The Corporate Marketer Turned Wellness Entrepreneur

Kindroot product line.

In our fast-paced modern world, taking some time to relax and “reset” has never been more critical for long-term wellness and sustainability. 

Kindroot is a wellness brand disrupting the industry with its adaptogen-powered lozenges. Each lozenge combines smooth delivery with the healing properties of plants and the sensory benefits of aromatherapy, all in one. 

You can find formulas that aim to support immunity, focus, sleep, mood, and glow, depending on what particular herbal effects you’re looking for. Best of all, each Kindroot formula has been carefully formulated by a master herbalist and blended by a Candy Hall of Fame scientist, ensuring you get the best blend of herbal benefits and aromas with each lozenge. 

We’re going to walk through the origin story of Kindroot and how this impressive startup is disrupting the traditional wellness industry as we know it with nothing but a vision and a resilient bootstrapping founder.

Origin of the Startup Idea

Alisa Pospekhova, an aspiring herbalist, health and wellness enthusiast, and yogi, started Kindroot in 2019 with nothing but a vision in her heart and a strong desire to make herbs and supplements both understandable and accessible to anyone. 

Since early childhood, Alisa constantly battled various respiratory ailments and autoimmune conditions, that was until her 30s when she began working with a holistic doctor who showed her the true power of herbs and adaptogens. 

Unfortunately, taking advantage of these herbs proved to be increasingly difficult with Alisa’s traveling job, making it difficult to incorporate them into her daily routine when a blender wasn’t present nearby or a heavy tincture wasn’t something that could be brought on board an airplane. 

To solve this problem and make herbs and supplements available to all, she came up with her idea for the first herbal lozenge, and Kindroot was officially born.

Development of Startup

Throughout her life, Alisa was always entrepreneurial and had no shortage of creative visions and ideas for products or services she could bring to the marketplace. Eventually, she felt that the only way to impact the world significantly was to go out on her own and start building her own business from the ground up, eventually leading to the creation of Kindroot. 

Before officially launching her brand, she talked to her target market, people who purchased health and wellness products. The goal of talking to customers was to understand what was missing in the supplements they were taking and how they could be improved and made more enjoyable to incorporate into a daily routine. 

She acquired her first 100 customers one by one, sending emails to her friends and asking them to share Kindroot with their friends, family, and any groups they were a part of. She utilized social media, posted consistently on Instagram, and did targeted PR outreach to drive initial traffic to the Kindroot store. 

Since Kindroot is completely self-funded, this inspiring startup story illustrates how anyone can get initial exposure for their business and begin building a following of loyal customers through consistent outreach to their target market.

What’s Next for the Startup

As Kindroot continues to grow, Alisa is focused on continuing to deliver the best experience possible to her customers and listening to buyer feedback to improve her lozenge products. 

Happy customers are the lifeblood of any business, and taking the time to make the process from order to delivery as quick and as smooth as possible, combined with a product that buyers adore, is the key to rapidly growing and scaling a wellness company.

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