Best Venture Capital Firms in Toronto 2024

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As an entrepreneur in Toronto, you're likely familiar with the thrill of a potential business breakthrough when you've got an innovative idea and the drive to make it a reality. But in the world of startups, even the most promising idea needs fuel, and that fuel usually comes in the form of capital. That's where venture capital (VC) firms come into play.

In this guide, we'll dive into some of the top venture capital firms in Toronto, each with its own unique strengths and investment focus. Whether you're dabbling in tech or pioneering in the health industry, there's a capital firm out there ready to give your dreams wings.

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Top VC Investors in Toronto

Venture capital firms give a helping hand to young startups by providing them with the means to grow, develop, and realize their potential. However, not all venture capital firms are created equal. Some will be better suited to your needs than others, and it's essential to find the right fit for your startup.

Fortunately for Toronto entrepreneurs, this city is home to some of the top venture capital firms in the country that are ready to breathe life into your startup dreams. Read on below to discover the leading venture capital firms in Toronto that could be the game changers for your startup's financial future.

1. Pioneer Fund

If you need funding decisions made in record time, you'll want to pitch to the Pioneer Fund. This venture capital firm is known for being run by founders for founders looking to make investment decisions within 48 hours of meeting prospective companies. 

Dedicated to funding innovation no matter the industry, they're on a mission to support founders throughout their funding journey. With a network of over 360 Y Combinator alumni and limited partners, you'll get more than just cash - you'll gain access to a wide array of industry and regional connections to help your business expand globally.

2. MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

  • Industries: SaaS, Software, Healthcare, Analytics
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: ODAIA, Ranovus, ACTO, Nicoya Lifesciences

For ambitious founders building breakthrough tech companies, MaRS IAF could be the venture capital firm that gets you off the ground. Over the years, they've established themselves as one of Canada's most active early-stage investors, deploying large amounts of capital and backing several successful startups. 

Their portfolio of companies doesn't just get funding – they also get access to potential customers, academia, and industry experts to go along with it. This is a firm that supports founders right from the start, giving them a unique platform that hopes to assist startups in reaching their growth targets.

3. Relay Ventures

  • Industries: Ecommerce, Advertising, Financial Services, Software/Mobile
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Greenlight, Bird, Enthusiast Gaming, Cookin

Relay Ventures is no newbie to the tech investment world. Since 2007, they've backed several tech startups, resulting in successful exits, including Ecobee, Quickplay Media, Q9 Networks, and many more. Relay has an affinity for ideas that defy conventional wisdom and address pressing issues. 

Over the years, they've supported startups in sectors like autonomy, robotics, mobility, real estate, fintech, and even games to achieve significant milestones. If your startup aligns with these interests, then Relay Ventures might just be the venture capital firm for you.

4. Golden Ventures

  • Industries: IT, Ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Internet
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Faire, Wasabi, Avidbots Corp, BenchSci

Meet Golden Ventures: a seed-stage venture capital fund that's all about disrupting existing industries through technology and software. With its $100 Million Fund IV, they're investing throughout North America, making initial investments of between $500,000 and $2 million for a significant stake in promising companies. 

They’re not just limited to seed-stage startups, though, since the firm also invests in later stages if they're closely connected to the founders. Golden Ventures is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within its fund, looking for strong founding teams, large market opportunities, and early traction signals when considering prospective investments.

5. Loyal VC

  • Industries: Industry Agnostic (Includes AI, Ecommerce, Fintech, Health, etc.)
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: MyTM, ZestIOT, Avant Meats, BetaStore

Loyal VC is a community-focused venture capital firm based in Toronto that prides itself on supporting startups at every step of their journey. Rather than restricting themselves to specific industries, they look for purpose-driven startups that use technology to solve real-world problems. 

They’ve established a massive global community of investors, advisors, and founders that startups in their portfolio can access at any stage of their growth, and there’s no doubt that the approach Loyal VC takes towards investing is unique. They run an open-ended fund with quarterly pricing, giving investors extra flexibility in managing their investments.

6. OMERS Ventures

  • Industries: SaaS, Software, Financial Services, Big Data/Analytics
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Wefox, Group14 Technologies, Clearcover, Hootsuite

OMERS Ventures is a venture capital firm with a significant presence in Toronto. With an international structure and robust global network of properties, partners, and infrastructure, the firm helps its portfolio companies grow faster. They’re proud to be curious, conducting thorough research before engaging with industries and companies and ensuring a deep understanding of potential opportunities and challenges.

OMERS Ventures is distinguished by its long-term outlook. As one of Canada's largest pension plans, the firm is not restricted by traditional fund cycles or pressures. It focuses on the long-term success of its portfolio companies. This makes OMERS Ventures a reliable partner for high-growth companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs seeking to transform into industry leaders.

7. Paradigm Capital

  • Industries: Mining, Precious Metals, Mineral, Oil and Gas
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Franco-Nevada, Tahoe Resources, Romarco Minerals, WiLAN

Paradigm Capital is an independent Canadian investment dealer specializing in backing companies with high long-term growth potential. Their deep expertise spans several sectors, including mining, biotechnology/healthcare, industrial products, technology, energy, and diversified industries. The firm provides original research, independent advice, and exceptional service to clients, ultimately connecting investors to companies that exhibit strong long-term growth characteristics.

As an employee-owned entity, Paradigm Capital takes an entrepreneurial approach to investing. They place an emphasis on diligence and finding innovative solutions that help their clients grow. It is this commitment to examining all aspects of a potential investment that has made Paradigm Capital a trusted entity in the world of venture capital.

8. Georgian

  • Industries: Cybersecurity, IT, SaaS, Analytics
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Devo, eSentire, WorkFusion, Oyster

Based in Toronto, Georgian is an investment firm that builds proprietary software to assist its portfolio companies to scale faster. In addition to being a venture capital firm, Georgian is also a fintech company. Their focus on using technology to solve growth stage challenges sets them apart from other venture capital firms in Toronto.

The firm is committed to adding value to its portfolio companies and emphasizes AI adoption and generative AI as key growth drivers. By boosting product differentiation and uncovering new sales opportunities through AI, Georgian proves itself an invaluable asset for any growth oriented venture.

9. Canaccord Genuity Group

  • Industries: Precious Metals, Mining, Financial Services, Energy
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Franco-Nevada, Tahoe Resources, Superior Plus, Bellatrix Exploration

An impressive player in the global investment space, Canaccord Genuity Group brings a wealth of expertise and growth-centric strategies to the table. The firm's primary focus lies in nurturing growth companies and offering wealth management services to both novice and experienced investors in key regions, including Australia, Canada, the UK, Guernsey, Isle of Man, and Jersey. 

A unique feature of Canaccord Genuity is its dedicated program for supporting women entrepreneurs that showcases their commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

10. Celtic House Venture Partners

  • Industries: Software, Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Wireless/Internet
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Fantuan, Snappy, Tropic Networks, Ubiquity Software

Celtic House Venture Partners is a seasoned venture capital firm with a proven track record of investing in tech startups. Over the past two decades, this firm has invested over $650 million in more than 75 startups, resulting in 30 IPOs and M&As. 

Examples of their successful investments include Fantuan, a lifestyle service platform that raised a whopping $40 million in a Series C funding round, and Snappy, a restaurant management software startup that secured $7 million CAD ($5.2 million USD) in a Series A financing round.

11. Portage Ventures

  • Industries: Fintech, Financial Services, Software, Insurtech/Insurance
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: KOHO Financial, Albert, League, Clark

With a close eye on the changing fintech landscape, Portage Ventures offers an investment platform that could be the launchpad ambitious startups need. They provide multifaceted capital solutions and have an extensive global network. 

To date, they manage over $2.5 billion in assets across multiple funds and co-investments. The team at Portage is characterized by its entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to work closely with its partner companies.

12. Lumira Ventures

  • Industries: Biotechnology, Healthcare, Therapeutics, Medical
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Antios Therapeutics, Biotheryx, Notch Therapeutics, HistoSonics

Lumira Ventures stands out with an unwavering focus on the life sciences field. Their goal? To partner with entrepreneurs and build companies that impact patients' lives worldwide. Lumira's investment team's collective experience surpasses 225 years in the healthcare and life science sectors. 

What's notable is their commitment to philanthropy; they dedicate a portion of partner time and profits to support healthcare access, research, and translational medicine at many leading healthcare foundations.

13. Extreme Venture Partners

  • Industries: Software, Analytics, Mobile, IT
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Chango, Foxquilt,, Fixmo

Extreme Venture Partners brings together investment and mentorship to help grow seed-stage startups, predominantly based in Toronto. With over 100 ventures in their investment roster and managing three funds totaling over $500 million, they've become a trusted name among ambitious entrepreneurs. 

Their portfolio companies have not only generated billions in shareholder value but also created over 5,000 careers in innovative companies.

14. Kensington Capital Partners Limited

  • Industries: SaaS, Ecommerce, Analytics, Internet
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: TouchBistro, Wallbox, IronNet Cybersecurity, Real Matters

Kensington Capital Partners Limited is all about creating viable partnerships and exciting investment opportunities. They offer diversified investment strategies spanning across private markets, including venture capital, growth equity, and mid-market buyouts. 

With a focus on businesses scaling rapidly that carry greater risk but target high returns, Kensington stands as a firm that is as daring as it is strategic.

15. Round13 Capital

  • Industries: Software, SaaS, Internet, AI
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: MSquared, Nylas, KOHO Financial, LifeSpeak

Round13 Capital operates on a set of core beliefs that revolve around understanding a company's values, recognizing its unique prowess, curating high-quality teams, and aiming for large-scale success. Their expertise lies in delivering efficient software and digital tools for operations management. 

With a strong belief in Canada's potential to produce global leaders in vertical SaaS companies and consumer brands, Round13 is committed to driving growth with customer-centric innovative retail concepts.

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