15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Habits for Success

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Launching a startup, for many entrepreneurs, is a master class in the habits that are needed in order to start and maintain a successful company. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or aspiring to start your own business, take a page from these entrepreneurs’ books to learn the habits they developed during their entrepreneurial journey that led to their success.

Habits of Successful Startup Founders

1. Privee, Josh Gottesman

“Time management and the ability to focus only on the most important tasks.”

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2. Baboo, Rick Carassai

“Perhaps the most beneficial would be beginning work early in the morning. As a single father, I had to develop a routine that would allow me to be both productive and efficient at work while also giving me time to be a good parent. Waking up at 4 a.m. gives you both productive time and fatherhood.”

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3. Zilio, Andrew Kwok

“[I] have a no-phone rule an hour before bed and two hours after I wake up. Posting on social media has also contributed greatly to my success as well.”

4. Pabio, Carlo Badini

“We set goals and track our progress towards them, and we have an all-hands meeting where we brainstorm ways to reach our goals. We use the OKRs system extensively and plan ahead.”

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5. Handprint, Simon Schillebeeckx

“Work hard. Ask questions. Don't take criticism personal[ly]. Take yourself out of the equation if the task is something you cannot add value to. Keep on top of your emails and track your agenda. Be positive, especially with employees, and be honest with your co-founders.”

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6. Bottle+, Christian Käser, Luca Serratore, Gregor Heusser, Nicolas Wild, and Linus Lingg

“We think that most of the habits we have were already developed before starting the entrepreneurial journey. But, one important habit to mention, which we didn't have from the beginning: Don't be afraid to reach out for help, advice, or any other support in the startup environment.”

7. Aquipor, Greg Johnson

“I'd say my morning routine has helped me personally. I try to get up early and spend time thinking and just being still — and exercising. If I can do those two things each morning, my days are usually better.”

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8. Tango, Ken Babcock, Dan Giovacchini, and Brian Shultz

“Always asking, ‘Does this impact Tango's likelihood of success?’ If the answer is no, deprioritize it.”

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9. Circles, Irad Eichler

“We run our team meetings as Circles, giving everyone a place to share and connect to the mission and to the business goals. We obviously have daily scrums [and] weekly results reviews, but we dedicate time to talk about our feelings, our needs, where we need support, personal goals, etc.”

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10. Realworld, Genevieve Ryan Bellaire

“I try to prioritize and protect my time. Focus is key and making time for deep work has proven crucial to staying true to our strategic vision for the future. I have also learned to be metrics/data-driven, tying everything I do directly to an outcome. 

And finally, I send regular updates to keep our network aware of and excited about what we're working on! This was a habit developed during our time in the Techstars accelerator in 2019, and it's proven to be so helpful in maintaining a consistent relationship with our network of supporters.”

Check out our full interview with Genevieve Ryan Bellaire of Realworld.

11. HR Partner, Devan Sabaratnam

“I really had to learn to do the things that I usually don’t like doing. ‘Swallow the frog’ is something that my wife and I said to each other recently. The concept is, if you ‘swallow a frog’ first thing in the morning, then nothing else you do for the rest of the day will be as bad. I used to avoid doing things like accounting and legal paperwork until the very last minute, but I have had to retrain myself to see the enjoyment in accomplishing those tasks on a regular basis and get them out of the way early on so I could truly enjoy the parts of the business that gave me joy, like coding and talking to customers.”

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12. Krill Design, Ivan Calimani

“We had to develop the habit to trust our collaborators and learn how to support each other in order to achieve goals together.”

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13. Chef Avenue, Seema Shenoy

“Eating well and walking to keep myself healthy so I have the needed energy and drive.”

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14. Pepper, Jake Aronshead

“Task-based lifestyle: making sure I set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.”

Check out our full interview with Jake Aronshead of Pepper.

15. Nektar AI, Abhijeet Vijayvergiya

“Stay disciplined, [maintain] focused execution, and bring in work-life integration to sustain through the journey. Plan before you execute.”

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