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When it comes to advertising, companies like Google dominate the competition and hold over 80% of the market share for publishers — but what if there was a better way?

Kevel is a startup that aims to give advertisers more options and unravel the monopoly a few big players, like Google Ad Manager, have in the industry. Instead of having publishers rely exclusively on Google, the Kevel team is working to foster competitive differentiation and help publishers build their own custom ad platforms in order to level up their game.

We’re going to discuss how Kevel got started, how they developed their startup, and what they have on the docket going forward into the near future.

Origin of the Startup Idea

Kevel was originally founded in 2010 by James Avery, but back then, it was still called Adzerk. Before Kevel and Adzerk, James was a co-founder of tech startup “TekPub” which helped developers learn and improve their knowledge through high-quality screencasts.

Avery was a software engineer who wanted to develop better technology for managing his advertising network, and in an attempt to solve his own problem and make improvements he knew he wanted to see, the idea for Kevel was born. He had extensive development experience (over 20 years) and even wrote several books for Microsoft Press, Wrox, and O’Reilly, putting him in a perfect position to develop an adtech startup that had the potential to revolutionize an industry.

His ultimate goal was to allow companies to “take back the internet” from all of the advertising tech giants out there today and give them the tools they need to build their own custom ad products and make their workflows and processes more efficient and effective.

Kevel’s vision is to make the internet a better place, contribute to open-source projects and share their knowledge, avoid micromanagement and place trust in their employees, and focus on innovation and creative problem-solving in all of their projects.

Development of Startup

When James first started developing Kevel, he began by creating a Javascript-based solution that eventually morphed into a focus on server-side API ads with an API ad server and a suite of infrastructure tools companies could use to build their very own advertising products.

Kevel currently has offices in Durham, North Carolina, San Francisco, California, and London, UK, and a team that’s ready to continue taking the advertising industry by storm and gradually giving companies the option of moving away from advertising giants like Google and developing their own custom ad products.

By using Kevel, companies and developers alike can now easily build custom high-revenue ad platforms and create the exact ad server they want without any hassles in just a few weeks. Kevel’s APIs provide all of the core ad serving infrastructure required for reporting, targeting, and ad serving.

Their technology currently adapts to native ads, email ads, retail media, sponsored listings, personalized content, digital out-of-home ads, and more. For anyone who wants to save time and money and maximize their advertising revenues through custom solutions, Kevel’s infrastructure can help them make their goals and milestones a reality.

What’s Next for the Startup

As Kevel continues to grow, they’re continuing to place emphasis on their customers, taking and implementing user feedback, and making their infrastructure, tools, and APIs more efficient and easy to use for companies everywhere.

When it comes to advertising, the big players like Google and Google Ad Manager don’t have to be the only solution. Kevel is enabling anyone to build their own custom ad platforms from scratch and gradually break the advertising monopoly once and for all.

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