What Is Task Management Software?

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Task management software is quickly becoming a staple for startups, as it’s an essential tool that helps keep your business organized and on track. In this guide, we will describe what task management software is, why it’s important, the key components to look for, and the types of software available. 

Difference Between Task Management vs. Project Management

The difference between task management vs. project management software is that task management software is generally focused on one task or individual project, while project management software encompasses multiple tasks and projects.

Task management software is great for organizing and managing a specific task, while project management software is better for managing larger initiatives with multiple tasks and deadlines.

A specific task doesn’t inherently have a specific goal or even a deadline, while a project will have both of these characteristics. Several tasks strung together will make up a project, so they are crucial to getting a larger initiative finished.

When deciding between the two, ask yourself what the main focus of your business is. If you’re mainly working on individual tasks with specific goals and deadlines, task management software would be a better fit. If you have multiple tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve a larger goal, project management software is ideal.

Why Startups Need Task Management Software

As a startup, efficiency is the name of the game because every second wasted could mean the difference between success and failure. Task management software is an essential tool for any business because it helps you organize and stay on track.

There are many key components to look for in task management software, but the most important is that it fits the specific needs of your business. The types of software available range from simple to complex, so it’s important to find one that will work best for you.

If you have several employees, task management software can help you determine where time is best allocated. You might notice one employee is struggling to get the same task finished that another employee completed in half an hour.

Another reason to use task management software is to become better organized at completing projects. Breaking down your projects into manageable tasks will give you a better understanding of how long projects take and what kind of quality you can expect.

Features of Task Management Software

Since task management involves breaking down your projects into smaller components, your software needs to be able to handle the different phases of your tasks.

Prioritization is one of the main features of task management software. You need to be able to order your tasks by importance and then track their progress. Reordering your priorities is also essential as projects will need to adapt based on their progress. If you can easily change your priorities when using the software, it will be much easier for your business.

These days it’s important for all your employees to be able to recognize in one glance what their duties are, so your software needs to be easy to use and understand. This allows employees to be autonomous and take care of their tasks without constantly going back to the boss for clarification.

You also want your task management software to track all your employee’s progress. This helps you identify who is doing well and who may need extra support. The more in-depth reporting that is offered, the better the chance you give yourself at making informed changes.

Benefits of Using Task Management Software

After using your software, your team should be able to become a more efficient and organized startup. What this means is that you’ll be able to focus on what’s important and spend less time on tasks that don’t move the company forward.

Task management software can also help improve communication within your team. By knowing what everyone is working on, employees will be able to ask for help when they need it. This improves overall morale as people feel like they are part of a larger goal.

You’ll be surprised at how fast your team progresses through your projects after implementing a good system. This should increase the workload and capacity of your team so you can take on more projects and grow the business.

How to Choose The Best Task Management Software

Choosing the best task management software isn’t about paying the most money or looking for the most features. You’ll want to find software that is easy to use and has the features your specific business needs.

To figure out which is right for you, go through a series of questions that can help eliminate software that doesn’t match your needs. Go through an audit of a common project and determine what kind of tasks need to be completed. This will help you understand what features you’ll need your software to have.

Are there any deadlines associated with the project? This is important as you’ll want software that can handle due dates and alerts. What kind of reporting is needed? You might need more in-depth reports for some projects, while others can be completed with a simple status update. Who will be using the software? Not everyone in your company needs access to the software. You’ll want employees who are autonomous and can work without constant supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common task management software brands?

Some of the most well-known task management software brands are Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. All three offer a free trial so you can test them out before making a purchase.

What are the pitfalls of using task management software?

Watch out for software that is too complicated or employees who are hesitant to use it. You don’t want software that will be a burden on your team. Instead, look for something that is easy to understand and use.

Does every startup need task management software?

Not every startup needs task management software. If you have a small team and can handle tasks with verbal communication, then you might not need it. However, if you are constantly overwhelmed with tasks or have trouble staying organized, then task management software is for you.