Peekaboo Profile

Peekaboo Ice Cream products.

Founded in 2019 by Jessica Weiss Levison, Peekaboo introduced a different way of sneaking vegetables into a child’s diet — through delicious, organic ice cream.

Founder(s): Jessica Levison

Industry: Food & Beverage

Founded in: 2019

Location: Miami, Florida


Interview With Jessica Levison

Describe your product or service: 

Peekaboo Organics reintroduces kids to veggies in a most imaginative way: in their favorite scoop of ice cream. We are the only super premium ice cream fortified with real, organic veggies that you cannot see or taste!

Describe your company culture in 3 words: 

Curious, Driven, Problem Solvers

Describe your company values in one sentence: 

Our belief that Peekaboo can help make the world a better place goes beyond putting veggies in our recipes: as a female-and-mom-founded company, we support women in the workplace. We also believe that all little ones deserve to have full bellies, so we proudly partner with Team No Kid Hungry.

How big is your team? 

7 people

Tell us about your team:

  • Jessica is a mom of three who had a popular scoop shop in Miami for ten years before developing Peekaboo, which she saw as a more palatable solution to the eternal parenting challenge: feeling good about what you feed your kids. She bridged the gap between what you can’t get enough of, ice cream, and what you don’t get enough of vegetables and created indulgent ice cream with hidden veggies you can’t see or taste! She made it so parents can say YES more 🙂 
  • Nico is in charge of all things supply chain related! 
  • Samantha spearheads our marketing and creates content that showcases the personality of the brand. 

We also have a few people who work on graphic design, data and logistics for us!

What made you want to start your own business?

I noticed a void in the market and went after it!

How did you come up with your startup idea?

Momming ain’t easy. That’s why we’re committed to making it a little bit healthier for your kids by sneaking in some nutritious veggies—while still using those rich, traditional ingredients we crave like sweet cream and cocoa.

How did you come up with your company name? Did you have other names you considered?

We thought it fit well with a product offering, matched our brand personality and only had positive connotations. 

What is something that makes your company unique? 

Our creation of ice cream with benefits 🙂

Who is your product or service made for? 


What’s your marketing strategy?

Conveying the problem which we solve and targeting networks of people

How did you acquire your first 100 customers?

Hustling and getting the word out 🙂

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