Using AI to Create Better Marketing Strategies

The Origin Story of Rad AI

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Artificial intelligence is top of mind for many, and with new tools being developed for tasks from script writing to travel planning, there seems to be no end to the capabilities of this technology. Jeremy Barnett, founder of Rad AI, decided to put this to the test when he launched his martech startup that leverages the power of AI to create effective marketing campaigns. This is the origin story of Rad AI.

An Exit, an Acquisition, and a Launch

Prior to launching Rad AI, Barnett was the founder of another company, Trendy Butler, which he exited in 2017 after building a $20mm per year run rate in less than three years. After his first successful entrepreneurial venture, Barnett set his sights on martech, acquiring another company, Atomic Reach “I would say that the company that we acquired,” Barnett says, “Initially, when they launched they were solving, it was a natural language generation artificial intelligence and they were improving the performance of blogs and performing, improving the performance of email’s open rates.”

“When we did the acquisition, we said, ‘Hey, look, the technology itself does what it's supposed to do.’ But the problem in Martech that it was pointed at, it was an elegant problem, but not a problem that had as much meaning behind it from a business model perspective that we would have liked.” With this, Barnett deployed his martech experience, specifically in the influencer marketing space, to reimagine Atomic Reach’s technology to solve a problem that aligned with the goals of his new venture. 

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Rad AI provides results by automating creative decisions at scale to deliver the highest ROI (return on investment) possible to their clients; using artificial intelligence. As Barnett describes, “We're an artificial intelligence that's been built to automate content decisions and creative strategy going into any marketing campaign.” 

However, the startup focuses a bulk of its efforts on influencers, or as Barnett calls them, “key opinion leaders,” marketing specifically. And the difference for Barnett is crucial, “The idea of doing key opinion leader marketing campaigns, as opposed to influence marketing campaigns, is figuring out the different voices that brands should engage with that act. They move the needle as it relates to the brand's core objective.”

Using their influencer or key opinion leader marketplace, Rad AI helps connect businesses with influencers that can help create meaningful campaigns that appeal to their audiences. Then, using AI, the company is able to strategize, deploy, and optimize campaigns using the inbound data received from previous campaigns.

Looking to the Future

The startup has begun raising funds on Wefunder to further its efforts, “I think we're the top, or at least second to the top company that's on the platform right now. We just surpassed $2.7 million raised on the platform.” 

Beyond creating impactful, emotion-driven marketing campaigns for their clients, Rad AI and Barnett have big plans ahead, “The vision of the company is to be the blue check mark next to any creative campaign that they used Rad intelligence to decide what they were going to do, why they were going to do it, what channels they were launching on.” 

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