22 Top Climate Tech Venture Capital Firms 2024

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Are you an entrepreneur or startup founder looking to make a difference in the fight against climate change? Now's the perfect time to take the leap, as there's never been a more critical moment to focus on our environment.

Luckily, you're not alone in this battle – numerous venture capital (VC) firms are stepping up to fund innovative climate tech startups just like yours.

We'll reveal the best climate-focused VC firms eager to invest in your game-changing ideas and work together towards a greener future. Let’s dive into the world of VC investments and uncover how they’re helping shape the environmental landscape!

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Best Climate Tech VCs

When you’re part of a fledgling startup, you know how vital it is to secure reliable investors, and that's precisely what we're here to help you with.

We understand that finding the perfect fit among VC firms can be overwhelming. So, we've compiled a list of the best climate tech VC firms available right now, ready to invest in your future success. Let's dive in and explore these potential partners together, so you can make your mark in the world of eco-friendly innovation.

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1. Octopus Ventures

  • Location: United Kingdom (London)
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Olio, WeFarm, Origami Energy

Octopus Ventures is here to help startup founders make a difference while they focus on building a thriving business. They invest in a diverse range of industries, such as B2B software, biotech, and fintech, supporting entrepreneurs from the earliest stages all the way to Series A. Not only do they provide startups with funding, but they also offer hands-on support to ensure success.

By working with Octopus Ventures, you'll be backed by passionate investors who genuinely care about positively impacting the world. They're committed to partnering with purpose-driven founders who create solutions to significant problems. With expertise in various sectors, Octopus Ventures is the ideal partner to help startups succeed while staying true to their values and impact goals.

2. World Fund

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Treecard, FreshFlow, Planet Foods

World Fund is a climate tech VC on a mission to help decarbonize the global economy, investing only in technologies with significant emissions savings potential. They support startups from early to growth stages, focusing on Energy, Food and Agriculture, Manufacturing, Buildings, and Mobility. The entrepreneurs they back are those who view decarbonization as a value driver, think big, and take action while building tech for a regenerative world.

To determine which startups receive their backing, World Fund evaluates their Climate Performance Potential (CPP) using an in-house, science-based methodology developed in collaboration with TU Berlin, Project Drawdown, and Project Frame. This assessment includes a quantitative analysis of potential CO2e savings, a qualitative evaluation of environmental and social impact using IRIS+ metrics, and alignment with the fund's vision of a regenerative world based on renewable energy, material circularity, regenerative systems, and climate & social equity.


  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Stage: N/A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Beta Hatch, Andes, Boston Materials

Imagine a world where you can make a real, impactful difference in the fight against climate change. ACCELR8 is an impact fund that invests in companies working on sustainable climate solutions, aiming to reduce and sequester greenhouse gases while partnering with founders who can create exponential change toward our climate goals.

Not only does ACCELR8 invest in these game-changing companies, but they also fund social impact research, philanthropy, and policy advocacy for a just transition to a low-carbon economy. With a team that combines expertise in science, strategy, and investing, ACCELR8 is helping innovators deliver the exponential change needed to protect our environment.

4. Norrsken VC

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Karma, Winningtemp

Norrsken VC is on a mission to invest in startups that tackle the world's most pressing challenges in sustainable ways. Their portfolio includes companies working on electrifying transport, cutting food waste, creating electric airplanes, perfecting vegan cheese, digitalizing fashion supply chains, and empowering small farmers. In 2020 alone, these companies reached 3.7 million farmers, saved 11 million kilograms of food from waste, and committed to reducing 4.5 million kilograms of CO2 from road transport.

As you explore options for making a difference, consider Norrsken VC's approach. They're looking to invest in scalable software or hardware solutions with measurable positive social and environmental impacts. By supporting these innovative startups, you can play a role in creating a better future for all.

5. ENGIE New Ventures

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Industrial, Connected Energy

At ENGIE New Ventures, they're all about investing in the future of cleantech energy. Their €200 million fund, established in 2014, goes toward supporting innovative startups that can drive the energy transition. But it’s not just about funding; they actively collaborate with startups to create strategic partnerships that benefit both parties and accelerate innovation within ENGIE.

Their approach is centered around investing in companies with groundbreaking technologies and business models, with the goal to digitize, decarbonize, and decentralize the energy sector. Since 2014, they've invested in over 35 innovative startups, helping them scale their solutions worldwide. By working together, they're helping shape the future of energy for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

6. Pale Blue Dot

  • Location: Malmö, Sweden
  • Stage: N/A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: HIVED, Monta

Pale Blue Dot, a forward-thinking VC firm, specializes in supporting early-stage companies that tackle the climate crisis head-on. They seek out innovative startups across various industries, particularly those focused on reducing carbon emissions, removing carbon from the atmosphere, or adapting to our rapidly changing world.

At the heart of Pale Blue Dot's investment strategy lies a strong belief that profit and impact can coexist harmoniously. Emphasizing the value of diverse and inclusive teams, they actively back founders who are dedicated to cultivating a competitive advantage through diversity within their companies.

7. Energy Impact Partners

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Stage: N/A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Scythe, Dragonfly Energy, Oort

Founded in 2015, Energy Impact Partners (EIP) has been a trailblazer in climate technology, even before it gained widespread attention. They understand the unique opportunities and challenges within the industry and have established a vast platform to further their mission.

EIP boasts over $3 billion in assets under management, with a team of 80+ experienced professionals in various fields. Collaborating with hundreds of partners, they supply over $500 million in funding to more than 100 portfolio companies in the US and Europe. Their mission is to unite incumbent utilities and innovative startups to better identify and scale sustainable solutions for a net-zero carbon future.


  • Location: Princeton, New Jersey
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Novoloop, Upside Foods, NotCo

SOSV, a global venture capital firm, focuses on investing in deep tech startups that aim to improve human and planetary health. By offering programs to assist founders in developing breakthrough technologies, SOSV cultivates a diverse range of startups, including cultivated meat, upcycled plastics, and medical devices in Africa.

This dedicated firm not only helps build a diverse network of investors but has also substantially impacted its portfolio companies in 2022, with over $200 million in follow-on funding. Through its programs and funds, SOSV transforms scientists into entrepreneurs driven to save lives and protect our planet.

9. Khosla Ventures

  • Location: Silicon Valley (Menlo Park, California)
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Mainspring, IMPOSSIBLE

Khosla Ventures is a venture capital firm that thrives on backing disruptive technology companies with bold ideas that many consider impossible. They commit not only funds but also hands-on support to ensure their portfolio companies' success. Best of all, the founders they work with often praise the firm for believing in them early and standing by them through challenges.

Some standout companies that Khosla Ventures has supported include Mainspring, Impossible, Nutanix, Lanzatech, Guardant Health, and Rocket Lab. They're on the hunt for contrarian bets boasting world-class teams who've done their homework, as these types of investments have the potential to transform entire industries. There’s no question that when Khosla Ventures steps in, they bring faith and perseverance to help these visionaries make a difference.

10. Breakthrough Energy Ventures

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Stage: N/A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Viridos, Stratus Materials, Unearthly Materials

Breakthrough Energy set its sights on a monumental goal: to achieve net-zero global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, down from the current 51 billion tons per year. They know this ambitious mission demands a massive technological transformation across various sectors, and they're not afraid to take up the challenge. To combat climate change, they fund research, invest in eco-friendly businesses, and push for policies that boost innovation.

Their vision is to spark creative solutions that supply affordable and abundant clean energy for all. By uniting public and private sectors, Breakthrough Energy works tirelessly to accelerate market formation and reduce the costs of green technologies. With a worldwide network of partners, they drive forward progress within technology, markets, and policy arenas.

11. Elemental Excelerator

  • Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Nitricity, Community Energy Labs

Elemental Excelerator, a nonprofit organization, dedicates itself to scaling climate solutions and fostering social impact across communities. With a focus on growth-stage companies developing climate technologies, they have funded over 150 firms and 115 projects. Their ambitious goal? To deploy 100 transformational climate technology projects within the next five years.

Understanding that equity and access hold the key to tackling climate change, Elemental Excelerator constantly evolves; their five-year strategy entails not only growing their core work but also expanding into specific areas and platforms. This approach serves to amplify and empower countless others in the process.

12. ETF Partners

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture, Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Net Purpose, Modern Milkman

ETF Partners, a pioneer in sustainable innovation, has been investing in groundbreaking environmental technology companies for over 15 years. With a strong focus on making a positive impact, their portfolio companies are heralding a more eco-friendly future for all.

Recently, ETF Partners' portfolio has seen significant growth, with new partnerships, funding rounds, and impact reports emerging. As they continue to persist in combatting climate change, their dedication to fostering a sustainable world remains unwavering.

13. Clean Energy Ventures

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Sparkmeter, Boston Materials, ClearFlame

Clean Energy Ventures, a venture capital firm, specializes in supporting climate tech startups that work to combat global climate change. Their mission revolves around the ambitious goal of backing companies capable of reducing carbon emissions by at least 2.5 gigatons by 2050. The firm's commitment goes beyond funding, offering mentorship, assistance in talent acquisition, and strategic marketing guidance to their portfolio companies.

Their team, made up of dedicated physicists and engineers, carries out thorough technology assessments to guarantee that the startups they invest in possess viable solutions to climate challenges. This hands-on approach ensures that the companies they support are best positioned to make real, lasting impacts on our environment. Clean Energy Ventures truly embodies the spirit of innovation in the pursuit of a brighter and greener future.

14. Social Impact Capital

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Prometheus Fuels, Charm Industrial, Trident Desal

Social Impact Capital is a venture capital firm that makes the world a better place by investing in mission-driven startups. They focus on being early supporters of great, impactful ideas, often investing within the first $2 million in funding and backing founders until their companies catch the eye of top-tier VCs.

Impressively, Social Impact Capital sees an 89% follow-on investment rate from prestigious firms and a 100% overall follow-on rate. They're dedicated to turning groundbreaking ideas into reality while creating a positive impact on the world.

15. Energy Foundry

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Sistine Solar, Volexion

Energy Foundry is on a mission to revolutionize the energy and cleantech industry by investing venture capital in promising early-stage startups. They don't just provide funding; they also equip businesses with the tools and strategic relationships they need to grow and thrive.

Ranked among the top venture capital firms in their sector, Energy Foundry's unique approach combines financial backing with valuable partnerships. They're dedicated to delivering essential resources and connections, helping turn innovative ideas into real-world businesses that can disrupt and transform the energy and cleantech landscape.

16. Fifty Years

Fifty Years, a San Francisco-based early-stage venture capital firm specializes in supporting startups that aim to tackle major global challenges. With backing from 44 founders of billion-dollar tech companies, the firm is determined to assist the next generation of entrepreneurs in making a significant impact.

Focusing on areas such as decarbonizing chemicals, low-cost diagnostics, and satellite technology for global internet access, Fifty Years primarily targets founders with PhDs. Their mission is to help these highly-qualified scientists evolve into world-class entrepreneurs while emphasizing that financial success is secondary to finding solutions to the world's biggest problems.

17. Powerhouse Ventures

  • Location: Oakland, California
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Tyba, Carbon Collective, Zeti

Powerhouse Ventures, a savvy group of investors, is dedicated to supporting innovative climate tech startups focused on decarbonization. With a strong network of over 100 investors, including many trailblazing women, they're making waves in the fight against climate change.

Their portfolio companies tackle diverse sectors, from building efficiency and energy storage to transportation and grid optimization. Star players like Specifx, Adapti, and Tyba are making strides in reducing emissions, optimizing building designs, and maximizing energy storage value. Powerhouse Ventures is truly an unstoppable force in the quest for a net-zero carbon economy.

18. Climate Investment (CI)

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Qnergy, Aeroseal, Boston Metal, SeekOps

Climate Investment is an independently managed specialist investor focused on accelerating capital-efficient decarbonization of heavy emitting sectors. Operational since 2017, its team of investment and technology professionals has built a portfolio of 37 technology and business model innovations across energy, transportation, buildings and industry. Collectively, its Catalyst portfolio delivered 57 MT CO2e of cumulative greenhouse gas reduction in the period 2019- 2022.

Climate Investment was founded by member companies of the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative (“OGCI”). They have invested in Climate Investment funds and deployed many of its portfolio innovations, supporting their early commercial development.

19. Renewal Funds

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Stage: Debt, Early-Stage Venture, Private Equity
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Swiftly, Evive

Renewal Funds is a dedicated venture capital fund investing in forward-thinking, early-stage companies that emphasize environmental innovation and sustainable consumer products. With a whopping $240 million managed across three funds, they aim to help shift the world toward a greener economy by directing resources intelligently.

The founders of Renewal Funds, who've spent over 15 years in the field of mission-based investments, proudly wear their B Corp and Global Impact Investing certifications. These distinctions showcase their unwavering commitment to fostering sustainability and creating a positive social impact.

20. Future Positive Capital

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Seed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Brilliant Planet, Aerones, Sweetch Energy

Future Positive Capital is an investment firm dedicated to supporting European companies that drive innovation through technology to address global challenges. They focus on businesses at the junction of sustainability and technology, which can significantly improve people's lives. With an emphasis on step-change solutions, visionary founders, and social and environmental progress, the fund aims to make a lasting positive impact.

As a collaborative long-term partner, Future Positive Capital provides capital, connections, and business support to help companies maximize their potential and achieve financial and impact success. They take a problems-first approach, investing in areas they deeply understand, unlocking unlimited potential in the process. By partnering with entrepreneurs/founders, they’re working to cultivate holistic value that encompasses economic, human, societal, and technological benefits.

21. ArcTern Ventures

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Span, Carbon America, ev.energy

ArcTern Ventures is devoted to investing in startups that prioritize sustainability and tackle climate change. They're firm believers that technology, such as artificial intelligence, innovative materials, lab-grown meat, and electric transportation, can revolutionize the way we achieve a low-carbon economy. The ArcTern Ventures team is also passionate about supporting ground-breaking innovations that pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

According to the venture capital firm, we're at a turning point in history where backing cutting-edge technologies can speed up the shift to an eco-friendly and sustainable economy. This includes investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy solutions, and advanced manufacturing. ArcTern Ventures' goal is to invest now and help build a future free from the restrictions of carbon emissions.

22. Chrysalix Venture Capital

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Stage: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture, Private Equity
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: C2CA Technology, Luffy AI

Chrysalix Venture Capital is passionate about investing in industrial sustainability, teaming up with innovative companies that aim to increase productivity and meet climate goals. Focusing on hard science and cutting-edge tech, they offer startups more than just funding – they provide support to pilot, demonstrate, and scale solutions. Thanks to their ecosystem, startups get a head start in accelerating their commercialization journey.

With experience spanning over 20 years in energy and industrial innovation, Chrysalix knows how to pick the right technologies for sustainable industries. They're on the lookout for ambitious founders eager to make a difference in crafting a more sustainable future through their inventions. Every partnership they form moves us closer to a cleaner, greener world. 

There's no question that if you're looking for a great VC partner that knows the importance of meeting climate goals through industrial sustainability, Chrysalix Venture Capital is a great partner to move forward with. Even if you're a brand-new startup founder, they'll walk with you every step of the way and help you get the funding you need to build a better and greener world.

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