50 Edtech Startups Transforming the Learning Experience (2024)

Kids learning on laptops.

Technology has always played a role in education, but it’s only in recent years that we’ve seen a true transformation in the way students learn. This is thanks, in part, to the rise of fast-growing and successful edtech startups. These edtech companies are using technology to change the learning experience for students all over the world.

In this list, we’ll cover the top edtech startups that are changing the education industry with innovative ideas. You’ll also get a peek at the founders, investors, and funding amounts that are making it all happen.

Top Edtech Companies to Follow

Every year, new startups pull to the forefront of their industry through exciting innovation and industry-disrupting business models. We’ve rounded up the best edtech startups of 2024 that startup-lovers, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs should follow.

Disclaimer: With so many exciting edtech companies launching and growing worldwide, we aren’t able to cover them all. Furthermore, the startups that are listed below are not officially ranked and are listed in no particular order.

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1. Jolt

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Founders: Lior Frenkel, Nadav Leshem, Nitzan Cohen Arazi, Roei Deutsch
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Funding: Series A, $23.3 Million
  • Investors Include: Octopus Ventures, Hillsven Capital

Jolt is a workforce education platform that compiles a network of learning spaces that is intended to provide users with business training and useful skills. Each lesson is short and impactful, making courses accessible to professionals and students alike.

2. OpenClassrooms

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Founders: Mathieu Nebra, Pierre Dubuc
  • Founded In: 2013
  • Funding: Series C, $149.7 Million
  • Investors Include: Lumos Capital Group, General Atlantic

OpenClassrooms is an edtech startup based in Europe that offers digital learning resources and fully remote online degrees. The platform boasts over 2 million users and leads the way in terms of career-focused digital education.

3. Sana Labs

  • Location: Sweden
  • Founders: Joel Hellermark
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Funding: Series B, $82 Million
  • Investors Include: EQT Ventures, Acequia Capital

Sana Labs uses AI to create an innovative experience that prioritizes personal learning needs to effectively deliver training and courses to teams. By creating training programs that are rooted in science and tailored to the students, Sana Labs provides impactful education on a wide range of subjects for startups and their teams.

4. Everspring

  • Location: Evanston, Illinois
  • Founders: Alon Krashinsky, Beth Hollenberg, Jeff Conlon, Jeffrey Conlon, Michael Cline
  • Founded In: 2011
  • Funding: $56.5 Million
  • Investors Include: Carrick Capital Partners

Everspring is revolutionizing higher education with a focus on data-driven student services. Leveraging AI-enabled platforms and consulting, they enhance enrollment, retention, and course delivery. Everspring supports students from recruitment to graduation, ensuring a tech-enabled, smooth process.

5. TinyTap (Acquired by Animoca Brands)

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Founders: Oren Elbaz, Uri Lazar, Yogev Shelly
  • Founded In: 2012
  • Funding: Series Unknown $17.6 Million
  • Investors Include: AngelHub, Radiant Venture Capital

TinyTap is a global library of educational games that are made by educators. Using the platform, teachers can easily create educational games without coding knowledge. Additionally, families can access TinyTap’s library for free or subscribe for more premium content.

6. Lingoda

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Founders: Fabian Wunderlich, Felix Wunderlich
  • Founded In: 2013
  • Funding: Private Equity, €69.7M
  • Investors Include: Summit Partners, Grazia Equity

Lingoda offers a variety of live, online language courses in English, German, Spanish, and French with expert teachers. The goal of the startup is to provide digital language learning that works with anyone’s schedule.

7. Trashbots

  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Founders: Paul Austin, Rohit Srinivasan, Sidharth Srinivasan
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Funding: Seed, $100,000
  • Investors Include: Sputnik ATX

Trashbots believes any child can learn how to code. The brother-founded startup makes that belief tangible by creating a robot that teaches children from kindergarten to adulthood how to code by employing helpful lessons and guides to educate users.

Check out our interview with the co-founders of Trashbots!

8. HowNow

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Kuvera Sivalingam, Nelson Sivalingam
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Funding: Series A, $9.3 Million
  • Investors Include: Fuel Ventures

HowNow is an edtech startup that facilitates learning by connecting students to experts offering digital lessons that are interactive and engaging. With over 400 experts on the platform and courses offered globally, HowNow provides accessible educational opportunities to every student.

9. Ornikar

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Founders: Alexandre Chartier, Benjamin Gaignault
  • Founded In: 2014
  • Funding: Series C, $174.2 Million
  • Investors Include: Eurazeo, Idinvest Partners

Ornikar is an online driving school that makes obtaining a driver’s license faster and easier than ever before. Each lesson is taught by a state-qualified driving instructor and is offered at an affordable, accessible price point.

10. GoStudent

  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Founders: Felix Ohswald, Ferdinand von Hagen, Gregor Muller
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Funding: Debt Financing, $781.3 Million
  • Investors Include: Left Lane Capital, SoftBank Vision Fund

GoStudent is a platform that connects students with qualified tutors to help further their education virtually. Students at primary, secondary, and college levels can use this online tutoring platform to find one-on-one tutoring complete with a virtual classroom and whiteboard, the capability to share screens, and even the ability to edit documents together.

11. Linguix

  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Founders: Alexander Lashkov, Eugene Godov, Vitaly Kukharenko
  • Founded In: 2018
  • Funding: $1 Million
  • Investors Include: Flyer One Ventures, Grishin Robotics

Linguix is a language tool you can integrate directly into your emails, marketing messages, social media posts, or grade papers. The company originally started for non-native speakers but has developed to help any English writing author. It’s a plugin you can install into your browser that will automatically catch any spelling or grammar errors. The tool is perfect for students, online writers, or any professional that wants their written copy to reflect their high level of expertise.

12. Outschool

There’s Masterclass, Udemy, and Teachable, but Outschool is the only platform catering exclusively to children. The marketplace of live online classes connects parents, kids, and teachers all in one centralized platform. There are multiple topics to choose from like arts and crafts, English, coding and tech, life skills, and more. Teenagers have courses available, too, as Outschool has a curriculum for children 3-18 years of age.

13. Guild Education

Adults who are looking for a career change or just want to better their skills can look to Guild Education for support. The platform is actually aimed at founders who want to offer educational benefits to their employees as a way to retain top talent and keep them engaged. As part of the program, companies will have access to a learning marketplace, payments technology, and learner coaching. All courses are online and can be done at the employee’s own pace.

14. Littera Education

  • Location: Wappingers Falls, New York
  • Founders: Justin Serrano
  • Founded In: 2020
  • Funding: N/A
  • Investors Include: N/A

Literra provides an educational haven for students who need a little extra support with their scholastic studies. The platform offers online tutoring to students and supports districts of all kinds and sizes. To create sustainable tutoring relationships, Littera puts focus on building rapport between tutors and students, creating customized education programs, and following the Annenberg Institute at Brown University.

15. MasterClass

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Founders: Aaron Rasmussen, David Rogier
  • Founded In: 2012
  • Funding: Secondary Market, $461.4 Million
  • Investors Include: Vershina Capital, Impede Capital

Building off what edtech startups like Udemy started, MasterClass takes the concept to a higher educational level. Instead of letting just anyone offer an online course, MasterClass reserves its platform for the best industry experts in the world. Students can learn things like cooking from Gordon Ramsay, acting from Natalie Portman, or writing from Neil Gaiman. Each class comes with behind-the-scenes looks, workbooks, and exercises to help engage students. There are even some classes that come with a certificate upon completion.

16. Quizizz

  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Founders: Ankit Gupta, Deepak Joy Cheenath
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Funding: Series B, $47 Million
  • Investors Include: Tiger Global Management, Nexus Venture Partners

With new technology aimed at capturing children’s attention in seconds, engaging them in the classroom can be difficult. Quizizz takes what’s already working and uses it to inform and educate children. The platform builds quizzes and lessons that are gamified so children will want to participate. Teachers can use the pre-made quizzes or create their own and assign them to students for homework. There’s also a leaderboard feature to add a competitive element.

17. Teachmint

  • Location: Bengaluru, India
  • Founders: Anshuman Kumar, Divyansh Bordia, Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain
  • Founded In: 2020
  • Funding: Series B, $118 Million
  • Investors Include: Lightspeed India Partners, Goodwater Capital

What was once the biggest teaching platform in India, Teachmint has expanded to help administrations and students all around the world. The platform gives teaching facilities the infrastructure to manage every need of a school, including class schedules, student performance, attendance, and more. Administrators are even able to record classes to allow online learning accessibility.

18. Wilco

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Founders: Alon Carmel, On Freund, Shem Magnezi
  • Founded In: 2021
  • Funding: Seed, $7 Million
  • Investors Include: Graph Ventures, Vertex Ventures

Developers of every background or skill level have a way to continue their education using Wilco. The company helps technical advancement by providing a real-life tech stack where developers can acquire, practice, and master new skills. The platform is designed to throw in real-life scenarios that can keep any developer on their toes.

19. Junto

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Founders: Marius Hepp
  • Founded In: 2022
  • Funding: Seed, €6.2 Million
  • Investors Include: Picus Capital, Earlybird Venture Capital

Junto is part MasterClass and part corporate training. The company offers online classes from some of the business world’s most successful entrepreneurs. The networking capabilities alone make it appealing to companies but getting an education from proven professionals makes it highly engaging for employees.

20. Juni Learning

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Founders: Ruby Lee, Vivian Shen
  • Founded In: 2017
  • Funding: Series A, $11.3 Million
  • Investors Include: AME Cloud Ventures, Forerunner Ventures

Juni is an online learning platform aimed at children. Instead of offering traditional courses, it tries to supplement the education system with unique topics kids don’t normally learn in school. Coding, storytelling, investing, and more categories can help round out a child’s learning experience.

21. InStride

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Founders: Jonathan Lau
  • Founded In: 2019
  • Funding: N/A
  • Investors Include: The Najafi Companies

Focusing on corporate education programs, InStride develops industry and role-driven workforce solutions. Their online classes help to attract, retain and advance employees’ careers. The programs are able to drive measurable business outcomes and bridge the gap between the needs of corporations and academics. Companies also receive administrator and learner support to ensure they’re getting the most from the platform.

22. Geekster

  • Location: Gurgaon, India
  • Founders: Ankit Maggu, Sahil Miglani
  • Founded In: 2020
  • Funding: Seed, ₹115M
  • Investors Include: We Founder Circle, Inflection Point Ventures

Aimed at the Indian workforce, Geekster has a unique business model where they help tech-based employees get trained for tech jobs and don’t receive money till they land a job. There is a 92% placement rate, and the average salary after completing the online courses is ₹7.43 LPA. Students are able to learn technical skills from industry experts, get guidance every step of the way, learn soft skills, and become interview ready.

23. Classplus

  • Location: Noida, India
  • Founders: Bhaswat Agarwal, Bikash Dash, Mukul Rustagi, Nikhil Goel, Vatsal Rustagi
  • Founded In: 2018
  • Funding: Series D, $129.5 Million
  • Investors Include: Alpha Wave Venture, Chimera Investment

Classplus is a marketplace that connects both tutors and students together for an advanced curriculum. The platform focuses on a mobile-first solution and has over 3,000 tutors available. Everything happens online, and the website walks you through the process in a conversational way to make it easy to sign up.

24. BetterUp

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Founders: Alexi Robichaux, Eddie Medina
  • Founded In: 2013
  • Funding: Series E, $569.8 Million
  • Investors Include: Mubadala Capital, Morningside Venture Investments

BetterUp knows the value of giving employee’s the support of one-on-one coaching and has built a business around the concept. It offers coaching services to corporations and large businesses that are looking for more ways to engage and develop their employees. An employee will start with an assessment that matches them with several coaches and then be able to set up an online video coaching session.

25. Atom Learning

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Alex Hatvany, Jake O’Keeffe
  • Founded In: 2018
  • Funding: Series A, $23.8 Million
  • Investors Include: SoftBank Vision Fund

The pressure of getting a child into the best schools is eased with Atom Learning. The educational platform provides tests that help prepare students for grammar school, independent school, and English, math, and science exams. Children ages 7–11 will benefit most, and on top of the online courses, students will also have access to online tutors that can provide more one-on-one support. Using AI technology, the platform is able to suggest areas of improvement for the child’s performance and track all progress.

26. RangeForce

  • Location: Manassas, Virginia
  • Founders: Jaanus Kink, Margus Ernits, Sten Reimann, Taavi Must
  • Founded In: 2019
  • Funding: Series B, $38.1 Million
  • Investors Include: Trind Ventures, Energy Impact Partners

Cloud-based learning platform RangeForce tackles online security threats within a company by empowering the people who work there. Companies will have access to a variety of hands-on skill development courses that prime employees to be ready for a cyberattack. The courses are emulated, provide realistic environments, feature real IT infrastructure, have real security tools, and simulate real threats. Instead of hiring large teams to come in and manually train staff, these cyber programs make it easier to manage. Professionals with any experience level can test their skills from a variety of simulated threats.

27. Curiosity Stream

  • Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Founders: Elizabeth North, John Hendricks
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Funding: Post-IPO Equity, $279.7 Million
  • Investors Include: TimeSquare Capital Management, Blum Capital Partners

As the world of education continues to change, so too must the channels used to reach individuals. No company knows this better than Curiosity Stream, which has created a factual entertainment media company that is streamed globally. People who sign up will have access to thousands of documentaries that they can watch anytime and anywhere. Award-winning exclusives and originals are available, and by creating an account, users will be able to find similar content and save some of their favorites.

28. CoachHub

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Founders: Matti Niebelschuetz, Yannis Niebelschuetz
  • Founded In: 2018
  • Funding: Series C, $333.5 Million
  • Investors Include: Signals Venture Capital, RTP Global

As the name implies, CoachHub is a platform dedicated to coaching employees to transform them into highly effective and thriving workers in their professional and personal lives. With proven digital coaching programs, CoachHub is able to personalize, measure, and scale the support for every employee. There is also supplemental material available, including a library of micro-learning lessons employees can complete between sessions. Participants can also chat with their digital coach 24/7 using the coaching app on their mobile device.

29. A Cloud Guru (Acquired by Pluralsight)

  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Founders: Ant Stanley, Ryan Kroonenburg, Sam Kroonenburg
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Funding: $40 Million
  • Investors Include: Bain Capital Tech, Summit Partners

One of the best technologies to come out in recent years is the cloud. Companies, organizations, and individuals of any size are able to upload information and access it from anywhere in the world. A Cloud Guru recognizes the need for more Cloud engineers and has developed a platform that offers online courses and hands-on labs in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. There are over 400 courses available and 1,800 hands-on labs. Individuals can even receive certifications as they build their skills from engaging instructors.

30. eduMe

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Jacob Waern
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Funding: Series B, $27.2 Million
  • Investors Include: Valo Ventures, Workday Ventures

What makes eduMe powerful is the ability to integrate into applications that startups are already using. This gives employees real-time support for the different platforms they are using online. Instead of going to an online knowledge center or Google Doc, employees can receive help at the exact moment they need it. eduMe is able to help employees onboard faster, be more productive, and feel more confident in their roles.

31. Coursera

  • Location: Silicon Valley (Mountain View, California)
  • Founders: Andrew Ng, Daphne Koller
  • Founded In: 2012
  • Funding: Venture, $458.9 Million
  • Investors Include: The Garage Syndicate, Mindrock Capital, Global Secure Invest

Coursera connects educational institutions with users looking to learn valuable skills through online courses. Their platform is home to a variety of educational resources through trusted sources such as universities. 

32. ApplyBoard

  • Location: Waterloo, Canada 
  • Founders: Martin Basiri, Massi Basiri, Meti Basiri
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Funding: Series D, $491.2 Million
  • Investors Include: Index Ventures, Harmonic Growth Partners, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

ApplyBoard helps high school students and college students explore study abroad possibilities. Their platform connects students with programs and schools that will help further their education, align with their interests, and grow their skill set while allowing them to explore more of the world. 

33. Multiverse

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Euan Blair, Sophie Adelman 
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Funding: Series D, $414 Million
  • Investors Include: General Catalyst, StepStone Group, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Multiverse helps to connect skilled tech workers without college degrees in the fields of engineering, data analytics, and more with tech companies like Google. Their most recent pivot aims to provide upskilling services to workers to increase their odds of landing jobs through further skill-building. 

34. Ethena

  • Location: New York, New York 
  • Founders: Anne Solmssen, Roxanne Bras Petraeus
  • Founded In: 2019
  • Funding: Series B, $50.4 Million
  • Investors Include: Lachy Groom, Felicis, Neo 

Ethena is a SaaS startup offering online training for anti-harassment education. With compliance training and resources for staff, Ethena’s platform aims to help ventures build safer cultures for their employees. 

35. GoGuardian

  • Location: Los Angeles, California 
  • Founders: Advait Shinde, Aza Steel, Todd Mackey
  • Founded In: 2014
  • Funding: Private Equity, $200 Million
  • Investors Include: Tiger Global Management, Sumeru Equity 

GoGuardian is a subscription software startup for kindergarten through 12th grade, built to maximize learning potential and create a positive learning environment online. The platform includes features for filtering and monitoring devices, classroom management, and student safety. 

36. Clever

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Founders: Dan Carroll, Rafael Garcia, Tyler Bosmeny
  • Founded In: 2012
  • Funding: Series B, $43.3 Million
  • Investors Include: Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, GSV Ventures

Acquired by student engagement platform Kahoot!, Clever is an edtech company geared toward grade schools, boasting a user base of over 22 million students and teachers. Clever works to connect data and applications used by schools to effectively conduct digital learning efforts. 

37. Parallel Learning

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Founders: Diana Heldfond
  • Founded In: 2020
  • Funding: Series A, $22.8 Million 
  • Investors Include: Tiger Global Management, Obvious Ventures 

Parallel Learning is built to empower students with learning differences. On the platform, students are able to engage in learning assessments and gain valuable resources to help them along their educational journey. 

38. Realworld

  • Location: New York, New York 
  • Founders: Genevieve Bellaire
  • Founded In: 2018
  • Funding: Seed, $7.7 Million
  • Investors Include: Techstars, Bezos Expeditions, Fitz Gate Ventures 

Realworld is an “adulting app” startup that offers young adults support during big life moments. From healthcare to financial management, Realworld is a digital support pillar that helps keep young adults organized and moving forward. 

39. Panorama

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Founders: Aaron Feuer, Alexander Tanner, David Carel
  • Founded In: 2012
  • Funding: Series C, $92.7 Million
  • Investors Include: Uncork Capital, Tao Capital 

Used by over 2,000 school districts, Panorama is a student data platform that gives a comprehensive view of student information from academic to behavioral data. This allows school districts, teachers, and administrators to make data-driven decisions to better support their student body. 

40. Unacademy

  • Location: Bengaluru, India 
  • Founders: Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh, Roman Saini, Sachin Gupta
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Funding: Series H, $838.5 Million
  • Investors Include: General Atlantic, Temasek Holdings, SoftBank Vision Fund

Unacademy is a leading online learning platform with free content for exams and video lectures hosted by top educators to help students reach their goals. With over 60 exam categories, 1,500 daily live classes, and over 1 million video lessons, Unacademy is a gold mine for digital learning. 

41. Zen Educate

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Oren Cohen, Slava Kremerman
  • Founded In: 2017
  • Funding: Series A, $36.5 Million
  • Investors Include: Brighteye Ventures, FJ Labs, Ascension Ventures 

Zen Educate helps teachers and paraprofessionals find classroom roles that are right for them. Whether it is long or short-term teaching roles, Zen Educate serves as a two-sided marketplace for educators and schools to fill much-need roles. 

42. SimpleStudy

  • Location: Cork, Ireland
  • Founders: Phillip McKenna, Oisin Devoy
  • Founded In: 2019
  • Funding: Pre-Seed, €790,000 
  • Investors Include:  Ciaran Lee,  Des Traynor, European Regional Development Fund 

SimpleStudy is an online platform that’s completely transforming the way students prepare for their Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle exams. The platform provides a wealth of resources like study notes, essays, questions, and quizzes for over 37 subjects. With tools like a CAO points calculator, grade tracker and progress tracker SimpleStudy is making studying smarter, not harder. Their track record is also fairly impressive with 97% of users reporting improved exam results.

43. Zearn

  • Location: New York, New York 
  • Founders: Shalinee Sharma
  • Founded In: 2012
  • Funding: Grant
  • Investors Include: Accelerate, NewSchools Venture Fund 

Zearn educates students on math concepts in tandem with their in-person teachers. Using their digital platform, students are able to learn valuable math skills with differentiated support for students who need additional assistance. 

44. Edsoma

  • Location: Weatherford, Texas 
  • Founders: Kyle E. Wallgren
  • Founded In: 2021
  • Funding: Seed, $2.5 Million
  • Investors Include: Shaquille O’Neal

Edsoma is an AI reading assistant that aims not only to help students read but also to encourage them to love it. With a fine-tuned, guided reading pace and curation of reading preferences, Edsoma helps new readers develop a positive relationship with reading early on. 

45. Inspirit

  • Location: Palo Alto, California
  • Founders: Aditya Vishwanath, Amrutha Vasan
  • Founded In: 2019
  • Funding: Seed, $3.6 Million
  • Investors Include: Sierra Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, January Ventures 

Inspirit combines virtual reality with education to create a VR-powered educational tool for STEM and career development. Users can explore everything from physics and chemistry to career training in the trades in an age-appropriate, digital landscape. 

46. saasguru

  • Location: Sydney, Australia 
  • Founders: Amit Choudhary
  • Founded In: 2020
  • Funding: Seed, $3.8 Million
  • Investors Include: Square Peg Capital, Antler, Black Nova Group 

For those needing assistance learning how to use Salesforce, sassguru provides valuable career-propelling certifications through its AI-powered platform.  Through their bootcamps, students can receive hands-on Salesforce experience while leveraging a global community of other students and experts.

47. Unibuddy

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Diego Fanara, Kimeshan Naidoo, Maxence Dussart
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Funding: Series B, $32 Million 
  • Investors Include: Stride.VC, Highland Europe

Unibuddy is revolutionizing higher education recruitment by championing student-to-student marketing. Understanding the pivotal role of authentic experiences in the decision-making process, Unibuddy offers a scalable platform that connects prospective students with ambassadors from their early exploration phases all the way to campus arrival.

48. Navengage

  • Location: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 
  • Founders: Andrew Strause
  • Founded In: 2020 
  • Funding: Seed, $1.3 Million 
  • Investors Include: Nelnet, Ben Franklin Technology Partners 

Navengage is an app startup that works to improve student engagement at colleges and universities. With their brandable application, educational institutions can encourage out-of-classroom activities and even curate experiences for individual students to increase the likelihood of participation. 

49. Sibme

  • Location: Houston, Texas 
  • Founders: David Wakefield
  • Founded In: 2013
  • Funding: Seed, $500,000 
  • Investors Include: Undisclosed 

Sibme is an AI-powered platform for educators to engage in online video coaching, connection, and collaboration. Through the Sibme platform, schools, their districts, prep programs, and other educational institutions can provide their teachers with an opportunity to grow and improve their practices.

50. Kira Learning

  • Location: Palo Alto, California
  • Founders: Andrea Pasinetti
  • Founded In: 2021
  • Funding: Series A, $22.5 Million
  • Investors Include: New Enterprise Associates, AI Fund

Kira Learning is a platform providing everything from tools to curricula for educators to inform valuable lessons on computer science and artificial intelligence for kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Final Thoughts

Educational technology startups are making waves throughout the startup ecosystem. Disrupting the education sector and empowering future leaders through increased access to educational materials and improved learning platforms.  

These innovative edtech startups are reimagining everything from online learning to trades-based training. Each educational platform works to make gaining knowledge easier, faster, and more accessible across the globe.

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