10 Startup Founders Share What Surprised Them About Entrepreneurship

Woman sharing what surprised her about entrepreneurship.

There are a myriad of ways entrepreneurship can surprise you — from the habits you need to develop as an entrepreneur to lessons you never expected to learn. These entrepreneurs shared what surprised them most about entrepreneurship to give you an inside look into what it is like being a startup founder and the unexpected lessons you learn along the way.

What Surprised 10 Founders About Entrepreneurship

1. Boataffair, Adrian Walker

“The resilience you learn over the years as you appreciate the roller coaster ride.”

Read our full interview with Adrian Walker of Boat Affair.

2. Bodha.ai, Karl Cadet

“Entrepreneurship is about dedication to an organizing idea and requires a warrior spirit, ability to take risks, faith, determination, and above all, an element of FAITH. It's a journey and becomes one's life purpose. It is like a religion.”

Read our full interview with Karl Cadet of Bodha.ai.

3. Flashpacker Co., Jason Kraemer

“The constant ups and downs. Entrepreneurship feels like a roller coaster. We all read and hear about this in books, videos, podcasts, or from other entrepreneurs, but it's quite the experience to actually live it for the first time.”

Check out our full interview with Jason Kraemer of Flashpacker Co.

4. Bucephalus, Nicholas DeGiacomo

“How supportive most entrepreneurs are and how much people want to help.”

Check out our full interview with Nicholas DeGiacomo of Bucephalus.

5. Worthmore, Tegan Spinner

“How many responsibilities you are expected to have knowledge of, without ever having any formal education in them. In the beginning, you have to be everything from designer to accountant [and] actor to marketing expert.”

See our full interview with Tegan Spinner of Worthmore.

6. Field Complete, Tim Tesluck

“How much you can influence others through your journey.”

See our full interview with Tim Tesluck of Field Complete.

7. Cozymeal, Sam Nasserian

“I was surprised by how much you learn every day.”

Check out the complete interview with Sam Nasserian of Cozymeal.

8. Landzo, Wang Jiang

“Although many entrepreneurs are very young, there are many successful entrepreneurs who are middle-aged or even older.”

Read our full interview with Wang Jiang of Landzo.

9. Hypnos Virtual, Mike (Kaz) Kaczkowski

“The depth of growth one experiences by overcoming challenges.”

Read our full interview with Mike (Kaz) Kaczkowski of Hypnos Virtual.

10. GO, Michael Beauchamp

“Seems obvious now, but stuff always takes way longer than you think. And never think an investor is here to help you. This isn't charity.”

Check out our full interview with Michael Beauchamp of GO.

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