Here Is How to Buy a Car With Cryptocurrency

The Origin Story of Automotive Startup Autimely

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Most people can agree, buying a car, especially from a dealership, isn’t typically a pleasant experience. Autimely, the automotive startup founded by Joshua Bowlin, is here to change that by incorporating technology into the car-buying experience to make the process of purchasing a vehicle simpler and, hopefully, positive.

Changing the Car Buying Experience for Good

For many, buying a car the same day without having to deal with the discomfort of negotiating in-person with a car salesman seems too good to be true. However, with Autimely, not only are you able to search and negotiate for the car of your choice online, you can do so with up to five car dealerships at once, even setting up test drives and signing contracts all on one platform. 

What really sets Autimely apart from the competition is the ability to pay for the car with cryptocurrency — a feature that isn’t supported on any other car buying platform yet. “I came up with my startup idea when my father called me and asked me about going to look for a new car with him, and it just got me thinking there has to be a better way to do this than outside of going to all these dealerships spending hours to maybe walk away without even buying a car.” Bowlin explains during our written interview, “I decided to act on my idea because I know the problem that we are solving is an everyday problem, and the best ideas are the ones that are the simplest but add the most value.” 

However, it wasn’t simply Bowlin’s great idea that propelled him into launching Autimely, “What [gave] me the confidence to move was when I started digging into data the said 54% of people what to be able to buy a car from home (32 million people based on the 58 million cars sold last year), and 48% of people want to negotiate the price before stepping foot into the dealership.” Bowlin explains, “Our platform offers consumers both of those options, and with numbers like that, it definitely gives you a lot of confidence that you have a winner.”

What Drives This Entrepreneur

Behind every great startup idea, there is a founder that is driven to making it a reality. “I've been an entrepreneur since I was the age of five.” Bowlin says, “I would take things apart and put them back together. I was always looking for better ways to do things and how to improve the flow of daily life. I always knew I would be a founder of a company. This company is extra special to me because I know that this will change how car buying happens forever to come.”

With Autimely’s platform launching soon, Bowlin’s ambitious, customer-centric startup is ready to revolutionize the way we buy cars. 

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