15 Startup Founders Share How They Achieve Work-Life Balance

Father playing with his son and enjoying his work life balance.

Achieving a balance between work and personal life is never easy — especially if you are a startup founder. However, contrary to popular belief, it can be done. These entrepreneurs shared the way they strike the right balance between running their business and their personal life. Whether you’re running an investing app or an AI startup, these are how startup founders achieve work-life balance.

How to Balance Work and Life as an Entrepreneur

1. One Typical Day, Eloise Skinner

“I try to see self-care as part of my job, which means that getting enough rest and having a social life are as important as other aspects of my work! This perspective means I'm way less likely to disregard my personal life in favour of meeting work-related targets.”

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2. Unwrapit, Linsay Moran

“This is a tough one as I'm also the parent of two young children, and we started Unwrapit during a global pandemic! I used to be a ‘work 12+ hours a day’ person, and I've realized over time that approach doesn't serve me or my family well. And we (as co-founders) don't want to build a business like that either. It's not sustainable. We know that inevitably family and work-life will intertwine, and that's okay. I've learned that I am most successful when I plan out my time. It's not always perfect, and the best-laid plans get waylaid, but planning helps.”

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3. Exirio, David Martinez de Lecea

“Mix of work, study, exercise, travel, [and a] healthy diet.”

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4. Tynt Technologies, Ameen Safir

“I commit to it. I am in my 40s and have a family, so I can no longer work 80-100 hour weeks to be successful. I focus on putting a good team around me so that we can all enjoy our lives outside of work.”

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5. SeaTour, Tyshaun Pickett

“I try to dedicate set hours before or after work for myself to work on goals for the business.”

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6. Stock Alarm, Yahia Bakour

“Build a quality product with quality infrastructure. Bad code causes headaches.”

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7. Linkody, François Mommens

“I have a lot of other interests like rock climbing, hiking, and yoga. I want to spend time with my girlfriend and my friends.”

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8. Anapi, Ruth Haller

“Working from home full time means that I’m home with my six-month-old, so I can take breaks during the day to spend time with her, which is helpful. I also try to make a point to get out of the house once a day for a walk to refresh myself and clear my head.”

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9. GO, Michael Beauchamp

“Play with my kids after work and on the weekends but then work early and late to make time for family and friends.”

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10. Hypnos Virtual, Mike (Kaz) Kaczkowski

“There is not [an] easy answer. You must surround yourself with people that understand your passion and allow you to live it.”

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11. Bodha.ai, Karl Cadet

“I am an early riser. I start the day with meditation, a gym workout, and then work for 10 to 12 hours. I also watch sports, [listen to] audiobooks, stay in contact with close family, and [find] great Pandora music stations.”

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12. Bucephalus, Nicholas DeGiacomo

“You need to have other passions. I love to box, and I run regularly. External stimuli like training for the 2021 NYC marathon is an effective forcing function.”

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13. Flashpacker Co., Jason Kraemer

“There are always periods where the business takes over. For us, that’s typically the holiday shopping season. When those crazy periods pass, it's important to step back and breathe. A couple [of] times a year, we try to reduce our time commitment to mentally reset. 

When we’re running the business while traveling, it's easier to step away to make sure we’re experiencing the country or city we're currently in.”

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14. Homebldr, Adam M. Eldibany

“As an entrepreneur, you obviously have to push yourself. However, there comes a point where, if you push yourself too far, your mental health starts to take a hit. Identifying this point and respecting it is how entrepreneurs should balance their lives.”

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15. Marqvision, Mark Lee

“It’s not easy to achieve work-life balance. Knowing that when I finish my workday I’ll get to spend time with my spouse and one-year-old daughter forces me to focus during the day and get off work by 7 p.m.”

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