17 Top Texas Venture Capital Firms

There are many reasons why the Texas startup ecosystem is so successful. For one, the state has a very diverse economy, which provides plenty of opportunities for new businesses to get a foothold. Additionally, the state has a large population and a well-educated workforce, both of which are essential for any thriving startup ecosystem.

Texas also offers several programs, incentives, and VC propositions specifically designed to help businesses get venture capital to start and grow. Finally, the state has a strong culture of entrepreneurship, which helps create an environment conducive to starting new businesses.

We’ve curated a list of some of the top Texas venture capital firms dedicated to advancing innovation in the state.

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Best Texas VC Firms

The companies below are funding some of the most innovative and disruptive startups in Texas. They're also the firms that entrepreneurs should keep their eye on if they're looking for investments.

Keep reading to learn what industries they invest in, some of the more notable companies they've funded, and more.

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1. Silverton Partners

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Vacasa, Zebra, Self, Wheel, All Voices, Anchor, Bilt

Silverton Partners invests in early-stage startups led by exceptional entrepreneurs who remain devoted to exploring growth markets. VC firms invest between $500,000 and $4 million, supporting businesses that not only have the ability to identify exciting opportunities but are also committed to becoming market leaders. 

They assist founders with recruiting and strategy, as well as connecting the founders to other entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and business partners. They target scenarios where technology can be used to create significant barriers over time. 

2. ATX Venture Partners

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Stage: Seed Stage, Series A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: ZenBusiness, AlertMedia, IdealSpot, Setpoint

ATX Venture Partners invest in early-stage companies at the seed and Series A stages. The VC firm invests in businesses that explore disruptive and emerging B2B software, APIs, applications, frontier technology, and marketplaces across diverse sectors. 

The company invests $250,000 to $8 million, usually leading the investment rounds. When the partners of ATX Venture invest in additional venture firms, they usually invest additional venture capital. 

3. LiveOak Venture Partners

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Technology
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: TalentGuard, Imandra, TrustRadius, Osano, Homeward

LiveOak Venture Capital is a VC firm that provides funding to firms with big dreams. LiveOak provides venture capital to businesses focusing on technology and technology-enabled solutions. 

The VC firm invests between $1 million and $5 million as the initial payment and $10 million in the company's lifetime. 

4. Elsewhere Partners

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Software
  • Stage: Seed Stage, Series A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Itential, Vyopta, Statflo, Foresite, ActivTrak, BurstIQ

Elsewhere Partners makes early-stage, ambitious technology companies that have achieved significant progress in B2B technology, SaaS, IT infrastructure, DevOps, and data management investments. Financial investment and a unique management team are among the management experts provided by the investors.

 They support fledgling businesses as they transition from scrappy startups to valuable companies. Investment amounts range from $5 million to $20 million. 

5. Quake Capital Partners

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Stage: N/A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Aptivio, Ampathy, Alteria Automation, Aimsteady

Quake Capital is an early-stage VC firm dedicated to building startup ecosystems and boosting innovation across a variety of industries, verticals, and geographies. The investment firm particularly prefers ventures operating in cellular communications, blockchain, esports, artificial intelligence, adtech, agtech, AR/VR, cybersecurity, and other fields. 

Venture capital is provided in conjunction with intensive hands-on coaching and leadership development, ensuring the success of ventures. The investment firm invests between $1 million and $3.5 million. 

6. Mercury

  • Location: Houston
  • Industries: SaaS, Software
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: GameSalad, Polco, Volt

Focused on software first-time entrepreneurs, Mercury Fund invests in early-stage startups with innovative and transformative software technology. The firm has a set of values it uses to guide each investment decision like entrepreneurial passion, intellectual curiosity, intentional integrity, innovative mindset, and intrinsically inclusive.

Mercury's mission to serve underrepresented entrepreneurs keeps the focus on middle America as a specific region for investment. Through ecosystem and community building, purpose and inclusivity, and mentoring, Mercury believes it can drive impact and enable a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Over $8 billion of value has been created by the startups under the Mercury portfolio since the firm's inception. It has several themes it invests in, such as work, data, power, product journey, and digital transformation.

7. Chevron Technology Ventures

  • Location: Houston
  • Industries: Energy, Oil and Gas, Technology
  • Stage: Early Stage, Late Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: QuintessenceLabs, Hydrogenious Technologies

The internationally known Chevron brand launched the Chevron Technology Ventures arm of their company in 1999. The aim was to identify and integrate technology and innovative business solutions with current Chevron practices to create reliable and cleaner energy.

The main purpose is to make Chevron a more efficient and self-sustaining enterprise in areas like operations, digitalization, and carbon emissions. Into its seventh fund since its inception, the firm has invested in well over 100 companies.

The firm doesn't just stick with entrepreneurs either. It is willing to invest in startups, investors, incubators, and accelerators to find the technology that will keep the company competitive well into the future.

8. Multicoin Capital

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: 01, Audius, TipLink, Sec3

Multicoin Capital jumped on the cryptocurrency and blockchain innovations quickly by focusing their entire firm around the new technologies. The firm believes boldly that Crypto will create the largest wealth shift in the history of the internet.

Multicoin believes the factors that will lead to the shift include the erosion of consumer trust in governments, crypto networks creating new programmatic systems, and the disruption of new software in finance. Eventually, the firm sees these factors leading to an open finance renaissance, global, state-free money, and integration of Web3 services.

Several categories dominate the investments made by Multicoin, including enterprise, mobile, privacy, identity, and infrastructure. The owners of the firm have plenty of experience managing a hedge fund and several venture funds across public and private markets.

9. Golden Section

  • Location: Houston
  • Industries: B2B software
  • Stage: Pre-Seed to Post Exit
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Walkboard, Publica, Sinecure.ai, RealSage

Texas entrepreneurs in the B2B software development industry can turn to Golden Section for securing funds. The company is willing to invest at any stage, from pre-seed to post-sale, and offers a unique investment structure that reduces chaos, augments team expertise, and emphasizes balance and sustainability.

At Golden Section, entrepreneurs will have three different avenues to explore, including Studios, Product, and Ventures. The Studios investment focuses on seed-stage companies who need product development support or networking expertise. The Product investment follows a proven process to accelerate growth with full-stack team help. Finally, Ventures investment focuses on Series A companies by supporting them with strategic partnerships and sidecar opportunities.

10. Scout Ventures

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Software, Robotics
  • Stage: Seed Stage, Series A, Series B
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Voyager Space, Bespoke Post, Lonestar

As the name implies, Scout Ventures has experience in the defense sector creating complicated technologies and are now looking to help other entrepreneurs navigate the same landscapes. The company supports frontier technologies from founders in the military, intelligence, and national labs.

The firm prefers to lead Seed rounds with $1 million–$2 million initial checks and reserves capital to continue investing all the way to Series B. Some of the industries Scout focuses on include AI/ML, quantum computing, robotics, advanced materials science, security, space and aerospace, and advanced energy.

11. RevTech Ventures

  • Location: Dallas
  • Industries: Retail Technology, Shopper Intelligence, Ecommerce Acceleration, Software
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: OrderMark, Eternal Fleur, Crave Retail

RevTech Ventures out of Dallas focuses on the Retail technology that is changing the future of commerce. The company has been responsible for raising north of $500 million in startup capitalization. Through seed funding, mentorship, and strategic connections, RevTech Ventures provides the resources that early-stage companies need to become the next unicorn.

The firm doesn't mind being one of the first institutional investors and offers about $100,000 as its first check. It also supports entrepreneurs further along their journey by providing follow-on capital in future rounds anywhere from $200,000–$4 million. Entrepreneurs contributing to supply chain transparency, ecommerce acceleration, sustainability tech, shopper intelligence, and the future of work will all be considered by RevTech.

12. Green Park & Golf Ventures

  • Location: Dallas
  • Industries: Healthcare, Biotechnology
  • Stage: Seed Stage and Series A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Prolocor, MicroTransponder, Mission Bio, Socrates Health Solutions

The Founders at Green Park and Golf Ventures have a combined 60 years of operational and financial experience to lend to new entrepreneurs. Dr. Clay Heighten was the founder of MedicalEdge Healthcare Group in 1993, while Carl Soderstrom created PhyServe Physician Services. The companies worked together managing over 550 providers in five major markets.

The firm focuses on several areas of healthcare and medical technology like therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, dental, consumer health, health IT, and medical SaaS.

The firm typically invests anywhere from $100k to $1 million to be allocated for startup or growth capital. How much Green Park contributes to an investment depends entirely on the needs of the entrepreneurs and the life stage of the company.

13. Capital Factory

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Software, Hardware
  • Stage: Early Stage, Late Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: MDBox, Grocery TV, Nuve

Capital Factory is an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem set up to help founders thrive with support from like-minded individuals. More than just an investment firm, the company hosts various startup events connecting investors, employees, mentors, and customers alike.

With more than 81,000 square feet of coworking space, the company has hosted over 900 different tech events with over 150 of the top tech mentors in Texas. More of an incubator or accelerator than an investment firm, Capital Factory is committed to giving entrepreneurs the resources they need to grow. Mentors in transportation, digital health education, government and military marketplace, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are all available at Capital Factory.

14. Sante Ventures

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Healthcare, Biotechnology
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: CareHive, BeeKepperAI, Wave Life, ABK Biomedical

Sante Ventures out of Austin has two distinct strategies they employ for investments: privately held companies and publicly traded securities. Together, these make up over half a billion of the capital Sante currently manages.

In its privately held companies, Sante focuses on healthcare companies with a specialization in biotech, medtech, and healthtech. The publicly traded securities apply data science and machine learning to create risk-adjusted returns in a liquid strategy.

Sante rests on a few values that help drive their approach to investing including generating returns, improving lives, unleashing talent, advancing technology, and pursuing excellence. The firm has been in operation since 2006 investing in companies across biology, medicine, and information.

15. S3 Ventures

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Software,  Business Technology, Digital Experience, Healthcare Technology
  • Stage: Seed, Series A, and Series B
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Riscosity, BrainCheck, Atmosphere, Nexus

S3 Ventures claims to be the largest capital venture firm focused on Texas companies. It has been committed for over 17 years to Texas entrepreneurs and has under $900 million in assets under management.

Unique to S3 is the fact they have one philanthropic family funding their operations since 2005. This allows them to be more patient and flexible with investments without getting distracted by fundraising or being limited by the restrictions placed on traditional venture capital firms.

The firm currently leads with investments ranging from $500,000 to $10 million with reserve capital to invest over $20 million throughout the lifetime of the company. The sectors Sante currently invests in are business technology, digital experiences, and healthcare technology.

16. True Wealth Ventures

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Women-Led, Environmental Health, Wellness
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: BrainCheck, UnaliWear, Dermala, Flourish

While women are generally outnumbered in entrepreneurship endeavors, True Wealth Ventures is hoping to balance the numbers by supporting smart women-led companies. The firm claims that women-backed startups financially outperform their male counterparts and utilize less capital for greater returns.

To be considered for funding, the entrepreneurs must have a company dedicated to improving the environment or human health. The firm likes to be the first institutional investor at the early stage and offers first checks up to $1 million in funding in exchange for a board seat.

True Wealth isn't looking for companies that have long-term ambitions. The firm tries to partner with startups that see an acquisition exit opportunity within three to five years as long as the valuation is $100 million or more.

17. Brand Foundry Ventures

  • Location: Austin
  • Industries: Ecommerce, Healthcare, Consumer Goods
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Local Infusion, Vizit, BriteCo, Para

Brand Foundry Ventures supports the full spectrum of low to high-tech consumer product brands. They focus on being the first institution to invest in seed rounds for a number of sectors, including ecommerce, mobile commerce, consumer products, and consumer devices.

The first check size ranges anywhere from $500,000 to $1.5 million, and the company has a headquarters in New York with an office in Austin. One of the founders, Andrew Mitchell, has had previous success investing in unicorn companies like Warby Parker, Birchbox, and the Peloton Cycle.