Top Venture Capital Firms in Austin, TX 2024

Austin, Texas.

Ready to launch your startup to the next level? Austin, Texas, is a city bursting with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, with some top-tier venture capital firms just waiting to invest in up-and-coming companies.

In this guide, we’ll dive into a list of top venture capital firms in Austin eager to invest in promising ideas and ventures. Your journey to finding the right funding match in Texas starts here.

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Best Austin VC Firms

Known for being transformational catalysts, the firms in the list below don't just provide financial resources but also lend their industry expertise, strategic guidance, and networking opportunities. 

If you're an entrepreneur or a business owner hoping to accelerate your startup's journey, then understanding which venture capital firms in Austin could be the perfect fit becomes crucial. Let's take a look at some of the top Austin VC firms that are making waves in the startup ecosystem.

1. Austin Ventures

  • Industries: Fintech, Internet
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Vyze, Tasktop 

Austin Ventures is more than just a venture capital firm; it's a driving force behind entrepreneurial success in Texas. For over three decades, they have been bridging the gap between innovators and their dreams by fueling more than 250 companies with capital. With a firm commitment to nurturing business growth and blazing trails in their respective industries, Austin Ventures brings a patient approach and long-term investment perspective to the table.

Austin Ventures isn't just about funding, though – it's about mentorship and partnership. From investing nearly $3 billion in local companies since 1984 to providing comprehensive support for budding startups, Austin Ventures is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs accelerate their path to success. The team at Austin Ventures is known for becoming active and engaged partners in companies they invest in, sharing their experience and expertise to help businesses grow to their full potential.

2. ATX Venture Partners

  • Industries: B2B Software, APIs, Frontier Tech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Luxus, Protopia AI

ATX Venture Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm that boosts innovators across North America. With a clear focus on disruptive B2B software, APIs, marketplaces, and frontier tech applications, ATX consistently looks to identify and invest in businesses with untapped potential. 

Since its launch in 2014, ATX Venture Partners has provided initial investments ranging from $250,000 to $5 million, often with the expectations of follow-on investment as the company expands

3. Next Coast Ventures

  • Industries: Consumer, Enterprise
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Acadeum, Arcade, CrowdHealth

Next Coast Ventures is a venture capital firm that specializes in propelling emerging companies into periods of hypergrowth. Working with companies in their critical growth stages, Next Coast Ventures serves as a strategic partner, offering resources and advice driven by personal experiences. With portfolio companies ranging from Amazon seller Goja to HR Tech company Enboarder, Next Coast Ventures has proven expertise in growing diverse startups.

Next Coast injects more than just capital into businesses, as they also provide hands-on support, access to expert networks, and custom playbooks for successful strategies like product/market fit and recruiting. Their ultimate goal? To help founders sidestep pitfalls and speed up growth through their operational expertise.

4. Silverton Partners

  • Industries: Software, Tech-Enabled Services
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Handraise, Scorability,

Silverton Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to turning startups into industry leaders. Apart from funding, Silverton Partners helps startups expand their teams and accelerate growth, understanding that resources for growth extend beyond just capital.

What distinguishes Silverton Partners is their role in helping their portfolio companies with raising future funding rounds. Silverton offers invaluable advice on complex deal structures that startups might encounter during fundraising processes. With everyone they partner with, Silverton continues to support them through funding, networking, and advisory services.

5. Keller Capital

  • Industries: Finance, Sector-Agnostic
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Milk & Honey, Tenant Cloud

Situated in the heart of Austin, Keller Capital is not your run-of-the-mill venture capital firm. This firm concentrates its investments in people, businesses, and real estate projects that substantially affect their local community. With more than 25 years of experience under its belt, Keller Capital is characterized by a dual investment approach focusing on a stable portfolio coupled with high-yield real estate investments. 

They specialize in fostering business and real estate growth in the Austin area by making equity investments in the lower to middle market and establishing strong partnerships with savvy entrepreneurs and management. Their investment strategy revolves around analyzing complex financial situations, identifying potential risks, setting up exit strategies, and structuring plans to optimize returns.

6. Multicoin Capital

  • Industries: Blockchain, Fintech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Alethea AI, CyberConnect

Multicoin Capital is a unique venture capital firm operating out of Austin, focusing on investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. The company recently spearheaded a $7.5 million investment in Fhenix, a firm breaking ground with a novel approach to on-chain (blockchain) confidentiality. 

Multicoin Capital isn't merely an investor; it actively contributes to discussions on blockchain scaling, cryptocurrency trends, and the intersection of cryptocurrency with artificial intelligence. Their interest in the role of co-creation between consumer brands and users and the potential of Web3-native SQL and decentralized databases makes them a front-runner in the evolving landscape of digital currency and blockchain technology.

7. Unknown Ventures

  • Industries: Media, Real Estate
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Ibble,  Maison Arts

Unknown Ventures is an Austin-based venture studio that provides more than just funding to pre-seed to Series A startups; they also offer operational support and foster an environment for gutsy entrepreneurs who dare to do things their way. 

This firm believes deeply in investing in those who bring joy and innovation to the world through their entrepreneurial pursuits. If you're willing to take big risks for something you believe in, Unknown Ventures is prepared to invest its time, expertise, and capital in you and your mission.

8. Sapphire Ventures

  • Industries: SaaS, Crypto, Enterprise
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Huntress, Simpplr

Sapphire Ventures is in a league of its own in the venture capital world, focusing on expansion-stage B2B software companies. With over $7 billion in assets under management, they've backed more than 30 companies through IPO and witnessed over 80 of their investments exit. Sapphire Ventures brings more than two decades of experience to the table, and its portfolio spans various sectors such as AI, enterprise SaaS, fintech, and much more. 

The great thing about Sapphire Ventures is that they also provide resources, expertise, and access to potential customers and talent.

9. Moonshots Capital

  • Industries: Gaming, Cybersecurity, Fintech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Acquicent, Afterparty Cartwheel

Moonshots Capital is a trailblazing seed-stage venture capital firm with roots in Austin. Since its inception in 2017, the firm has gained a reputation for prioritizing investments in companies led by emerging leaders. They possess a particular affinity for leaders with military backgrounds or serial entrepreneurship experience, as they believe these individuals embody the determination, resourcefulness and discipline necessary for business success. 

Moonshots Capital's investment portfolio is impressive, with 100 diverse companies. Though their typical investment check sizes range from $750,000 to $2.5 million, their commitment to portfolio companies extends beyond just financial backing. They channel their military and entrepreneurial wisdom into robust growth strategies for each firm they back.

10. LiveOak Venture Partners

  • Industries: Tech, Tech-enabled services
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Flo, Osano

LiveOak Venture Partners distinguishes itself from other venture capital firms by committing to being the first institutional investor for early-stage tech and tech-enabled service companies. With over two decades of experience under its belt, LiveOak has developed a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape across various industry sectors and economic cycles. LiveOak manages a staggering $500 million in assets and has assisted its portfolio companies in generating over $5 billion worth of enterprise value. 

Their collaborative approach has earned them accolades from CEOs who highly value their thoughtful partnership. LiveOak's recent investment includes a $25 million Series B for Osano and a seed round of $4.2 million for Flo Recruit, cementing their position as one of the top venture capital firms in Austin.

11. Scout Ventures

  • Industries: AI, Security, Robotics 
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Gelsight, Voyager Space

Scout Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm in Austin, Texas, prides itself on investing in groundbreaking technologies emerging from military agencies, intelligence communities, and national research labs. They specialize in sectors as diverse as AI, quantum computing, advanced materials, robotics, security, aerospace, and energy. 

With a team of former military and intelligence operatives, they lead seed rounds ranging from $1-2 million and continue providing support through Series B funding. Their investment portfolio is filled with ingenious companies deploying everything from health software to lunar data storage solutions, demonstrating their commitment to building a more innovative future.

12. S3 Ventures

  • Industries: Healthtech, Business Technology, Digital Experiences
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Alleviant, BrainCheck

As one of the largest venture capital firms dedicated to investing in Texas-based companies, S3 Ventures stands tall in the world of startup finance. With an impressive asset management portfolio exceeding $900 million, the firm has carved out a niche by providing patient, long-term funding solutions to startups. Since 2005, their investments have supported over 55 new companies that have collectively raised over $2 billion. 

Their sectors of interest include business technology, digital experiences, and healthcare technology, and they initially offer funding ranging between $500,000 and $10 million, extending up to $20 million for each company. With a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, operators, and investors, S3 Ventures delivers not just capital but comprehensive resources and support for growth and success.

13. Quake Capital Partners

  • Industries: Technology, Software, Transportation
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: BabyQuip, Basket

Quake Capital Partners takes a unique and distinctive approach to venture capitalism. With offices not only in Austin but also in major cities across the US, Europe, and even in Cologne, Germany, their reach is truly global. They've dedicated themselves to recruiting startups from every corner of the world through their comprehensive growth continuity programs. 

Their sphere of interest is vast, encompassing everything from adtech and blockchain to medtech and robotics. At the heart of Quake’s vision is a commitment to unearth value in underserved areas, ensuring that startups everywhere, from smaller cities to rural areas, are given opportunities to grow.

Their intensive three-month program is designed to rapidly accelerate startups, aiming to achieve 9-12 months of growth in a significantly shorter time frame. Quake Capital evaluates startups based on traction, team strength, and market opportunity going beyond standard financial analysis. Investment amounts typically range between $100,000 and $150,000, and Quake speaks of having worked with over 450 founders and helped develop 270 startups over just the last three years.

14. Texo Ventures

  • Industries: Healthcare, Finance
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: BetterDoctor,  Ortho Kinematics 

TEXO Ventures was founded on time-tested early-stage investment strategies from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their focus is narrow yet effective, seeking out scalable opportunities within the business side of healthcare rather than the scientific aspect. Texo's investment approach aims to encourage sustainable revenue models and capital efficiency. The firm has a clear vision – they look for companies that can leverage existing distribution channels for efficient market reach.

For Texo Ventures, medical devices or diagnostics must have a unique differentiation factor and align with ongoing reform initiatives. The firm avoids high regulatory risk sectors such as therapeutics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals for initial investments. The sweet spot for Texo lies in opportunities valued between $3 and $10 million.

15. BuildGroup

  • Industries: SaaS, Marketplace
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Flowspace, Anaconda

Founded in 2018, BuildGroup was born out of the philosophy of problem-solving, shaped by the experience of its founder, who helped grow Rackspace from $1.7 million to $1.5 billion during the 2008 recession. Unlike most investment firms that rely solely on numbers, BuildGroup practices a service-oriented approach that combines operational expertise with "servant investing."

Instead of a distant oversight, they provide hands-on involvement to help their portfolio companies achieve high growth. This specialized involvement is what sets BuildGroup apart. The firm strongly believes in serving the businesses they've invested in and providing them with the assistance they need to navigate the business landscape effectively.

16. Ecliptic Capital

  • Industries: Security, Life Sciences
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Authena, Nabaco

Ecliptic Capital is more than just an investment firm; they are partners to innovators. The firm supports disruptive technologies focusing on scientific advances, climate change solutions, energy transitions, digital health, and more. They aren't just investing in businesses; they're investing in sustainable growth and building durable relationships.

Transparency and inclusivity are at the core of Ecliptic's operations. They operate transparently, ensuring investors and innovators are kept informed throughout the process. They welcome all voices to collaborate and solve significant challenges. 

As former operators themselves, they can provide invaluable insights into funding, launching as well as developing strategies. Ecliptic Capital's primary aim is to push forward cutting-edge technology beyond expectations, all while making a positive difference in their community and the wider world.