18 Top UK Venture Capital Firms 2024

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The United Kingdom has become popular among startup companies looking for venture capital funding to expand their businesses and achieve scalability in their specialized industries. This article will cover various top UK venture capital firms based on the investments made into local startups and companies outside the country. 

Also, you’ll get detailed breakdowns of each firm, including funding, notable clients, and acquisitions. Check out information about various top investment teams that routinely provide financing. 

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Best Venture Capital Firms in the UK

Various famous London-based VC firms provide seed and series funding to UK startup companies. Read further to determine specific picks that have the potential to become industry tycoons.

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1. Seedcamp

  • Industries: SaaS
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: £100,000–£2 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Wise, Curve, Monese

Seedcamp is a seed to Series VC firm that invests in startups specializing in technology to tackle large, global markets. The firm focuses heavily on early-stage SaaS companies that provide online top-notch digital subscription software services. It also builds out its sales and marketing functions and introduces a global network of experts.

The company openly seeks businesses that change lifestyles, interactions, and how individuals make transactions. With an investment range of £100,000–£2 million, it has financed 400+ startups throughout London and has raised £7 billion.

Seedcamp maintains an impressive history of financing several pre-seed startups, such as Skew (which has since been acquired by Coinbase), Sorare, Maze, and Primer. A few of its other portfolio investments include Cerbos, Outverse, and Medusa.

2. MMC Ventures

  • Industries: Fintech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series C
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: BoxyHQ, Creativity Software, Ray Day

MMC Ventures focuses on UK-based seed and Series A transformative technology startup companies. The firm also invests in later-stage support companies and early-stage establishments, assisting their growth.

MMC has 150+ investments, has raised at least £1.2 billion, and has backed over 50 companies, including Simpler, Growth Intelligence, Interactive Investor, and Hussle. It has established a seed support fund of £52 million to finance small businesses in the greater London area.

3. Albion VC

  • Industries: Healthtech, Fintech, Deeptech, Digital Risk, B2B Software
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series B
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Black Swan, Peak Data, Toqio, Gravitee

Albion VC is hyper-focused on assisting seed and Series A–Series B London-based startups specializing in the healthcare and B2B software industries. Investors focus on new establishments seeking scale-up expertise and long-term capital to help them grow and build their profitability potential. They also seek to establish strong professional partnerships with portfolio companies, contributing to their growth and helping them achieve their financial goals.

Over the past 20 years, Albion has financed 112 companies. Unfortunately, the firm prefers to keep its investment range private but has accumulated over £1.5 billion in assets. Its other early seed clients include Accelex, Axovia Therapeutics, Brytlyt, Hazy, and Pando.

4. Amadeus Capital Partners

  • Industries: AI, Machine Learning, Digital Health, Fintech, Insurtech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series B
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Contact Engine, Constructive.Bio, Sprout.ai, Improbable

Amadeus Capital Partners is one of London’s top global venture capital firms supporting visionary Series A or Series B entrepreneurs who seek to build successful companies. It also helps companies implement scalability to increase their profit value and clientele.

VC investors at Amadeus have backed over 100 companies and raised £1 billion since 1997. One of the firm’s most notable investments is VocalIQ (acquired by Apple). This speech technology startup has proven to be a potential competitor to similar platforms dominating the machine learning sector. Other Amadeus profile companies include Nuclera, PolyAI, and Ori Biotech.

5. Notion Capital

  • Industries: Enterprise Tech and SaaS
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment Range: £3 Million–£5 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Tradeshift, Mews System, Unbabel, GoCardless

Notion Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on cloud computing markets and technology. As an early-stage London investor, it supports enterprise tech, SaaS, and cloud-based software entrepreneurs with experience growing successful tech businesses.

On average, the firm invests £3 million–£5 million and has funded 28 London companies. Its portfolio companies include GoCardless, Currency Cloud, and Paddle.

6. Playfair Capital

  • Industries: Big Data, Ecommerce, Healthtech
  • Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed, Series A–Series B
  • Investment Range: £100,000–£500,000
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Sprout.ai, Ravelin, Thought Machine, Omnipresent

Playfair Capital is a top London-based pre-seed and seed venture capital firm. It invests in innovative tech businesses and coaches founders about managing a startup and choosing the right team.

The firm invests between £100,000 and £500,000 on average and has raised £2 million for seed-stage companies. Its investors have also backed 33 early seed companies, including Sprout.ai, Ravelin, Thought Machine, and Omnipresent.

7. Molten Ventures

  • Industries: Deeptech, SaaS, AI, Healthtech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series C
  • Investment Range: £2 Million–£50 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: AirBank, Cazoo, FintechOS, Crowd Cube

Molten Ventures is one of London’s leading venture capital firms that fund seed and early-stage startup companies operating in the UK and beyond. The firm’s investors target businesses that venture into the latest technologies to build innovative solutions for healthcare and consumer-related industries.

The VC firm invests £2 million–£50 million in high-growth technology companies. Its most recent fundraiser netted £16 million for Series A and has backed over 200 startups. Several Molten portfolio clients include AllThings, Crate.io, Droplet Computing, HiveMQ, Coach Hub, and EndoMag.

8. Octopus VC

  • Industries: Healthcare, Deeptech, Finance, and B2B Software Solutions
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series B
  • Investment Range: £1 Million–£10 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Move Genius, Peak Data, Baselime

Octopus VC focuses on UK-based entrepreneurs investing in multi-tech companies in the health and finance sectors and B2B software solutions. The firm’s key investors commit their efforts to innovative ideas to influence world-changing strategies.

As an active team, Octopus VC’s investments range from £1 million–£10 million for seed and Series B. A few of the firm’s other clients include Tatum, Ribbon, and Unlikely AI.

9. Index Ventures

  • Industries: Healthcare, Fintech, Media, Open Source
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series E
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Etsy, Trustpilot, Wise

Index Ventures is one of the most highly experienced venture capital firms providing seed financing to early-stage and late-stage businesses in the greater London area. While the firm focuses on general sectors such as financial technology, entertainment, and health, it also maintains a high interest in establishments specializing in information technology. 

Since its establishment in 1996, Index Ventures has invested in over 1,000 companies. A few of the firm's most notable profile companies are Skype, Dropbox, Squarespace, and Patreon.

10. Hoxton Ventures

  • Industries: Fintech, Deeptech, Enterprise, Consumer, and Digital Health
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Dartktrace, Babylon Health, Epic Games

Hoxton Ventures is a London-based VC primarily investing in pre-seed and seed startups. The firm prefers to focus on existing customer interest and engagement, unique products, and capable, talented team members. After investments, the firm assists startups with business transfers to the US, finding suitable partners with acquisition potential, strategic hires, or providing market guidance.

Unfortunately, Hoxton does not disclose its average investment range but emphasizes that it writes sizable checks for growing startups. Aside from having made 83 investments in startup business, including four unicorns, and raised £34 billion in funds, Hoxton has funded Dartktrace, Babylon Health, and Epic Games.

11. Ascension Ventures Limited

  • Industries: Commerce, Fintech, Health, Deeptech
  • Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Homeppl, Credit Kudos

Ascension is an impact-driven VC that invests in Seed and Series A stage companies. The firm expects well-versed and focused partners, a network of experts, access to various perks, and exclusive supplier deals for new startup companies.

Although an investment range isn’t visible on Ascension’s website, the firm has funded and supported over 80 businesses, accumulating £355 million across three funds. It proudly boasts about its 2022 Seed VC of the Year award, a notable accomplishment among other rising VC firms and in angel business investment. Other Ascension profile companies include Clara, Bulb Share, Exseed, Bizzon, Aura, and Debt Stream.

12. Episode 1

  • Industries: B2B Software
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: £500,000–£2 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Shazam, Attest, and Zoopla

Episode 1 makes seed to Series A investments in B2B software startups and SaaS media platforms. Its venture capital firm consists of former entrepreneurs and investors with solid ties to Silicon Valley-based tech professionals. They support their portfolio by continuing to fund early- and late-stage business first hires while remaining focused on building solid partnerships with evolving startups.

Since 1996, Episode 1 has made over 90 investments and raised £97.5 million across two funds. Zipcube, Attest, CloudMC, Vector.ai, and UserReplay are a few of the firm’s other portfolio clients.

13. Business Growth Fund

  • Industries: Ecommerce, Healthcare, Technology, Media
  • Stage: Seed, Series B
  • Investment Range: £2 Million–£15 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: CHS Healthcare, Current Body, Adestra

Business Growth Fund, also known as BGF, is the most active and influential investor in small and mid-sized businesses in the UK. The firm offers an unparalleled international network of entrepreneurs and sector specialists.

As an established and independent firm, BGF has invested in 400+ companies, including Fulfillment Crowd, Healthshare, Evoke, and Blue Light Card, and raised £2.5 billion, supporting various growing companies across regions outside of London.

14. Entrepreneur First

  • Industries: Biotechnology, Commerce, Future of Work, Finance
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series D
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Palette, Automata, Better Data

Entrepreneur First focuses on building global technology companies. It invests in ambitious professionals, helping them connect with their startup co-founders, brainstorm innovative ideas, and secure substantial funding from respected industry investors.

EF’s investment range is undisclosed, but its portfolio consists of 300 companies, including Flowlity, Retail Pulse, and Ackcio. Also, the firm maintains an extensive list of 2,000+ associates and has accumulated over £4 billion in assets.

15. Point Nine Capital

  • Industries: Fintech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series C
  • Investment Range: £5 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Solarize, Figures, 15Five, Kaiko

Point Nine Capital backed Revolut during its early stage, which helped it scale its status as a trusted venture capital firm with close ties to London. After the firm’s establishment in 2008, it mainly focused on edtech and healthtech but shifted to fintech, which has proven to be a strong niche in which it continues to thrive.

According to Point Nine, it invests in 10–12 seed-stage companies per year and has over 100 US-based and international companies in its portfolio, which includes Eat First, Green Blender, and Incident.io. It also has a remarkable history of investing in B2B companies highly focused on marketplace, SaaS, and consumer ventures.

16. Passion Capital

  • Industries: Fintech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Tide, Tillo, Adzuna, Focal Point

Passion Capital is a venture capital investment firm claiming to have noteworthy plans. While the firm invests in mid-sized businesses, it also works with promising startup companies working tirelessly to level up, expand their clientele, and become high-earning Fintech moguls.

Passion has funded 70 early-stage startups and raised £191.5 million. The firm doesn’t display its average investment range, but it identifies as a high-performing investor that has proven capable of helping top seed and Series A conversions. Several of Passion’s portfolio companies include TrueCircle, Sequence, Lassie, and Hullabalook.

17. Local Globe

  • Industries: Fintech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A–Series C
  • Investment Range: £10 Million–£50 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Kahun, Alcemy, Ark Kaptial, Koos

Founded by father-and-son duo Robin and Saul Klein, LocalGlobe is a general firm that has shown significant interest in Fintech and other types of advanced technology. The firm maintains a high interest in banking services and provides seed to Series A, B, and C funding, plus medium-sized enterprise services.

Local Globe writes substantial checks up to £50 million and has raised £1.4 billion in funds. Its portfolio consists of companies such as Condense, Residently, and Medusa, which have proven to be potential industry leaders.

18. SFC Capital

  • Industries: Media, Marketplaces, Technology
  • Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed
  • Investment Range: £100,000–£300,000
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Nossa Data, CodiKoat, Vertical Future

SFC Capital is a venture investment firm providing growth capital to UK startups. The award-winning firm is open to developing solid partnerships with founders and other investors. It also combines its award-winning angel network with its seed investment fund to finance growing startups specializing in Fintech.

Over 100 London-based establishments receive financial assistance from SFC’s funding, which has helped them expand their clientele due to successful investments. SFC’s portfolio includes technology-focused companies such as Ark Capital, Kahun, and Alcemy.

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