3 Ways to Support Sustainable Software Startup Higg

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If you’re looking to get involved in the startup ecosystem, a great place to begin is supporting new and innovative companies like Higg — whether by working for a startup or by following them on social media. We asked Jason Kibbey, founder of Higg, to share the most impactful ways to support their startup, and this is what they had to say.

1. Do Your Research Before Buying

“Readers should ask themselves ‘How do I know this product is designed in the best way possible: the most environmentally-friendly, made from the most sustainable materials, produced in facilities that treat workers well?’ [Readers] should make purchasing decisions based on the answers they get from the brands they trust.”

2. Reward Sustainability

“If brands and retailers aren’t sharing their sustainability metrics, demand that they do. Ask for information about the materials used in production and their impact on the climate. Ask for information about their treatment of factory workers and employees. Brands and retailers should have answers to these questions. Reward the brands that disclose their ESG goals and their progress in meeting those goals.”

3. Follow Higg on Social Media

“We’d encourage your readers to follow Higg on LinkedIn and Twitter as well.”

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