10 Newsletters Every Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To

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With the amount of news, resources, and content available to startup entrepreneurs, sifting through to find the most impactful content can be a hassle. Startup newsletters are extremely helpful in navigating the resources available to receive curated information and news that you actually want to read. Find the right newsletter for you by reading the best newsletters for startup entrepreneurs.

Best Startup Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to keep up to date with market trends, startup news, and helpful content to educate and inspire you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. These newsletters range in subject and frequency to help you find the best resources for you (and your startup’s) needs.

1. Foundr

Cost: Free

Get your fix of startup news, podcasts, and free training with the Foundr newsletter. Foundr is primarily a magazine that focuses on everything startup-related. Their newsletter features exclusive news, resources, tips, and more for startups looking to gain insight into the startup ecosystem and scale their business.

2. Unique Business Models

Cost: Free

If you’re looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, subscribe to Unique Business Models, the newsletter that shares innovative problem-solving startup ideas from real entrepreneurs. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for the right idea or simply a startup enthusiast who wants to learn more about how companies in a variety of industries have parlayed an idea into a real startup — this is the newsletter for you!

3. TRUiC

Cost: Free

Our newsletter not only keeps you updated on all the latest news from TRUiC, but it also gives you curated content on our latest startup stories, entrepreneur resources, and advice for starting and maintaining your business.

4. B. The Newsletter

Cost: Free

Business.com's B. The Newsletter delivers relevant and timely information twice a week to help entrepreneurs build successful startups. This newsletter covers two key areas of focus: growth tactics and strategy and culture development. Subscribers can expect a combination of useful and inspiring content, such as founder interviews, recommendations on emerging technology and books, office politics management, and more.

5. Ad Age

Cost: $14/month

Ad Age offers over 16 newsletters tailored to the needs of marketing teams and startups. A few of their newsletters include Super Bowl ad campaigns updates, daily digital marketing news, top media news, and CMO strategy newsletter.

6. Techstars

Cost: Free 

A monthly newsletter brought to you by Techstars, a leading website in tech startup news, this newsletter provides valuable insights into market trends and news as well as resources for aspiring startup founders. Moreover, since this is a monthly newsletter, you won’t be inundated with too much information.

7. Check Your Pulse

Cost: Free

Check Your Pulse isn’t just a newsletter about tech and startups; it is a newsletter about the human side of startup entrepreneurship, including the people who innovate industries, develop technological advancements, and tell their own stories. As the newsletter’s curator Sari Azout says, Check Your Pulse is “designed to make you feel human.”

8. First Round Review

Cost: Free 

If you’re looking for an advice-oriented newsletter, subscribe to the First Round Review newsletter to gain business insights through their curated newsletter. From the best of Twitter to must-read articles, First Round Review provides an impactful collection of startup-related content to help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

9. TechCrunch

Cost: Free

TechCrunch offers a variety of newsletters that vary depending on subject and frequency. If you’re looking to keep up to date on all things tech-related, their newsletter, The Daily Crunch, delivers the day’s top tech headlines straight to your inbox. However, for a less frequent newsletter alternative, TechCrunch also offers weekly newsletters on a variety of topics from space to apps.

10. The Moz

Cost: Free 

Learn from the best in marketing by subscribing to The Moz newsletter. Whether you’re trying to strengthen your SEO skills or learn what is trending in the marketing space to develop stronger campaigns for your startup, The Moz provides curated, impactful articles to help with your startup’s marketing needs.