Innovation Articles for Women in Business

Female entrepreneur with superwoman shadow

Throughout history, women have been quietly innovating behind the scenes. From discovering the microscopic, core composition of DNA to using their critical math skills at NASA to catapult us into outer space, it is time to shed light on their present and future accomplishments.

Innovation Articles

Successful women entrepreneurs

Who Are the Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs?

It’s vital to highlight female entrepreneurs who've succeeded and analyze how they overcame the many obstacles.

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Image of Madam C .J. Walker.

Who Was Madam C. J. Walker?

Madam C. J. Walker holds an important place in the history of entrepreneurship.

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Woman's hands holding the world with sunlight shining through.

How Women Entrepreneurs Change the World

Here are six such entrepreneurs who are changing the world in innovative ways — using the market to make a mark.

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Sustainable, environmentally-friendly women entrepreneur.

Women Entrepreneurs for a Better Future

The following female-led companies are going above and beyond to protect the planet — and assure a better future for generations to come.

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Women supporting each other.

How Women Entrepreneurs are Creating Products that Cater to Women

Here are five of the best products founded by women for women that also demonstrate the scope and success of female entrepreneurship.

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A rolling rack with professional work apparel on white hangers

M.M. LaFleur: Helping Women Dress for Success

The beauty of M.M. LaFleur and its mission is that it’s truly filling a void in women’s workwear.

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