10 AI Newsletters Founders Should Subscribe To

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If there is one area entrepreneurs should be updated on regularly — it is artificial intelligence (AI). This tech is reshaping the business landscape as we know it and making it more important than ever for entrepreneurs and business owners to stay informed. That’s where AI newsletters come into play.

These newsletters serve as windows into the world of AI offering insights that can help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey more effectively. Let’s dive in and explore some of the best AI newsletters for startups.

Top AI Newsletters to Follow in 2024

AI newsletters can be your gateway to the expansive universe of AI brimming with insights, trends, and real-world applications. Not only do these top AI newsletters keep you updated on the latest in AI but they also help you gain a competitive edge in this evolving tech landscape. 

1. AI Breakfast

AI Breakfast is an insightful newsletter that delivers a wealth of AI news straight to your inbox every week. For startups keen on staying informed of the most recent AI projects, products, and trends AI Breakfast offers a superb repository of knowledge. 

Their free subscription allows access to curated AI news while opting for a premium membership costs $97/year and opens up more perks such as AI consultations for your business, bonus emails on Wednesdays and Fridays, discounts on AI tools, and conferences and access to a digital copy of “Decoding AI: A Non Technical Explanation of Artificial Intelligence”. 

Topics typically covered by this newsletter include developments in AI software, updates on popular AI models such as Bard and Code Llama 70B, discovery of potential substances by AI models like AlphaFold, and the release of novel AI tools among other subjects. 

For startup owners looking to integrate AI into their operations and stay ahead of AI trends — AI Breakfast proves an invaluable resource.

2. The Rundown AI

The Rundown AI newsletter is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to stay informed about contemporary AI advancements with a low time investment. Authored by Rowan Cheung, the newsletter covers a broad spectrum of topics such as advancements in brain-computer interfaces by Neuralink, Yelp’s new AI features, and ongoing work on GPT models by OpenAI. 

The newsletter can be accessed free of charge or through a premium membership available at $27/month or $270/year. The broad and diverse nature of the topics ensures startup owners get an exhaustive understanding of AI’s strides in various sectors including but not limited to technology, the automotive industry, hardware, and policy making.

3. The Neuron

The Neuron is a newsletter ideal for startups wanting to stay updated with AI developments while understanding the industry job market. Subscribers can look forward to noteworthy AI tools, prompt guides, job guides, and company announcements. 

Recent topics include everything from corporate acquisitions and high-profile personnel changes to product launches and policy changes affecting the AI industry. For entrepreneurs trying to find a quick daily digest detailing significant industry happenings, The Neuron is a great resource. 


With a promise of delivering the most critical AI, machine learning (ML), and data science news in a free daily email, TLDR AI captures the attention of over half a million daily readers. Entrepreneurs and startup owners seeking to remain informed about key developments in AI, ML, and data science will appreciate its simplicity and brevity.

The newsletter conveniently brings together essential news and developments in the evolving landscape of AI and ML. With concise yet comprehensive coverage of AI-related matters, TLDR AI empowers its readers with knowledge crucial for decision-making and strategic planning in startups immersed in or considering venturing into AI, ML, and data science industries.

5. Not a Bot

Not A Bot is a pioneering presence in the AI newsletter landscape. It is a free resource delivering the latest AI news and trends, curated by experts for over 50,000 subscribers, with notable readers including Mark Cuban and Fortune 50 CEOs. 

With a strong focus on expert interviews delving into the far-reaching applications of AI, this newsletter is a great resource to explore new research developments, challenges in AI regulation, and intriguing predictions on how AI is set to disrupt various industries.

A unique selling point of Not A Bot is the spotlight it shines on groundbreaking work by leading-edge companies like OpenAI, covering topics as diverse as deepfake detection and misinformation. Engaging features tailored towards reader interaction including giveaways and feedback solicitation, add another layer of value. 

6. TheSequence

TheSequence is an AI newsletter that serves as a compass guiding professionals through the complex terrain of ML, AI, and data science. With its free subscription model and optional upgrade to a premium version at $6 per month or $50 per year, TheSequence is not only easily accessible but also economically viable for businesses of all scales. It’s no wonder that over 144,000 professionals worldwide place their trust in TheSequence for their regular dose of ML, AI and data science updates.

Expert interviews form a significant chunk of the newsletter’s content while the newsletter’s overview articles cut through information overload to distill the essence of ML, AI, and data science advancements. For startups wading through the vastness of AI-related news and developments, TheSequence is a handy navigator and knowledge tool.

7. Ben’s Bites

Ben’s Bites is a crisp and curated AI news digest delivered daily to over 100,000 subscribers. This newsletter packs a punch offering quick bites of AI headlines and in-depth digests on a wide gamut of AI-related topics. Though free by default readers can upgrade to a Pro version at $150 per year to access all premium posts.

Recent issues have discussed topics spanning from Crypto and AI applications to AI hardware space rivals and AI collaborations for children. With company-specific updates and insights from future-oriented reports Ben’s Bites ensures that its readers stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of AI. 

8. Unwind AI

Unwind AI is an AI newsletter geared toward professionals interested in the latest developments in artificial intelligence. The newsletter is free, however, readers can choose to pledge to support the publication from $10 per month to $250 per year. Unwind AI ensures its content remains accessible to a broad audience while also offering additional support options.

This newsletter covers a fascinating array of topics from advancements in neural networks to AI applications in unique areas like lucid dreaming control. It also keeps an eye on the commercial front  providing insights into price changes for products like OpenAI’s API. For startup founders seeking a comprehensive and insightful take on the world of AI Unwind AI is an excellent resource.

9. Last Week in AI

Last Week in AI is a trusted source of both text and audio summaries of the most up-to-date AI news. This AI newsletter caters to over 26,000 subscribers, giving its readers a comprehensive and digestible roundup of AI developments every week for free. 

The selection of articles and editorials on Last Week in AI are nothing short of excellent — with themes spanning from the newest AI voice scams to the latest updates on large language model self-improvement methods. 

For busy startup founders, Last Week in AI produces a podcast covering relevant AI news. Recent podcasts have explored items like live translation capabilities on Samsung phones, Meta’s vision for artificial general intelligence, and confidential US-China talks regarding AI safety. 

10. AI Supremacy

A unique blend of news, research, and op-eds, AI Supremacy takes a deep dive into the intersecting world of artificial intelligence, technology, and business. Authored by Michael Spencer and boasting over 52,000 subscribers this newsletter provides valuable insights into how to harness the power of AI in today’s tech-driven business environment. The broad spectrum of topics covered by AI Supremacy extends from general AI updates to deep dives into AI research and advice and insights from guest contributors. 

AI Supremacy offers both a free tier, granting access to a large variety of posts, and a premium version for $7.99/month, $79.99/year, or even a “founding member” status at $349.99/year and up. It offers startup founders invaluable knowledge about AI startups, research summaries, and guest contributions making it an indispensable resource for those in the tech ecosystem.