Best Late-Stage Venture Capital Firms 2024

Man looking at top late stage venture capital firms on a tablet.

If you're an entrepreneur or business owner with a growing startup, you know that when the stakes are high and the ideas are big, the need for funding can be more pressing than ever. If you find yourself in this position, then you’re in the late-stage investment game, where it might make sense to start seeking out VC firms that can push your business to new heights.

In this guide, we take a deep dive into the world of late-stage venture capital firms and examine why they're crucial for any startup's journey.

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Top VCs Investing in Late-Stage Startups

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you'll likely find yourself needing some financial support to fuel your growth; that's where Late Stage Venture Capital Firms come in. These firms can give you the boost you need to catapult your startup from a dream to reality. 

Increasing your market footprint, scaling up operations, or making that final push towards going public are all things that late-stage funding can help with – it's a strategic partnership that can accelerate your startup's momentum. 

Below is a list of some of the most notable late-stage VC firms ready to give your vision wings.

1. Tiger Global Management

Tiger Global Management is a well-known name in the world of late-stage VC firms with a diverse portfolio spanning multiple industries. From the global Internet and software services to consumer products and financial technology, Tiger Global tends to lend its expertise and resources to both public and private companies. They are known for searching out high-quality companies that can benefit from powerful secular growth trends and are led by exceptional management teams. 

Considering their impressive track record dating back to 2001, it's clear they're not just experts at identifying potential – they excel at nurturing it, too. Their private equity business has invested in hundreds of companies across more than 30 countries since 2003. This global perspective, coupled with their rigorous selection process, has resulted in partnerships with the most dynamic entrepreneurs heading market-leading growth companies.

2. Meritech Capital Partners

  • Location: Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, California)
  • Industries Include: Cybersecurity, Technology, Data Science, Networking
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Snap, Alteryx, Box

Meritech Capital Partners has a single focus: building market-leading technology companies. Since launching in 1999, they’ve dedicated their resources to helping tech companies that have the potential to become enduring brands and establish dominance in their markets. The firm is known for engaging with entrepreneurs without ego or hidden agendas with a thorough understanding that their role is to provide all the assistance necessary for their portfolio companies to succeed. 

This dedication to their portfolio is clear in their investment strategy; they prefer to make selective investments so that they can give each investment the time and attention they deserve. They've worked with companies like Salesforce and Facebook, helping them transition from promising startups to household names.

3. August Capital

  • Location: Menlo Park, California,
  • Industries Include: Ecommerce, Software Development, Fintech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: GitLab, Splunk, Fastly

August Capital operates on the principle of quality over quantity. Unlike most venture capital firms, August Capital chooses to invest in fewer startups, allowing them to provide a higher level of support to each of the ventures they back. They believe in game-changing businesses, and they back their conviction with not just financial investment but also ongoing personal involvement. 

This approach has made August Capital a trusted partner for entrepreneurs looking to build impactful companies. Whether it's providing much-needed guidance or rolling up their sleeves to tackle challenges, they are known for their hands-on approach.

4. American Express Ventures

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Industries Include: Ecommerce, Fintech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: BigCommerce, Uber, Instacart

American Express Ventures, the venture capital arm of American Express, is transforming the corporate VC landscape with its unique approach to funding. Since its inception in 2011, Amex Ventures has invested in over 90+ companies and helped 38 companies reach exits through acquisition or IPO. 

Their investment portfolio spans across several sectors ranging from payments and commerce all the way up to travel and financial services. Besides funding, they provide their portfolio companies with a unique value proposition - access to American Express's vast network of customers and partners. Overall, Amex Ventures isn’t just a source of capital but a growth catalyst for its portfolio companies.

5. Abingworth

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Industries Include: Biotech, Medicine
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: ArgoMed, Wilson Therapeutics, Tizona

Abingworth is a biotech investment firm with over three decades of experience that specializes in turning scientific discoveries into new game-changing therapeutics. With its first investment made in 1987, this firm has since invested in over a hundred young companies, providing not just capital but also time, patience, and invaluable industry experience. 

Over the years, Abingworth has shown a strong propensity for innovation by continuously developing fresh approaches to augment its early-stage investing strategy. Highlights of their strategy include the pioneering of work in Venture Investments in Public Equities (VIPEs) and Clinical Co Development. The firm's lofty goal of turning breakthrough science into breakthrough medicine keeps them focused on future opportunities to collaborate with biopharma companies.

6. EQT Ventures

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Industries Include: Software Development, Technology, Internet of Things
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Wolt, Airkit, Luko

EQT Ventures was founded with the belief that building a global tech company is a demanding endeavor that requires a supportive VC partner. Positioning themselves to be the partners they wished to have had during their own experience with starting companies, EQT aims to be accessible, supportive, and committed to founders. 

With offices strategically located in Stockholm, London, Berlin, Paris, and San Francisco, EQT invests between €1 million and €75 million ($1.1 million and $81.7 million) in startups and scale-ups across the US and Europe. Having launched three successful funds totaling over €2.3 billion ($2.5 billion) since their inception in 2016 and backed by a team made up of entrepreneurs themselves, EQT Ventures offers not just capital but also valuable experience and support to entrepreneurs.

7. HealthCap

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Industries Include: Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Fusion Pharmaceuticals, Carisma Therapeutics

With a firmly held belief in the power of innovative ideas in the healthcare sector, HealthCap holds an impressive portfolio of 127 companies since its founding in 1996. HealthCap's strength lies in its ability to foster the life science ecosystem locally and globally and in its team's broad expertise spanning medicine, finance, and biochemistry. 

This blend of skills enables them to invest in companies developing therapies for rare diseases, cancers, and genetic diseases filled with considerable unmet needs. With a sustainable investment and ownership approach, HealthCap's ultimate goal is to generate value for its stakeholders through collaboration and advance the quality of life for patients worldwide.

8. Signal Peak Ventures

  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Industries Include: Engineering, Analytics, Software
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Teal Drones, Big Squid, Booker

Based in Salt Lake City, Signal Peak Ventures is a venture capital firm predominantly investing in technology companies across the United States. They are committed to helping entrepreneurs scale their companies and focus on ventures that demonstrate high long-term potential and value. 

Over the years Signal Peak has established an impressive track record of supporting founders passionate about their business ideas and dedicated to building lasting companies. Their ultimate goal is to back companies that have the potential to become industry leaders within the tech sector, and their dedication to investing in driven founders across the entire country further highlights their belief in the transformative potential of innovative ideas, regardless of their geographic origin.

9. Target Partners

  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Industries Include: SaaS, Technology, Software, Data Analytics
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Adjust, CrossEngage, Instana

Target Partners is a behemoth in the world of late-stage venture capital firms and is a reliable choice for startups beginning to experience growth. Their team, having decades of experience in software development and company building, is equipped with a total of over eighty years of venture capital experience. What truly sets Target Partners apart is their robust body of work. The founders have served on the boards of over seventy companies, suggesting a breadth of industry knowledge and a keen eye for startups promising growth and innovation.

At its core, Target Partners' investment philosophy revolves around nurturing businesses in their early stages and standing by them even in challenging times. Their belief in the long-term potential of startups rather than quick profits and short-term investments shows their unwavering commitment, a trait entrepreneurs often look for in an investment partner.

10. Founders Circle Capital

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Industries Include: Technology, Software, Cloud
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: DocuSign, DoorDash, Auth0

Another notable late-stage venture capital firm is Founders Circle Capital. This firm believes in supporting not just companies but also the people behind them. Their focus is to help founders and executive teams during transition periods, specializing in the shift from achieving product-market fit to reaching hyperscale growth. They pride themselves on their people-oriented approach to investment and their flexibility when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the companies.

Their services, including primary and secondary financing programs as well as institutional liquidity options, cater to a company's various financial needs throughout its growth process. They also provide access to an elite network of over 250 C-level executives that facilitates peer learning across and outside their portfolio. Each initiative they take makes clear their commitment to propelling today's fastest-growing companies.

11. Advanced Technology Ventures

  • Location: Menlo Park, California
  • Industries Include: Healthcare, Technology, Cleantech, Life Sciences
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Planful, Astria Therapeutics, Actifio

Advanced Technology Ventures (ATV) is an American late-stage venture capital firm currently managing over $1.8 billion in capital. An industry veteran founded in 1979, ATV has proven its proficiency in investing across diverse fields like information technology, healthcare, and clean technology.

ATV stands proud with an incredible investment portfolio. They have successfully raised many different investment rounds from 1981 to 2007, with fund sizes spanning from $28 million to a whopping $720 million. ATV's focus on investing in information technology, healthcare, and cleantech companies is a testament to its versatile investment strategy and extensive industry reach.

12. Galen Partners

  • Location: Stamford, Connecticut
  • Industries Include: Healthcare, Medical, Biotech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Sharecare, InTouch Health, Cardiva Medical

Named after the influential Greek physician Galen of Pergamon, Galen Partners is a healthcare-focused late-stage venture capital firm that has been practicing for over 25 years. Their unique healthcare approach allows them to discern opportunities in this niche better.

Galen targets proven companies offering value in terms of improving health outcomes or reducing costs. Unlike several venture capital firms, their focus isn't on early-stage companies but on ones that are ready for a growth spurt and can exploit market transitions effectively. Their modus operandi, dubbed "Collaborative Capital," outlines how they assist companies with growth strategies, teams, customers, operations, acquisitions, and even maximizing exit value. 

Starting on an investment journey with Galen Partners means being backed by a team that thrives on the principles of deep healthcare expertise, inquisitive and empirical approach, and independent judgment.

13. IDG Capital

  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Industries Include: Cryptocurrency, Technology, Robotics
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: NIO, Farfetch, Razer

IDG Capital is a pioneering venture capitalist firm in China that has a legacy dating back to 1993 and a reputation for focusing on value driven long term investments in booming sectors. Their consistency in ranking among the top five venture capital firms in China since 2001, according to Zero2IPO rankings, is a testament to their strategic approach to investing. They align their goals with budding entrepreneurs and concentrate on sectors that demonstrate promising growth potential. Their portfolio has a wide range of sectors, from tech-driven startups to retail ventures.

One detail that makes IDG Capital unique is its comprehensive support system that extends beyond simply furnishing capital. They put significant resources into guiding their portfolio companies with branding, marketing, finance, human resources, and expansion strategies. This well rounded approach has helped the firm weather resiliently through market downturns, even during the global financial crisis. Their enterprising initiatives have also enabled them to find success amidst periods of extreme market volatility, making them a solid choice for late-stage startups.

14. CapitalG

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Industries Include: Software, Cloud, Technology
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Duolingo, Cloudflare, Freshworks

CapitalG, also unlike many other modern venture capital firms, maintains a small yet concentrated portfolio, allowing them to invest heavily in each company's success. Their typical investment sizes range from $50-$100 million, and they extend extensive operational and strategic support. Their track record demonstrates a sharp focus on fostering each company's success, as shown by their previous experiences with rapidly growing companies like Google, Stripe, Airbnb, Databrick, CrowdStrike, and Zscaler. CapitalG leverages these experiences, and the insights garnered from Google to bolster entrepreneurs scaling up their businesses.

After investing in a company, CapitalG becomes intimately involved in the business by setting up tailored support programs to expedite growth. These engagements can range from brief sessions with industry experts to months-long programs that address everything from business model development to leadership training. Partnering with CapitalG means more than just receiving funding: it allows the companies they invest in to access a network of industry leaders and valuable resources that can help them transition to rapid growth stages in enterprise tech and consumer services.

15. Salesforce Ventures

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Industries Include: Software, Technology, Cloud Data
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Spiff, Dropbox, Elevate Security

Salesforce Ventures, with a portfolio of over 400 companies, is the go-to venture capital wing for startups in the enterprise software sector. From seed funding to initial public offerings (IPO), Salesforce Ventures has been instrumental in accelerating the growth trajectories of numerous businesses since 2009. Their investment is not just about capital; it offers startups the opportunity to tap into Salesforce's network of customers and decision-makers. This access boosts the companies' credibility and growth pace remarkably.

The firm stands out with its commitment to value-driven investing in sectors addressing critical issues, including education, climate change, diversity, and healthcare. Their Impact Fund focuses on such companies, and they've even dedicated $100 million to minority-led ventures. They facilitate learning among their portfolio companies through networking events and provide invaluable advice from seasoned cloud company leaders.