Top Venture Capital Firms in Israel 2024

Image of Israel.

Israel boasts an exceptionally vibrant startup scene with founders innovating across verticals that impact the world, from generative AI to cybersecurity and everything in between. These venture capital firms are helping to shape these companies and provide the financial framework for scale. 

Whether you’re looking to invest in a VC fund or searching for one to back your entrepreneurial venture, these are the top venture capital firms in Israel.

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Best Israel VCs

It’s no secret that Israel is a startup haven, with innovative founders disrupting industries across the globe. These are the venture capital firms backing Israeli startups and their founders to generate technological advancements that will shape the future. 

1. Gemini Israel Ventures

  • Industries: Mobile, Digital Media, Enterprise Software
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Eyeview, ColorChip, Outbrain

Founded in 1993, Gemini Israel Ventures is a leading early- and seed-stage venture capital firm. Their current fund, Gemini V, totals $150 million in venture funding. 

While they focus generally on tech startups, their specific points of interest include enterprise software and digital media, to name a few. With nearly 30 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and IPOs under its belt, Gemini Israel Ventures has a track record of smart, strategic investment that goes the distance.

2. OurCrowd

  • Industries: Agriculture, Energy, Consumer Hardware, Foodtech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Upper90, Edgybees, Flash Coffee

OurCrowd is an innovative, global venture capital firm that is increasing access to participating in venture capital funds. With over 225,000 registered investors spanning 195 countries investing in the fund, OurCrowd is able to democratize VC investments for a wider percentage of the population. 

The platform works by users creating a free OurCrowd account, selecting investment opportunities, and then tracking their portfolio performance over time. While the investment is still more expensive than other investment opportunities, the minimum being $10,000, OurCrowd provides a unique, rare opportunity to make investments in the startup ecosystem.

3. Viola Ventures

  • Industries: Climate Tech, Gaming, Proptech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Panjaya Faye, Speedata, Lama

Dedicated to early-stage tech investment, Viola Ventures is a venture capital fund with over $1.3 billion under management across six funds, deploying capital into a variety of sectors from fintech to AI. 

The firm’s priority is early-stage investment, with some investments reaching as far into the startup lifecycle as Series B. Investment rounds are typically between $500,000 and $10 million, and each startup is selected by a team of seven dedicated investing partners.

4. Team8

  • Industries: Cybersecurity, Fintech, Data
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: April, Classiq, Dig Security, Gem

Team8 is a solutions-based VC firm with a belief that capital alone isn’t enough to build companies that break the mold. Rather than investing in existing companies alone, Team8 works with entrepreneurs to co-found companies utilizing their existing systems to optimize for success. 

Their group of C-level executives called the ‘Village’ provides problem identification and solving support and works with the founding team to build strong startups that last. The firm has three groupings supporting different sectors: Team8 Enterprise, dedicated to tech, cyber, and AI, Team8 Fintech, and Team8 Capital, dedicated to leading investments in seed, Series A, and Series B investments.

5. iAngels

  • Industries: Agritech, Advertising Technology, Life Science, Cannabis
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Voyage81, BeeHero, CoinMama, Solomoto

iAngels is a women-founded venture capital firm based in Tel Aviv. The firm not only offers an online application process, making it easier for entrepreneurs to connect with the firm, but it also partners with startups long-term to help guide and support them as they scale. 

iAngels boasts $400 million in assets under management and 25 profitable exits from its venture capital firm. Their portfolio of over 100 investments ranges from verticals within the tech sphere to cannabis funding.

6. Pitango VC

  • Industries: AI, Mobility, Foodtech, ESG
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: AppsFlyer, Optibus, Taboola, AI21 Labs

Founded in 1993, Pitango has a long history of successful investment with over 250 portfolio companies and more than 85 exits and acquisitions on its roster. 

There are three funds run by the firm, First, Growth, and HealthTech, as well as a value-added platform that supports portfolio companies beyond the initial investment with a network of expert support across team building, marketing and communications, strategic partnerships, and legal counsel.

7. Vertex Ventures Israel

  • Industries: HRTech, Media, Quantum
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: GrowthSpace, Axonius, Navina, Base

Vertex Ventures Israel is an early-stage investment company dedicated to providing capital for startups disrupting their industries. The firm generally invests in companies from seed to Series B rounds and boasts $1.3 billion in assets under management. 

With a network spanning the US, India, Southeast Asia, and China, Vertex Ventures invests globally and helps startups to expand on an international level as well.

8. Aleph

  • Industries: SaaS, Big Data, Information Technology
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Agora, Floodlight,, Empathy

Another early-stage investment firm, Aleph was founded in 2013 and today has $850 million in assets under management. With investments primarily in tech, their portfolio includes verticals from big data to software-as-a-service (SaaS). 

Their platform, Ampliphy, is a value generator that aims to support startup founders as they identify and solve common problems. From recruitment to business development, the platform provides value to founders to build their businesses.

9. Magma Venture Partners

  • Industries: Security, SaaS, Software, Marketing
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Pente Networks, Appreciate, AppsFlyer, Cylus

Magma Ventures Partners is a leading venture capital firm in Israel dedicated to making investments in information, communications, and technology (ICT), software, and new media. 

Their investments are typically early-stage and hands-on in the process of growing the company. Investment principles lean heavily on the startup team, seeking exceptional leaders and talent with strong expertise in the field they are building.

10. Maniv Mobility

  • Industries: Mobility, Robotics, Computer Vision
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Autofleet, Bipi, Gauge, Revel

Maniv Mobility is a niche VC firm prioritizing investments in mobility startups as well as robotics and computer vision. Operating in Tel Aviv and New York City, Maniv Mobility deploys global investment in disruptive startups in the transportation space and beyond. 

Since this is an industry-specific venture capital fund, they have a smaller portfolio, but the support and expertise provided to portfolio companies is exceptional.

11. Remagine Ventures

  • Industries: Sports, Gaming & Esports, Ecommerce
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: MinuteMedia, Novos, echo3D, Syte

Reimagine Ventures is a pre-seed and seed investment company funding startups in a variety of tech-related verticals, from generative AI to sport and healthtech. The firm focuses not only on the sector but the stage and geographic location as well, deploying strategic and curated capital in their preferred areas. 

A primary focus on Reimagine Ventures is to build a strong ecosystem of companies supporting each other to provide insights and guidance across all of their portfolio companies. Making them both a partner and an investor for their investment companies.

12. StageOne Ventures

  • Industries: Cloud Computing, Software Infrastructure, DevOps, Deep Compute
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Canditech, BeamUp, Backslash, Common Ground

StageOne Ventures is a seed-stage investment firm for enterprise tech founders making waves in their industries. With over $500 million in assets under management across four funds, StageOne Ventures has dedicated capital to fast-scaling companies to help them reach global markets. 

Not only does the fund provide capital for its portfolio startups – its companies also receive expert guidance, advisory services, and a peer network to support them along their journey.

13. Jibe Ventures

  • Industries: Software, Information Technology, AI
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Exodigo, NORBr, Deci, Finout

Jibe Ventures is an alternative venture capital firm that places an emphasis on human connection rather than the traditional VC process of pitch decks and immediate formalities. 

This is an early-stage fund offering more than simply capital for startup founders. Jibe also provides team building, ideation, and go-to-market strategy assistance to help their portfolio companies thrive.

14. Sarona Ventures

  • Industries: Enterprise Software, Fintech, Retail, Marketing
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: ClickHouse, Coin Tracker, Notion, MaterialsZone

Sarona Ventures is an Israel-based venture capital firm with global ties to New York, Miami, Singapore, the UAE, and San Francisco. With seven unicorns under their belt, including Ramp and Notion, Sarona boasts success stories across their 92 portfolio companies and $45 billion in assets under management. 

Their investment stages range from pre-seed to Series B. Plus, the firm’s partners aren’t just managing limited partners' (LP) funds; they are investing in portfolio companies themselves.

15. Glilot Capital Partners

  • Industries: Network Security, SaaS, Software
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: ESGgo, At-Bay, Cherre, LayerX

Glilot Capital Partners is a stage-agnostic firm ranked among the top five best-performing venture capital funds in the world. They operate several funds: the Glilot Seed Fund for early-stage startups and the Glilot+ Fund for startups post-Series A. 

Their total funds add up to $500 million under management across various sectors, including cybersecurity and SaaS.

16. 10D

  • Industries: Digital Health, Fintech, Computer Vision, AI
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Acumen, DayTwo, Clair Labs, Evermile

10D is a diversity-conscious venture capital firm with a thorough process for vetting and sporting portfolio companies. They invest in a range of tech verticals, including AI and computer vision, focusing on innovative founders and strong teams. 

They also offer future and follow-up fundraising to continue to support portfolio startups even after the initial investment.

17. Hetz Ventures

  • Industries: Climatech, DevOps, Esports & Gaming 
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Lama AI, Wilco, Aligned, Tymely AI

An early-stage startup investment firm, Hetz Ventures is dedicated to supporting startups at the beginning of their journey. Portfolio companies gain access to a global network of executive tech leaders and support developing go-to-market strategies and even product market fit. 

Their investment turnaround is quick, averaging 20 days from the first meeting to signing. Plus, the firm offers follow-on investment to further back their portfolio companies as they scale.

18. Grove Ventures

  • Industries: Energy, Edge Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, B2B
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: ActiveFence, Protai, Quantum Source, Navina

Grove Ventures provides venture capital for early-stage startups with founders who are transforming the future with innovative technology. Their investments range from healthcare and biotech to software infrastructure and dev tools. 

The firm places a huge emphasis on Deep Future, digitalizing industries, as well as the daily lives of humans across the globe. Creating stronger ties between humanity and technology and shaping the future.

19. Pontifax

  • Industries: Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Medtech, 
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Emergence Therapeutics, Abcuro, Adicet Bio, ADCendo

Pontifax is a healthcare-focused VC firm with $1.2 billion in assets under management since its inception in 2004. Rather than investing in companies alone, Pontifax also invests in ideas and innovation at their origin, sometimes establishing companies themselves. 

With offices in Israel and the UK, their focus is breakthrough developments in therapeutics and medical technologies that may shape the future of healthcare for the world.

20. Crescendo Venture Partners

  • Industries: Big Data, AI, Machine Learning
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: env0, Datos Health, Cyvers, Perception Point

Crescendo Venture Partners is an early-stage investor in startups with large market opportunities that are poised to solve widespread problems. They are partnered with the Geneva-based Crescendo group and boast a widespread network across Europe, Latin America, and Asia. 

Their chief area of investment is data and technology. However, the firm expresses interest in companies that are solving complex problems with simple, scalable solutions.

21. F2 Capital

  • Industries: Connectivity, AI, Big Data 
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Faye,, Zero Networks, Astrix Security

F2 is a founder-centric venture capital firm offering capital even at the earliest stages, helping entrepreneurs build disruptive products and scale their companies. Their investments are typically made during the pre-seed and seed stages with checks up to $4 million. 

The firm bills itself as industry-agnostic, funding startups in verticals ranging from human resources to real estate solutions and everything in between.

22. Genesis Partners

  • Industries: Tech, Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: K2View, Simply (formerly JoyTunes),

Genesis Partners is an early-stage and seed venture capital firm funding startups that are disrupting industries with technological innovation. Their four funds total $400 million in assets under management. 

Their portfolio includes a wide variety of different startups, solving pain points using technology from module-level electronics for solar power to innovations in music education.

23. TLV Partners

  • Industries: Infrastructure, Cloud Security, Quantum Computing, AI
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: CodiumAI, Mesh Payments, Rookout

TLV Partners isn’t just named for the limited and general partners that make up a venture capital fund, the firm aims to be partners with every portfolio company they invest in to help them build their company. 

They are an early-stage venture capital firm ranging from seed to Series A rounds. Moreover, the fund reserves up to $15 million in investment capital per portfolio company to use as a follow-on round, as well as their Opportunity Fund, a separate investment that can be tacked onto initial investments for startups experiencing rapid growth.