10 Venture Capital Newsletters Founders Should Subscribe To

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In the world of entrepreneurship, staying well-informed is critical for success. It’s not just about keeping tabs on your competitors or the latest market trends; it’s also about understanding the financial landscape that helps startups thrive. This is where venture capital (VC) newsletters become an invaluable resource. 

Aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners trying to expand their knowledge horizons, this guide covers the best VC newsletters available and explores why they’re essential for your startup’s growth. These newsletters can serve as your gateway into the VC-driven startup world, offering insights into investor perspectives, emerging ventures, strategic advice, and so much more.

In the sections to come we’ll navigate through the enormous sea of Venture Capital Newsletters and look at their offerings while highlighting their strong points. This way you’ll understand which newsletters merit your time and how they can help fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

Top VC Newsletters to Follow in 2024

Get ready for a glimpse into the world of venture capital from the inside. Below are some of the best Venture Capital Newsletters available. These must-read publications can not only help entrepreneurs learn more about the VC landscape, but also uncover insights, trends, and tips related to the evolving world of startups and venture capital.

1. StrictlyVC

StrictlyVC is a popular resource for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who want to stay updated on the latest happenings in the VC sphere — especially those related to startup funding. It provides information on emerging trends, startup funding, and significant developments in the technology sector. Published from Monday through Friday, it’s become a part of the morning ritual for many business professionals interested in the startup ecosystem.

Beyond funding round news, StrictlyVC also covers significant events that influence the technology industry. This comprehensive coverage can help startup founders better understand current market conditions, the “in demand” sectors, and future trends.


The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) has a free newsletter that covers a wide range of topics, including VC-backed companies and their contributions, future predictions involving initial public offerings (IPOs) and industry trends, and more. It’s an excellent resource for entrepreneurs curious about the broader impacts of venture capitalism and who see insights on potential challenges they may face.

Because the NVCA newsletter provides high-level industry analyses, startup founders can stay updated on changing economic conditions and their potential impact (e.g., market fluctuations and the possibility of economic downturns). It also highlights employment statistics of VC-backed companies, which can help founders understand their industry’s health and growth potential.

3. Tomasz Tunguz

Tomasz Tunguz’s free newsletter has increasingly become an essential read for more than 140,000 members in the VC and entrepreneurial community. It covers a wide array of topics, including business models, innovation, marketing tactics, startup metrics, and more. Specifically, it focuses on practical advice that translates into actionable insights for startups.

With coverage ranging from the significance of freemium models to the importance of building social proof, this newsletter can benefit founders at various stages of their startup journey. It helps them understand the nuances of the startup ecosystem,  strategies for tackling competitive pressures, and techniques to align their business decisions with relevant metrics to drive business outcomes and measurable results.

4. a16z

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) provides a series of VC-related newsletters that cover areas like business-to-business (B2B) technology, fintech, bio health, American dynamism, the gaming industry, and business-to-consumer (B2C)/consumer tech. Beyond news updates and fresh a16z content their newsletters also offer commentary and analysis on recent news and compelling trends within each sector.

Each a16z newsletter focuses on a specific sector, enabling startup founders to choose the one that matches their business domain. This allows them to get insights about trends reshaping their industry and equip themselves with knowledge to make informed decisions.

5. First Round Review

First Round Review is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to explore the VC sphere. This weekly newsletter provides a curated collection of the hottest discussions in technology, summarizing essential articles, interviews, and social media buzz surrounding startups, investment strategies, and market trends. It gives subscribers early access to newly published stories that cover an array of beneficial topics sure to enrich your startup journey.

This comprehensive newsletter also incorporates both external and First Round resources aimed at promoting career progression and skills enhancement. Whether you’re hunting for advice on how to improve your pitching technique or identify emerging technology trends, its content will deliver a balance of depth and accessibility.

6. AVC

The AVC newsletter covers everything from the implications of federal policies on the financial markets to the development and challenges of emerging tech trends like artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 technologies. This broad coverage gives readers an extensive understanding of the prevailing VC climate and the tides shaping its future.

This newsletter also can give entrepreneurs a clear view of the intricate balance between technological innovations, regulatory bodies, and investment trends, including a focus on how AI-powered applications are poised to transform various industry sectors and how regulations must adapt to these changes. It also highlights key trends in the renewable energy sector and potential breakthrough moments, offering valuable insights for startups that align their business model with sustainable systems.

7. PitchBook

The PitchBook newsletter is a comprehensive VC resource that serves more than 1.5 million industry professionals. It places a strong emphasis on business funding and VC news and market trends, making it a must have for entrepreneurs and startups trying to stay ahead of the curve.

It shares in-depth analyses, research reports, and data-backed insights that help entrepreneurs understand the current investment landscape and potential future directions. It also helps readers gain a solid grasp of the state of the VC landscape, including a general overview of recent mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, funding rounds, and investment opportunities.

With a focus on providing informative and concise content, this newsletter is an essential part of strategic planning for startups looking to make funding decisions, form strategic partnerships, and drive business growth.

8. Inside VC

Inside VC’s newsletter provides a deep dive into the VC universe with coverage that dissects trends, explores booming sectors, discusses infrastructural software, and even digs into cryptocurrency startups..

In addition to delivering the latest worldwide VC news, Inside VC also focuses on investment activities. Notably, it offers detailed insights on the fundraising events of successful startups  — a goldmine of information for any entrepreneur looking to learn from successful funding strategies.

9. CB Insights

CB Insights provides detailed insights on evolving technology markets, money trends, and the latest industry shifts, presenting data through accessible and humorous commentary. Its ability to distill complex industry information into digestible nuggets of wisdom makes it a must-have resource for entrepreneurs and tech aficionados alike.

Whether you’re a data geek or an entrepreneur constantly looking for new opportunities, CB Insights will provide a wealth of knowledge with unparalleled clarity. From its analyses of various technology sectors to its forecasts of emerging tech trends, this newsletter significantly broadens the horizons of its readers.

10. Visible Weekly

For entrepreneurs looking to attract investors for their startup ventures, Visible Weekly provides rich insights and actionable advice. Published by acclaimed financial platform Visible.vc, this weekly newsletter delivers expert tips on attracting, engaging, and closing investors. 

With a simple mission to help businesses raise capital effectively from investors, this newsletter curates the best tips from around the web and covers a broad range of topics crucial for startups looking to break into the competitive world of VC funding.