How Genium Is Enabling Business Growth in a Fast-Paced Technological Landscape

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It can be challenging for developers and engineers to handle project management, clients, and IT support simultaneously. Fortunately, startups like Genium are providing a solution and making it easier for these companies to grow in our ever-evolving technology landscape. 

Genium provides its users with managed software team extensions that support their clients with logistics, human resources, payroll, information technology (IT), and legal. They also offer custom IT projects for their clients, consisting of SWAT teams who build high-quality software projects to their specifications. 

To put it simply, Genium is an innovative startup dedicated to connecting companies with world-class engineers, security experts, and developers. So if a company wants to accelerate its growth, maximize profits, and enable innovative technologies like blockchain, virtual reality, or augmented reality, Genium has over 30 agile teams and the connections to make these advancements happen. 

Let’s walk through the origin story of software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup Genium and look at how the founder originally came up with the idea for their company. We’ll explore how he grew his startup from the ground up and what’s next for the company moving forward into the future.

Origin of the Genium Startup Idea

Genium was founded by Alex Iceman in 2017 in San Mateo, California. Before Genium, he started his first IT Consulting business, Iceman Softworks, in San Francisco, which focused on delivering high-profile mobile projects by working with world-class engineering talent within Silicon Valley. 

As his business grew, Iceman realized that his clients wanted longer-term support for IT projects at an affordable price tag, something that he figured he would be able to provide. To test his idea, he began doing some projects outside of the United States by working with developers from the Philippines, Mexico, China, and India. Eventually, he started working with engineering talent in Argentina and realized that these were the types of individuals he wanted to form a long-term working relationship with, and Genium was officially born. 

Alex places considerable emphasis on achieving the highest quality results possible for his clients, and he wanted his company name to reflect that. Since he firmly believes that the talent working at his company are the best of the best, experts in their respective fields and genius technological minds, he decided to call his startup company “Genium” to represent this collection of value, intelligence, and style.

Development of the Startup From the Ground Up

Ever since the age of 18, Iceman wanted to start his own business and be an entrepreneur. He saw his friend running a family business with his father and made a promise to himself internally that he would also have his own business before he turned 25 years old. 

With his degrees in engineering and math, Alex moved to Silicon Valley and knew that he had to start a technology company. He started his consulting business at the age of 25, fulfilling his promise to himself and allowing him to obtain the knowledge, experience, and connections he needed to start his next venture – Genium. 

To grow Genium, his primary focus was to obtain his first major client that would eventually pave the way for further high-value clients further down the road. 

Shortly after starting his company, Alex obtained his first major client, who asked him to build a mobile application and servers that had the capacity for 12 million users. This was a breakthrough event that launched his business, and all he had to do was deliver on time and with exceptional quality to blow his first client away with his work. 

His team was able to successfully complete the job, and that client continues to work with them to this day. Leveraging their work with this client, Genium was able to attract additional clients in their target market, which is mid to large technology companies and the occasional startup.

They aim to attract companies with over 100 employees in the United States with a sizeable engineering department. Companies of this type are stable and value quality solutions with exceptional software architecture and engineering, all of which the Genium team is able to deliver consistently. 

Genium doesn’t want to work with thousands of clients – rather, they want to work with fewer companies, enabling them to focus more on customer service and making their existing clients happy. Genium currently has 20 major accounts that bring in seven figures of annual revenue. 

By focusing on high-quality work, delivering on time, and making its clients happy, Genium is able to grow its company through client referrals and word of mouth without relying on alternative advertising and marketing strategies.

What’s Next for the Genium Team

Genium was able to rapidly grow and scale its client base by focusing on delivering high-quality work and going above and beyond its client’s expectations. Through word of mouth and referrals, Alex and his team developed a truly remarkable startup that allows their clients to grow and scale their businesses to the next level. 

As Genium continues to work with its existing clients and deliver exceptional results, they want to look for additional high-value clients who can boost their revenue and further their business. 

The success story of Genium was made possible by Alex’s vision, drive, and dedication to superior results. Genium is the perfect example of a service company that puts its clients first and continuously comes up with ways to improve its service offerings and the value they are able to provide.

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