Here’s How You Can Support Insurtech Startup OKO

Man wearing OKO t-shirt.

If you’re looking to get involved in the startup ecosystem, a great place to begin is supporting new and innovative companies like OKO — whether by working for a startup or by following them on social media. We asked Simon Schwall, founder of OKO, to share the most impactful ways to support their startup, and this is what they had to say. 

1. Join Our Adventure

“Whether it is for a university assignment, an internship, a job, a volunteering experience. We have tons of interesting projects that we would like to work on, so we will never have too much help.”

2. Talk to OKO

“If you know a business, a community, a professor that would be interested in what we do, tell them about us and connect us.”

3. Buy an Umbrella

“Buy an umbrella! We partnered with Umby, and every umbrella they sell will generate $5 of donation to a farming family to subsidize insurance.”

4. Follow OKO on Social Media

“Follow us on your favorite social media — we create interesting content and would love it if you could share it.”

5. Contact OKO

“Tell us what you’d like to see (but be patient). If you think your country/your community could benefit from OKO, or if you think a new type of service could be useful to you, tell us about it. But we won’t be able to do everything at once, so also be patient.”

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