respect, and accountability.

21. Raine Group

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: VY Esports

Raine Group has a large portfolio of companies that span technology, media, and telecom. Only sports companies that are focused in these areas will be accepted into Raine's highly respected portfolio.

Being under the financial support of the Raine Group will come with advisory services focused on mergers and acquisitions, private capital raising, divestitures, and overall strategic advice. The company has about $3 billion of assets under management.

22. 24Haymarket

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Matchpint, Wattbike

Located in the UK and laser-focused on investing in the country, 24Haymarket invests in high-growth native companies. It uses its own Investor Network to determine which high-growth companies to invest in.

The firm does require a board seat in each company it invests in and requests that all startups have already shown commercial traction. 24Haymarket does, however, combine the board seat with a post-investment model.

23. Serena Ventures

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: OpenSponsorship, 

Anyone in tennis will easily recognize who is behind this VC firm the moment they hear the name. Serena Ventures was founded by, you guessed it, tennis legend Serena Williams. The firm is focused on companies that are women-led or involve people of color.

The firm invests in companies that are leading the charge in disruptive technology across various industries, including health, wellness, and education. General partner to Serena is Alison Rapaport Stillman, who oversees the portfolio management and new investment.

24. Northzone

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Goals, Homa Games

Founded in 1996, Northzone takes an uncommon approach to invest. They don't value the qualities that most VC firms believe are important. Instead, it relies on its principles and instinct to lead its investing decisions.

The firm truly invests in companies of all stages, including seed to growth. Northzone already has experience growing businesses and taking them public. The company is straightforward with its entrepreneurs and has a refreshing take on investing compared with other firms.

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