11 Top Venture Capital Firms in Florida

Top Venture Capital Firms in Florida Article.

Florida attracts entrepreneurs and startups due to its business-friendly environment. The state has no personal income tax and only a 5.5% corporate tax rate, along with no payroll tax, which makes it appealing to business owners who want to keep costs down. It’s also an attractive location due to the many venture capital firms operating in the state.

There are so many VC options in the state that it can be difficult to know which to consider for your startup. We've gathered some of the more prominent venture capital firms in Florida for your consideration.

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Best Florida Venture Capital Firms

The companies below are funding some of the most innovative and disruptive startups in Florida. They're also the firms that entrepreneurs should keep their eye on if they're looking for investments.

Keep reading to learn what industries they invest in, some of the more notable companies they've funded, and more.

Disclaimer: With so many venture capital firms around the world, we aren’t able to cover them all. Furthermore, the following VC firms are not officially ranked and are listed in no particular order.

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1. Fuel Venture Capital

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: Technology
  • Stage: Seed to Series A+
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Lunar, Tradeshift, Ubicquia

Fuel Venture Capital is a Miami-based VC firm that focuses its investments on the technology sector. This venture capital firm was founded by entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of fundraising for startups. It offers both financial assistance in the form of venture capital as well as other important assistance, like industry knowledge, broad networks of support, and technology expertise.

The team at Fuel has more than six decades of combined experience in managing investments in both the public and private markets. It is adept at predicting market changes and adapting to those changes as necessary to support its investments. Its goal is to help startups transform from idea to full realization as quickly and sustainably as possible.

2. LAB Ventures

  • Location: Miami, Fl
  • Industries: Proptech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: $500,000
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Wellerz, Green Canopy Node, Bricksave

LAB Ventures is a proptech VC firm and startup studio dedicated to helping real estate companies accelerate from the idea stage to the growth stage. It helps startups raise capital through its fund while also assisting in the penetration of new markets. It can even help with developing new technology as necessary. 

Once LAB Ventures chooses to assist a startup, it does more than just provide funding. It also provides ongoing mentorship through a team of experienced, dedicated professionals with extensive industry knowledge. This mentorship is designed to help startups move from inexperienced to experienced as quickly as possible without sacrificing stability and long-term potential.

3. Miami Angels

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: SaaS
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Allstar, Birch, Caribu

Miami Angels is a venture capital firm that specializes in software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups, including consumer and B2B applications. It offers capital investments to startups in the seed stage as well as Series A. The team at Miami Angels is comprised of over 150 angel investors from a wide variety of backgrounds, many of whom have personal experience as entrepreneurs. 

Miami Angels invests in startups that are post-launch and that can benefit most from the firm’s expertise. The application process is simple and straightforward, just requiring an email with a few key details. From that email, the firm will decide if it needs more information or if it will pass on the opportunity.

4. Ocean Azul Partners

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: B2B Software, Deep Tech, Tech-Enabled
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: $200,000–$2 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Itopia, Fortify, Senecio

Ocean Azul Partners is a VC firm that helps early-stage ventures that bring innovative technology solutions to the market. The firm is made up of successful operators who have decades of expertise in their specific fields. These individuals strive to assist startups by providing both capital and mentorship to help them transform from idea to viable business. 

Ocean Azul Partners invest in founders to form long-term partnerships. Because the firm is looking for long-term relationships, it is as interested in teams as in ideas and business potential. It chooses promising investments through a combination of practical business acumen and personality.

5. Starlight Ventures

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: Science, Technology
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Catalog, Every, HelixNano

Starlight Ventures has a mission to enable long-term human flourishing. It seeks to enable a prosperous civilization that can respond appropriately to opportunities and threats with equal aptitude. It seeks to achieve its mission by investing in science and tech startups with significant potential to benefit the human race. 

The team at Starlight is composed of thinkers, entrepreneurs, and investors. This team is the biggest investor in its funds, which makes it take an active role in the success of the startups it supports. Starlight actively works to make sure its investments succeed by providing expertise, knowledge, and support.

6. TheVentureCity

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: Technology, Software
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: $100,000–$300,000 (Pre-Seed and Seed) and $1 Million–$4 Million (Series A)
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Boba, Beams, WeFish

TheVentureCity is a venture capital firm that invests in startups in Florida and throughout the world. It is composed of founders and operators who chose to become funders. It invests in early-stage startups that have clear missions and it values diversity among its investments. 

This Miami-based VC firm was founded by females and it seeks to share support with minority-owned startups across the globe. It prioritizes diversity while also seeking the most innovative ideas and passionate founders it can find.

7. Krillion Ventures

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: Healthtech, Proptech, Fintech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: $1 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Breezeway, Cohealo, DeepBlocks

Krillion Ventures funds fearless teams. It looks for founders who can transform big ideas into winning companies. Based in Miami, Krillion uses venture capital to invest in companies during their early stage to solve problems in healthcare, financial services, and real estate – using technology. 

This VC firm wants the world to know that it is not like other investment firms. It’s not looking for traditional entrepreneurs, it’s looking for real rock stars. It wants to partner with entrepreneurs who are ready to inspire others and challenge the status quo.

8. Montrose Capital Partners

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: Biotech, Medical Devices, Semiconductors
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: GuerillaRF, Perfect Moment, Transphorm

Montrose Capital Partners is a privately-held company that focuses on strong investment opportunities for venture capital in Miami and throughout the world. Working with its partners, Montrose seeks high-growth, early-stage businesses across multiple markets that show serious growth potential. 

Montrose believes that the key to successful VC ventures is finding the right people to back. It’s all about building relationships with people that are trustworthy and driven, the kind of founders that can change the world. It wants businesses where management has a financial stake in the business.

9. Quixotic Ventures

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: Ecommerce, Software, Internet
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: NiftyThrifty, TheRealDeal

Quixotic Ventures is a VC firm with a unique approach to the world of investing. Instead of doing everything behind closed doors, founder Mark Kingdon blogs about his adventures in investing. He writes about his thoughts and processes as he invests in various businesses over the years. 

Mark has a long string of successes, some in areas that might be surprising – like used clothing. He believes that there are potential success stories in strange places, even if his main priority is always tech investing. 

10. Secocha Ventures

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Industries: Consumer Products, Healthtech, Fintech
  • Stage: Seed, Series A
  • Investment Range: Undisclosed
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: 10Club, Bling, Forbidden Foods

Secocha Ventures is passionate about great ideas, but it’s even more passionate about great founders. It invests in the next generation of passionate entrepreneurs who are going to change the status quo. This VC firm identifies strong startups and funds those startups while providing invaluable mentorship along the way.

Secocha has many investments in the US, but it doesn’t limit its options to North America. The company has also invested in India, Israel, and France. If it finds a good opportunity for VC investment, it will seriously consider providing funding regardless of the country where the business is operated.

11. Florida Funders

  • Location: Tampa, FL
  • Industries: Tech, Tech-Enabled
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Investment Range: $500,000–$5 Million
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Aerosens, Artie, Clientbook

Florida Funders is considered the most active VC firm in the state of Florida. It actually received a reward from CB Insights for its extensive investment year over year both in Florida and throughout the country. 

Florida Funders seeks to ensure that there is as little friction as possible for passionate founders in need of capital. It tries to make sure that investors have access to meaningful deal flow and a wide range of accredited investors, capital, and experience.

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